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US athlete: Russian anti-gay law has sparked the ‘defining civil rights movement of our time’

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Reader comments

  1. Thanks for speaking up, Nick. You’re a credit to your sport.

    1. You are a credit to yourself and the Parents who have done such a great job, and to the Country who’s Flag you carry. You really have made a difference in the lives of so many people with such few words. You are a Sporting role model for all. Well doen and best wishes for continued success in all you do.

  2. When will Russia introduce anti-blue eyes legislation or stop the promotion of tallness I wonder?
    Just like promoting gayness if you promote talllness to children then it will spread, same with blue eyes
    Short parents with brown eyes don’t want their children growing up tall and blue eyed after all and the state should protect their preference.

  3. Err, remind me how many countries homosexuality is illegal in?
    Unlike Russia.
    In no way is this all a hysterical campaign in service to Western state power and hegemony!

    1. If you missed how section 28 played out in the UK, maybe you should google “nasty party” and figure out why it took the conservatives so long to make amends.
      These laws go beyond the “non promotion” of homosexuality in practice., they seek to eradicate any discussion or acknowledgement of gay people full stop.
      You forget you’re talking to people who lived through that.
      The fact that some other countries make homosexuality illegal isn’t cause for Russia to frame it’s policies as progressive, merely marginally less backward than a handful of others.

  4. Self regulation of the IOC / IAAF has failed and landed everyone in the situation were in now. Instead of protecting Athletes Human rights the rights of Athletes are oppressed in favour of the diktat of the Host country and in line with its anti-gay laws. This is text book shameful. Self regulation has failed. It is time to Legislate for a ‘Human Rights ( Sporting Events) Act’ which woudl at minimum insure the proper enforcement of the IAAF’s and IOC’s own rules on Human Rights where their leadership has failed to implement or cowered in the presence of the Host nations threats. Self Regulation by International Sporting bodies has failed. It is time to legislate, legislate, legislate – A ‘Human Rights ( Sporting Events ) Act’ is now necessary.

  5. Nicely done, Nick Symmonds congrats on the medal and thanks for speaking out.

  6. Shocking that sky news Is reporting a same sex kiss on the winners podium in Russia yet nothing on pinknews!

    1. It’s on PN now.

  7. And I for one haven’t see one minute of the broadcasts cause they are from Russia. I’m not going to be watching the Olympics either.

  8. Here’s a link to the IOC, some of the sponsors of the Olympics (Coke, Samsung, Proctor and Gamble, etc.) and other agencies that you can direct your comments to regarding the Russian repression and, possibly, moving the Olympics out of Sochi. Contact, e-mail, call, write, fax, visit websites and complain and do some good.

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