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Conservative LGBT group chairman: ‘Equal marriage is putting life back into the Tory Party’

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Reader comments

  1. The BBC’s treatment of this issue has made me switch entirely to ITV news. They always deliver a biased view and it is clear that they are right-leaning smacktards. They deliberately try and fit all gay people into a stereotype to shock the nation and drive them to oppose the cause.

    When the debate was in the US, they showed scenes of drag queens dancing around to ‘born this way’. There was no comment from the many intelligent, composed gay activists there…just dancing in tutus.

    When the first French wedding was on, they showed more drag queens and prancing around, with little coverage of the inspiring comments from the newlywed couple. Of course they were sure to show extensive coverage of the crowds booing them as they left the building.

    When the UK issue hit the UK, we got a mouthful of the homophobic MPs with their disgusting ‘alice in wonderland’ speeches and ‘brothers marrying each other’ tosh…and no coverage whatsoever of the many great speeches made.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Aug 2013, 7:04pm

      Totally concur with that, Mikey. I haven’t watched the BBC in months and have no intention of doing so and resent having to pay my licence fee. A form of taxation without representation in my view.

  2. I still can’t understand how anyone would want to vote for the party that brought us Section 28!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Aug 2013, 5:25pm

      Labour were no better prior to 1967 either and were just as homophobic and supportive of the draconian anti-homosexual law on the books. Should we now say that nobody should vote for them again? People often evolve, so too have just under half of the Tory party in the House and many of them in the Lords. I think that’s quite an extraordinary change for the better. Incremental steps are better than nothing and no reason why someone shouldn’t consider voting for them if they agree with their policies. It’s a free country after all. Tony Blair was dead set against equal marriage at the time of the CP debate and has now become a supporter, as has Gordon Brown.

      1. There’s a big difference in society between 1967 and 2013, so this is not a valid comparison.

        And remember that over half of Tory MPs still believe that LGBT people are 2nd class citizens.

        126 (yes 126!!!!) Tory MPs voted against equality. About 25 Labour MPs and 4 LibDem MPs agree with those Tories)

    2. They are selfish self interested possibly wealthy people who want lower taxes and less security for vulnerable people. Considering what Boris did to pride and the govt to disabled people you’d think they’d know better but they can’t see past their own interests.

  3. Does LGBTory accept that no LGBT person can vote for ANY of the 126 Tory MPs (a majority of the parliamentary Tory Party) who voted against equal marriage, at the next election?

    If not then sadly they are a pack of sniveling, self-hating Uncle Toms.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Aug 2013, 6:57pm

      And what about those 25 Labour MPs that some gay supporters may continue to vote for just because they happen to be Labour? It’s no different. I’m a Liberal Dem by the way, formerly a Green. If Cameron hadn’t mentioned equal marriage in 2010, thanks to Nick Clegg, then I very much doubt if Ed Miliband would have. He was nowhere on this issue after Brown left, not a word.

  4. The sad thing for David Cameron is that despite his strong support and stewardship of same-sex marriage through parliament, his party will not win the LGBT vote at the next election, thanks to the horrific bigotry of over half of the current Tory MPs

  5. vversatile 16 Aug 2013, 6:06pm

    –”Equal marriage is putting life back into the Tory Party”–
    Oh well, there’s a downside to everything

  6. So Apparently they are an LGBT advocacy group where the T stands for Tory. Following in Stonewall’s fine footprints I see.

    1. And the LGB stands for Lazy, Greedy, Bilious.

      1. And the t is for twats

  7. The Conservative Party has a very noticeable divide between its liberal adherents and its (small c) conservative adherents. The majority of MPs in the party today are on the liberal wing, but there are a lot of socially conservative people who join the party because they believe it’s the only way to get a platform – many are now joining UKIP instead.

    On the point of Section 28, bear in mind that the policy was only actually brought in because the socially-conservative backbenchers threatened to block other policies by Thatcher unless she brought the law in. Up until that point she had been pro-gay-rights, and was comfortable with gay men serving in her cabinet.

    Remember, the tories introduced full suffrage, had the first female MP and PM, have the most openly gay MPs and the first (and only) Jewish PM. The liberal element has usually been fairly strong, as it is now.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Aug 2013, 7:02pm

      As much as I despised Thatcher, I will cede that she also voted for overturning the criminalisation of homosexuality in 1967.

      There was also a very strong liberal element among the Tory peers too in the third and final reading of the Marriage Bill, some of the finest speeches too. . It’s a far better House than it’s been in years in spite of the dinosaurs on both sides who are slowly diminishing.

