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Marriott International announces official sponsorship for 2014 Gay Games

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  1. The Marriott family give 10% of their income (hotel chain profit) to the Mormon “Church”.

    This year the Mormon “Church” used that money to finance the ‘World Congress of Families’ in Sydney. The ‘World Congress of Families is an Anti-Gay Hate Group who was recently banned from holding their conference in London by the British Law Society because of their ‘Anti-Gay Agenda’. As well as providing this heinous group with hefty financial backing as an official sponsor, the “Church” also provided a ‘Children’s Choir’ to entertain the guests, flew in Mormon ‘Speakers’ from all over the World and had their own official display stand at the Congress.

    On the ‘World Congress of Families’ website is a list of their official partners. This list could literally be copied and pasted directly from the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s list of Anti-Gay Hate Groups.

    I’m dismayed the Gay community has been so easily bought out by “Those People” whose profits go directly towards such hatred.

  2. St Sebastian, the humanitarian 17 Aug 2013, 1:03am

    Dave, that is about the fifth degree of the six degrees of separation. Would you prefer the Marriott hotel chain to discourage gay people from their hotels?

    Challenge the bad but don’t discourage the good i.e. give credit where credit is due. I never want the wider community to think we can never be pleased, they will just give up trying to be accepting and work on progressive reduction of gay discrimination.

    1. I’d prefer Gay people didn’t help fund companies that are used to legitimise and fund ridiculous Cults which spend their tax free donations on anti-gay organisations like ‘The World Congress of Families’.

      We give the money to the Marriott family, they give their money to the Mormons, then the Mormons give the money to the Anti-Gay Hate Groups.

      Post Prop 8 the Gay community began boycotting businesses like the Marriott hotel chain because of their connection to the Mormon “Church”. The Marriott hotel chain, just like the Mormon “Church” has launched a huge PR campaign to counter this because they were losing money as a result of the backlash. What now? The Gays have bought into this PR? All is forgiven and forgotten?

      Please explain to me what exactly has changed since prop 8? The Mormon “church” may be even more devious than before but it is still directly funding Anti-Gay organisations all over the World like the ‘World Congress of Families’.

      1. Also…

        When somebody is proficient in the Mormon art of Double Talk (or lying for the Lord as it’s quite often referred to in Mormondom) a statement like “I had never directly donated money to the cause”… Can normally be translated back into regular English to mean… “I funnelled millions of my own money through a registered charity or third party to the Proposition 8 campaign just like a number of my other wealthy Mormon friends did.”

        They were after all acting on a direct command from their “prophet” instructing them to “do all you can to support the proposed constitutional amendment by donating of your means and time.”

        You need to scratch just below the PR BS from “those people” to see the truth.

  3. This is easy to understand. Here in Utah, Mormons are divided about LGBT rights, with mostly younger Mormons supporting them and mostly older Mormons hostile to them. And since Mormons tend to have longer lifespans, there are a lot of elderly Mormons. And since Utah Mormons tend to identify ethnically as Mormons as well (regardless of religion), Mormons are still going to be Mormons – but equality-accepting Mormons should be encouraged to reform their system, and the results among younger Mormons are encouraging.

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