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Swedish athlete in Moscow warned over rainbow nails changes them to red ‘for love’

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Reader comments

  1. seriously. this country is threatened by nail polish.

    1. alwaysniceman 18 Aug 2013, 9:23am

      Haha. Then it is a good news!!! Russia will not be a country for long! Be aware Russia. Gay people blow and you will fall like a house of cards

  2. How on earth does her nail polish violate the International Association of Athletics Federations code? The article fails to explain this and I, for one, am baffled. Explain please?

    1. John Clark 18 Aug 2013, 5:57am

      A sports woman has made a small political statement against an oppressive regime by her act of painting her nails; The International Association of Athletics Federations can’t have that now, can they!
      That of course will bring Russia crashing and burning to the ground in civil revolt and anarchy…
      Of course, that was (and is) the aim of the militant gay agenda all along; to bring down all the world’s governments and install gay rule and law throughout the world…
      But, with world domination, you have to start small and build up to full speed.
      Someone painting her nails is but the start… I tell you its just the start…..

      The above is sarcasm…

    2. Yet the International Association of Athletics Federations allows athletes to wear and display religious symbols, which to many people are symbolic of religious/political oppression, hatred and bigotry.

      Double standards?

  3. “I bring you peace, I bring you looove!”

    “it wants to bring us love!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!”

  4. Christopher in Canada 18 Aug 2013, 2:41am

    And now, the concentric colours of the visible spectrum are banned. What is this, a warped version of the movie “Pleasantville”???

  5. Interesting…will the International Association of Athletics Federations also be requesting that athletes cease displaying their religious symbols during events? Let us hope so…

  6. Marcwebbo3 18 Aug 2013, 7:05am

    Well done to her for painting her nails the colour of the rainbow flag but Im bloody well sure I would not have changed it…..I would have risked it all and carried on (thats if I was in the habit of wearing nail varnish which Im not)….not a day goes by without a new story on this subject which is good in a way as its keeping it in the public eye….lets hope Russia bows down and scraps this law due to the support for LGBT people….I wont hold my breath though

  7. alwaysniceman 18 Aug 2013, 9:19am

    I suppose we need to start writing letters to this association demanding them to apologise this sportsperson and teaching then that love is not a ‘political’ statement and if they don’t understand that they should get a piece of paper and write down their resignations…

    To be honest this legislation is not about Gay people. Putin doesn’t care. It is about appeasing the Church

    What is scary is that they present teaching about the fact of homosexuality’s existence like teaching youngsters how to have Sex, which is not true in any case and doesn’t help the opinión of the public

    Anyway we need to write letters to this association. I bet there are a few homophones there like in all sports

  8. Tregaro was warned for painting her nails.
    On the other hand, Isinbayeva uses the sports event for expressing her political opinions on anti-gay laws. But no one warns her.

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