      1. One reason for the bill that would become the 1967 Sexual Offences Act did so not for reasons of societal liberalism, but more out of pity and compassion for a group of people seen to be suffering from a quite unpleasant disease. The law could facilitate the ‘treatment’ of this people – without the fear of arrest.

    2. Your comment is like double speak.

      The conservatives are liberals. Long live liberalism in conservatism. It just doesn’t make any sense, unless you’re a brainless moron who has just joined LGBTory.

      And bear in mind that section 28 was brought in by the conservatives – I don’t care why, it just was. And in all her years of terror, thatcher never did one thing for LGBT rights, quite the opposite. So don’t try and rewrite history and pretend that thatcher was pro gay rights. She wasn’t.

      The only reason why equal marriage got through is because of the lib dem coalition (do you really think that Cameron would have pushed it through if it was a conservative majority – really?) and because the rest of the house voted for it – not the majority of tory MP’s.

      117 for
      128 against

      192 for
      14 against

      lib dems
      44 for
      4 against

      So don’t try and make out that the conservatives are the new liberals, they aren’t. Get a reality check.

      1. The point you are missing (on purpose maybe), is that ONLY half of the Torys voted against it. Just one parliament ago it would have been 2/3, one further back from that 3/4 and so on.

        Its changing, the worst bigots are going to UKIP where they will be powerless loons. Why you dont see this as a good thing is beyond me.

        LGBTs joining the Torys now will mean by the next Parliament all 3 main parties will have a pro-gay majority. Dont you want that?

      2. Doublespeak? Hardly. It highlights the division between social and economic issues – fiscal conservatism and social conservatism are totally different philosophies that deal with totally different situations. Belief in equal rights does not, for example, mandate a belief in high taxation and government expenditure. I take offence at being called a brainless moron by someone who has evidently not even opened a beginners textbook on the issue. Do your research next time, so you don’t embarrass yourself.

        “bear in mind that section 28 was brought in by the conservatives” – yes, and Labour MPs blocked a Tory bill to equalise the age of consent. Are the Labour party equally punishable for that? Thatcher didn’t do much for the LGBT community, but the party has changed a great deal since then. All parties have.

        Young conservatives seem to be almost unanimously socially liberal – on LGBT issues certainly – which bodes very well for the future.

  8. Rather odd that the main focus of this article is the lack of media coverage of the passing of Equal Marriage, yet the headline leads on “…putting life back into the Tory party”.

    I am obviously happy (and surprised) that the current Conservative Party championed this legislation, however its passage through the Commons and the Lords only served to highlight the rampant bigotry and small-mindedness still prevalent in the Tory Party.

  9. Jeremy Hoad 16 Aug 2013, 8:44pm

    Has Pink News become an advertising newsletter for the Conservative Party?

    This is a ridiculous article. Mostly it is a rehash of a previously article about poor media coverage of the Royal Assent for the equal marriage legislation. But can you name any legislation that got coverage for getting Royal Assent? No. That was itself an advert for how supposedly gay-friendly the Tories are now. And the Queen has nothing to do with passing legislation in parliament so stop trotting out spin from Tory No.10 PR people.

    And now this article has Mr Gay Toryboy bleating on about how people are rushing to join the Conservative Party. Give me a break.

    Any chance Pink News might also wish to mention the other political party in government or is the editorial policy to promote the Tories at every opportunity?

    This is shameful propagandising. Just shut up about how lovely the Tories are to gay people. It looks desperate as well as insulting to most of your readership.

    1. So you dont want LGBTs joining the Torys then? You dont want all 3 main parties to be pro-gay? Would you prefer one of the 2 parties with any chance of governing remaining anti-gay?

      I dont know if this is news to you or not, but many gay people are fiscal conservatives, but didnt feel able to vote for a party that was against them.

  10. Cameron’s distorted pseudo-marriage brought about by the lobbying of sexual fringe groups has killed the conservative party (not that I was ever a fan).It will come back to haunt him as the totalitarian machine marches on and the rainbow-flagged fascists are exposed .

    1. Did you forget to take your meds?

  11. A free vote of conscience why shoul old bigots be allowed to vote with there conscience on my life !! I have some respect for Cameron for pushing it through but it was labour that won this one let the voting figures speak for themselves !

  12. Yeah there’s not enough gay marriage in the world that would ever make me vote conservative! As a 22 year old gay jobseeker who is kind of homeless, a vote for tory would be a vote for death.

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