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US: Lesbian teenager accused of continuing to have contact with underage girlfriend

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Reader comments

  1. I find it most upsetting that someone is using the law as a tool by which to bludgeon their own daughter and her girlfriend. It’s bad enough they got the girl arrested in the first place, but to destroy her education, her career prospects, and to top it off they’re piling yet more accusations to make the situation worse.
    Whoever the younger girl is, I hope she disowns her mother for putting her through this.

  2. if i were her i wouldnt be upset, id be angry!, livid!. sometimes you have to look “authority” square in the eyes and demand that they leave you the f**k alone, let them know that you’re not scared of them. I would probably be in contempt of court but sometimes you have to stand up to bullys no matter what the consiquences.

  3. It’s rather telling that you never hear about this sort of thing between a boy and a girl

  4. Wordbondage 16 Aug 2013, 8:53pm

    Actually you hear about this thing between boys and girls all the time as well in America at least, when they do not approve of the boy in question specifically. In some cases it gets pushed to statutory rape even. This law is supposed to be to protect kids but it gets abused a lot by vindictive parents wanting to control their offspring and that is a shame, no matter what the orientation of those involved is. I think this law should have an add on. When the relationship started when both participants were minor, it should not be illegal, for example. What would apply to this case for instance. Other wise, with this law it is a tight rope to walk on, and it does a lot as good as well.

    In any way, it seems clear that the mother does it because she hates her daughter being a lesbian though and I feel for that girl. Caught between wanting to love a mother who can not accept you and wanting to love a lover who you can hurt with this love. It’s a sad thing to go through when so young.

  5. WantsToKnow 16 Aug 2013, 8:54pm

    How old is the girlfriend now? Is she 16 yet?

    1. The age difference is 3 or 4 years, I think. So not yet 16.

  6. The daughter of the vindictive mother loves this girl and no matter what the State and mother do against this relationship, this love will continue. As these two struggle against this pair of adversaries, their love will grow. In the process, the daughter will never forgive her mother. Laws are supposed to protect us from wrongdoing and not as a tool of revenge for the purpose of destroying true love.

    1. Paula Thomas 17 Aug 2013, 12:14pm

      Indeed, it could end up strengthening the daughter’s feelings. The vindictive mother could, deservedly, end up loosing her daughter entirely. Let’s just hope both the you women are strong enough to get through this with their mental health in tact.

  7. This is a big problem in both the US and here in the UK. What we need is an addendum to the age of consent laws, one that takes cases like this into account. In a lot of country’s they have an ‘Of like age’ and they do look at the the fact of the relationship starting when they are both under the age of consent.

    Here in the UK there have been a number of instances of young men being criminalised for a relationship they started when both under 16. And a number when the girl (or boy) concerned claimed they where over the age of consent and in fact where not.

    Unfortunately the law in the UK does not make any allowances for a partner lying about their age. This has led to lives being ruined at a young age.

    I have always wondered. The age of Criminal responsibility in the UK is 9 and even then you can still be convicted of murder at 9 should the law disregard your age. I am not suggesting the age of consent be reduced to 9. But it seems the law wants to have it’s cake and eat it.

  8. James Savik 16 Aug 2013, 10:05pm

    plea bargain = as much justice as you can hope to afford

  9. The mother of the younger underage girl should also be charged, she is complicit in this situation.

    From previous reports, she was comfortable with the two girls being friends… even allowed the older girl into her home more than once.

    What changed… nothing except the one girl became of age! The mother knew that schemed and planned to set legal channels in motion to have the older girl charged and arrested within hours of her birthday.

    This is not about an inappropriate relationship… it’s about the mother being narrow minded and deluded that her daughter has same sex feelings. Rather than being accepting of what she can’t change she’s causing her daughter mental anguish tantamount to abuse and prepared to put some one who loves her daughter on a sex offenders list for life.

    The fact the mother sat clock watching waiting for the older girls birthday shows a contemptuous, manipulative and malicious mother for what she is!

    Regardless, you don’t break a “NO CONTACT” order.

    1. Irene Demova 17 Aug 2013, 3:12am

      Kaitlyn turned 18 in August 2012. She met the younger girl in September 2012 at the start of the school year. The younger girl was 14 at the time. Their sexual relationship started in November 2012. It continued into early 2013. The younger girl was still 14 at this time. In January of 2013 the younger girl left her home after her parents went to bed. Kaitlyn picked her up and took her back to her ( Kaitlyns) house where they engaged in sex, including oral, digital penetration and use of vibrators. The police were NOT called until after this event, 5 months after Kaitlyn turned 18, and after the younger girls parents had asked her twice to break off the relationship, to no avail. This article has the facts of this case wrong. The arrest report has been available online for months now, and Kaitlyn has already admitted to the real facts as I’ve outlined.

