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Comment: Boycotting the Winter Olympics risks allowing critics to say there’s a ‘homosexual agenda’

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Reader comments

  1. What a stupid article! There is a homosexual agenda…to try and stop the horrific treatment of Russian LGBT people. And to compare that to last year’s Olympic traffic…

  2. It’s not about “not liking” the law – it is about how it is feeding into a culture of hatred that is threatening the liberty, safety and lives of LGBT people.

    Just as we punished South Africa during apartheid, we should deny Russia the international stage in ALL things, including trade. Because the only thing that will speak to such a venal and mercenary regime is money.

    When you’ve quite finished boot licking, might I suggest you look at the footage coming from Russia and try understanding why the assailants are tending not to even bother covering their faces, why might that be? Do you want to phone a friend?

    And screw the shattered dreams of the athletes, I’m more interested in the shattered bones of our LGBT world community.

    Plus, and I hate to rain on your parade, but they already think we have an agenda. That’s part of why and how they are bloody bigots.

    Article written by someone who would wash their hands? Fortunately, no one did that for you.

    1. de Villiers 16 Aug 2013, 5:15pm

      Perhaps you could, for once, shut the flow of venal sh!t that flows out your mouth. His argument might be wrong but your constant hatred and evil that pouts from your posts is exhausting.

      Screw the dreams of the athletes. Screw yourself.

    2. Dr. Damn Right 16 Aug 2013, 6:01pm

      “And screw the shattered dreams of the athletes, I’m more interested in the shattered bones of our LGBT world community.”

      I’ve been looking for a way to word that argument and I couldn’t do it satisfactorily, but you’ve worded if perfectly. Thank you for that. I do not see hate in your post, just righteous anger and I agree with every word.

    3. What did you personally do to help those whose bones you claim to care about? What did you do except thinking warm thoughts and demand somebody else sacrifices a couple of decades of their lives? Or is this the case when nothing is impossible for someone who doesn’t have to do it themselves?

  3. “In early 2014 we will be glued to our screens watching the Games and will have forgotten about this call for a boycott.”

    Speak for yourself, Mr Ruddock.

    Some of us will be thinking about the Russian teenagers being tortured by fascists who think it’s fun to film themselves committing assaults and to put the evidence on YouTube, knowing there is zero chance of arrest.

    1. He imagine he likes to think because most people have the attention span of a fruit fly like he probably does. Every day I wake up and wonder what poor soul is going to be crushed in Russia, Iran, Uganda or in my home today; he must obviously be easily distracted by sports

  4. on the contrary. Not boycotting and moving the games will cause a much more serious retaliation. Moving the games elsewhere would be considered as an opportunistic strategy to steal the profits of the events and Russian LGBTs would be the scapegoat. There cannot be a transfer of profit, rather loss to everyone, so that the seriousness of this issue is understood. This is a damaging situation which is hurting the young Russian generations. We just can’t allow such bigotry to be perpetuated.

  5. Oh do shut up! People are dying… W
    How does that compare to winning a medal? It doesn’t that’s how. You are gay… You are afforded the freedoms you have today because of brave men and women in our own (not that distant past) fighting battles like this one.

  6. What the writer does not realize a law against Jewish propaganda exist as well in Russia. This also needs to be brought to light .MOVE THE GAMES

    1. It’s not true. I mean, the Jewish propaganda laws. Why would you lie like this is beyond me.

  7. Dear Aaron,
    Pleas stop being rational and thoughtful, as you can see the right-wing gay hysterics have won this one.

    1. In all honesty who the hell cares if they think we have some ridiculous “agenda” to take over the world and make everyone gay or whatever? Anyone with a brain knows the concept is bullcrap on every possible level

  8. Martin X (@Spitefuel) 16 Aug 2013, 5:14pm

    Utter nonsense article.

    People who accuse any group of having an “agenda” are basically saying they only want one agenda to be considered.

    There own.

    Whether people should boycott the Olympics or not is one issue; but folding under criticism from small minded bigots who use the phrase “homosexual agenda” is pathetic.

    If my agenda clashes with theirs GOOD.

    1. Martin X (@Spitefuel) 16 Aug 2013, 5:18pm

      Please ignore the typos (although I’m sure some pathetic pedant will use this to support their bogus views). My autocorrect went a bit daft there (Come on with the cheapshot comment on that one if you want).

      Meant to say “their own”

      More simply put.

      Everyone has an agenda. To suggest you should give in to criticism for having an agenda is just pathetic. Hand over all your hard won human rights if you are daft enough to believe that tosh.

  9. David Campbell 16 Aug 2013, 5:25pm

    “…their[sic] is a “homosexual agenda”.”

