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Pakistan: Reality show contestant says trans people ‘should be killed’

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Reader comments

  1. Its cultural unfortunately.

    If you dont breed, you are worthless because you contribute nothing, Its a common and very narrow minded attitude that is at the root of most anti-LGBT hatred one way or the other.

    Even basic religious bigotry is all about the fact that we dont increase the numbers, even though some of us do.

    1. As the article explains, the situation in Pakistan is more complex than that.

      Hijras have always had a difficult position in Pakistan and India. Although they are a recognised group, they are often treated poorly or without respect.

      But traditional culture in Pakistan has accepted that hijras exist.

      It is a fairly new phenomenon to call for hijras and transwomen to be murdered and eliminated from society completely. This is not about traditional Pakistani culture. Instead it comes from the spread of fundamentalist Islam and of global anti-LGBT violence.

      PN is right to report on it.

      1. I agree, but as I said even the hate that comes from Islam and Christianity is rooted in the basic concept that we (gay and trans) dont boost the numbers. The ‘immorality’ claims are just a way to get people to act on it.

        This womans statements are, if nothing else, more honest about how some people feel. This is a culture that values fertility and fecundity above all else.

    2. I think you have a point, people are viewed as breeding machines by some (mainly religious) groups.

      It’s like farming people, to keep the numbers up.

      1. ding ding ding we have a winner! combine that with science subjects repeatedly teaching kids that the only purpose of all life is to reproduce and SHAZAM! You got all these people thinking millions and millions of LGBT people paying taxes and paving the way with innovation are not actually “needed”

  2. Jock S. Trap 17 Aug 2013, 2:51pm

    That this person has such hatred for life. It’s just damn right nasty.

    It may be cultural but what about the numbers of homeless children who have to fend for themselves. The numbers of girls that are aborted or throughout.

    It’s just not right to pick and chose who gets to live and who has greater purposes in the world when children are being born into starvation.

    How can someone live life so hateful and really expect to get the best out of it?

    It’s shameful and disgusting.

  3. I am always surprised by the hatred and bile some people espouse, but then, this is Pakistan, not exactly a beacon of freedom and tolerance.

    This is what decades of religion does.

    With each passing day I find myself becoming more and more intolerant of any faith, regardless of what each individual preaches.

    I see it in simple terms – if you don’t believe the hatred and bigotry, you wouldn’t support the religious ideas.

    It’s sad to say, but the moment I know that someone is Christian, Muslim, or any other region, I distance myself from them and want nothing more to do with them.

    I can be blamed for that I guess, but then these are religious groups who have attacked, assaulted, tortured and murdered people for centuries, I can find little respect for anyone who ignores that and pretends that their religious beliefs are anything other than violent.

    Basically, if someone has religious beliefs following the organized thugs, I reject them entirely. That’s a result of their religions.

  4. I hate how people say LGBT people are “useless to society” just because they cannot re-produce. It’s like being born infertile and then having it used against you, not fair!!! Not to brag but I’m somewhat of a “genius”, so have no doubts my life will be worth ten of hers. I’ll probably pay more taxes and make more a difference than she ever could

    1. Unfortunately many in the UK think the same way. You only have to look at Alan Turing to see how the UK saw gay people the same way. Many still do.

    2. Trans, gay and a researcher in environmental science, working on helping cities deal with climate change AND paying my taxes to contribute to UK society here. And yet I’m preferred dead or being accused of deception and deserving of imprisonment right here via. Pink News. Why do I visit this website again? Bloody masochism.

  5. She’s an aspiring model. How useful. She won’t be finding a cure for cancer then or working out how to improve life in a fly ridden heap of dirt regressing to the stone age.

    There is some hope that the host at least made an issue of her ignorant remarks.

    I can see her at the end of Miss World now. I want to do good works, I hope for world peace and can we please murder some babies too?

  6. Mariam has demonstrated such compassion and empathy, has she not. And I would not excuse her behaviour by pointing to her culture. We must all take responsibility for our individual attitudes.

  7. Christopher in Canada 18 Aug 2013, 2:57am

    I thought Muslim women were to be humble and hidden, not seeking to be looked at by strangers, to be anything but modest is grounds for stoning… yet she wants to be a model… modelling what – burqas??

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