      1. If this is true, then it seems very dodgy to me. It’s very tempting to make this into a lesbian love story of two-star crossed lovers, but I think the age gap of 4 years here is a lot.

        A 14-year-old and 18-year-old are at significantly different ages at this point in their lives.

        And this is not homophobia: a 14-year-old girl and 18-year-old BOY would be seen as dodgy, too.

        In the teen years, 1 or 2 years make a hell of a difference.

        I do hope pinknews readers don’t fall into the trap of basically saying what the elder girl has done is OK JUST because she’s a lesbian.

        It wouldn’t be OK if she was a straight 18-year-old boy!

  10. Irene Demova 17 Aug 2013, 3:52am

    @Joseph Patrick McCormick
    I realize that my comment that your organization deleted did not agree with the basic facts of the story that you presented, but if you are going to censor somebody for presenting easily verifiable facts in your comment section, then you are no better than the people who oppose the LGBT lifestyle based on inaccurate science or Biblical verse. Thank you and have a nice day.

  11. This is a tricky one, because not all of the facts are being presented here.

    Regardless of sexual orientation, there are age of consent laws for a reason. That reason relates to the ability of a minor to make decisions. There has to be a line drawn in the sand, and that line has to be maintained.

    Others might not agree, but I think the law is correct in this instance. I think a lot of people here are seeing this as a lesbian love story and victimization of their relationship, when it really is just about a girl of age continuing a relationship with a girl who is NOT of age.

    At what point do we say it’s okay? It’s not okay if the boy is 18 and the girl 14. It’s not okay if the guy is 25, and the girl 15. It’s not okay if the woman is 30 and the boy 14.

    She is having a sexual relationship with a child, that is criminal, and people need to stop pretending this is something “special” because she’s a lesbian.

    Equality comes in numerous ways.

    1. Totally agree. As much as their is vindictiveness present on the part of the parent, she is breaking the law by continuing this relationship. We have laws for a reason, we have to draw the line at some point and that line has been drawn, so we shouldn’t make exceptions to it. I suspect people would not be making these supportive comments for an 18 year old man having a relationship with a 14 year old girl.

      1. Scott Rose 17 Aug 2013, 9:38pm

        U.S. juries have the option of jury nullification of a law unjust in view of the circumstances. That clearly would be called for in this case. It is absurd to demonize teenagers for this reason. It is doubly absurd because when Kate was 17, the relationship was legal — and then when she turns 18, it isn’t? The law is plainly ridiculous. This is not what a criminal justice system should be for.

        1. Kaitlyn was 18 for three months before this relationship started, so there was no point in time, under Florida, law when this relationship was legal. I have no desire to see this young womans life ruined over this relationship, but if consequences are going to be applied differently because the two are both female, then the law has to be thrown out entirely, and every 18 year old man sitting in jail for having sex with their 14 year old girlfriends ( or boyfriends, as the case may be) needs to be released and have their records expunged.

  12. David Besaw 17 Aug 2013, 11:39pm

    The author has inserted false information into this article
    “Kaitlyn Hunt faces felony charges after the mother of her girlfriend, aged 14, notified police of the relationship as soon as she turned 18.”
    Hunt turned 18 on august 14th and did not begin to have contact with the victim until October of that same year.

    1. Yeah, this report is inaccurate. Someone has set up a website listing the facts of this case (and linking to supporting documentation when available)

      The main points of the case are
      1) Kaitlyn turned 18 in August / the other girl was 14 at that time

      2) The two met during the school year, and started dating October/November / the other girl was still 14 at that time

      3) Others told the younger girl’s mother of the relationship and had asked Kaitlyn to leave the other girl alone. The other girl’s mother also asked Kaitlyn to leave her 14 year old daughter alone.

      4) In addition to having sex on multiple occasions, Kaitlyn picked up the then 14-year old girl from her home – without the other girl’s parents knowing – and took her girlfriend back to her parents’ home. No one – not Kaitlyn, not Kaitlyn’s mom (who knew what was going on), told the other girl’s family what happened.

      5) The parents of the other girl finally went to the police.

  13. There is False information in this article hunt was 18 months before she had contact with the victim,

  14. I believe I’m being prevent form commenting on this

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