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Venezuelan politician accuses opposition leader of taking part in public oral sex in anti-gay rant

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  1. Well that takes a temper tantrum to a new level.

  2. jonnielondon 16 Aug 2013, 5:42pm

    Venezuala, much like Jamaica, is an extremely homophobic nation with many LGBT refugees trying to get out of this social backwater.

  3. And still some incredibly stupid fanatic leftist people who support LGBT rights in their own countries like Oliver Stone and Carlos Latuff (a fanatic leftist cartunist in my country Brazil) in the world still support Chávez and the so-called “Bolivarian Revolution” as if they were real palladins of justice in Venezuela, only because they are vigorously anti-American. The world is so full of stupid people sometimes I feel like running away from this planet and accepting that no-return trip to Mars.

    1. Would you call the UK homophobic if one of its politicians engaged in an anti-gay rant (as some have done?)

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