    You meant, “there”. And there is.

    That agenda includes equality under the law and freedom from discrimination and persecution. If you are gay man who doesn’t support that “agenda”, you probabaly don’t deserve the rights you freely enjoy now.

  10. Christ. Of COURSE there’s a Homosexual Agenda. It’s called “human rights”. When right wing fascists like Putin whine that we have an agenda, they are right! Black people also had an agenda—the civil rights movement. Suffragettes had an agenda—women’s right to vote. These are not things to apologize for. If you want a fascist to keep mashing his boot in your face, the best way to do it is to ask him politely to stop.

  11. 1. There IS a homosexual agenda – full equal and civil rights for gay people everywhere.

    2. Who cares that a tiny number of sportspeople won’t win a medal in the Olympics. In the grand scheme of things this is utterly irrelevant in comparison to the human and civil rights of millions of gay Russians. And if these athletes do attend the games then if they are decent human beings then they must protest loudly aganst Russian laws.

    3. There were PLENTY of calls for boycotts of the Beijing Olympics. Raising awareness of the atrocities is the main benefit of calling for a boycott. If this damages athletes then please see point 2 – the athletes are 2ndary to the millions of LGBT Russians suffering there.

    1. Why don’t you come yourself and protest loudly? Or are you afraid to part with your armchair?

  12. ” will have forgotten about this call for a boycott just like the nation stopped moaning about the expected traffic chaos in London that never materialised once the games started.”

    These may be the most offensive words I have ever read.

    Are you for real? The reductionist attitude here is in itself homophobic. If you don’t understand that gay men in Russia being murdered is a bigger issue than traffic in London 2012 then you are either stupid, mentally unwell, or a self-loathing attention seeking queen.

    Get a pair

  13. By this logic, we should never protest anything.

    No section 28 repeal
    No gay marriage
    No nothing

    Because any protest would be proof of the gay agenda. What drivel

  14. There is no way in hell we would even be having this debate in 2013 if we were talking about Blacks or Jews.

    1. We’re still allowed to do it about muslims though.

      (Don’t get me wrong – I reckon islam is as moronic as christianity; judaism; hinduism; sikhism, but muslim people – as opposed to the religion – get it in the neck as much as we do).

      1. Steve, muslim IS a religion, it is not a racial or ethnic group or any other, it is a belief system, possibly just as fractionated as any of the other abrahamic religions.
        It is not a defined innate human characteristic such as sex gender sexual orientation race ethnicity.
        Jewish is a religion, but it is also generally regarded as also an ethnic group.
        I agree with Brian’s point.
        Religion always gets dumped in with human characteristics, whereas it is more correctly in with freedom of speech, association, thought, expression and opinion, and they don’t have those in Russia, the prerequisites of a fully WORKING democracy.

        1. No ISLAM is a religion … An ex of mine had a Muslim name & Dad but a white British mother. He never went to mosque nor has he any interest in religion … So where dose that leave him in your view?

          1. Happy

        2. Muslim = religious believer in, adherant of Islam

  15. John in Toronto Canada 16 Aug 2013, 5:35pm

    There is a homosexual agenda: to not be persecuted for our biological differences.

    1. Is being gay a biological difference than being left or right handed?
      I’d have thought it’s more a psychological difference

      1. Left or right handed is determined by biologigal developmental structures in the brain, similarly there are biological developmental differences in gender and sex and sexual orientation, we already know this. just not all the mechanisms. These are innate characteristics.

      2. keith francis farrell 16 Aug 2013, 8:20pm

        he Steve, when did you decide to be straight, or were you born that way? I think your parents wasted a lot of money educating you because you still cannot think for yourself.

      3. Good analogy. In the past people who were left handed were forced to use their right. The psychological theory is very early 20th century.

      4. No, gay male brains differ biologically from straight male brains and epigenetics tells us its nothing to do with “psychology” whatsoever.

        Me and my bro were raised in the same enviroment and he’s as “straight” as “straight” can be, I am quite the opposite. I can tell you from first hand experience that upbringing and psychology play no part, and that if you have an older brother you’re much more likely to be gay yourself.

        Which brother do you reckon I am? You guessed it ! It’s the same for a lot of my friends too – the more older brothers they have the more likely they are to be gay. It is hereditory; passed from mother to son and father to daughter. It is no longer up for debate, rejoice!!!

  16. London this! London that! London all the things! Really? I thought these games were taking place in Sochi.
    If we just fall into line on Putin’s orders as you suggest, what sort of message does that send to those who cannot safely speak out for themselves, and those who are silenced by the state? That we are too self-interested to want to inconvenience ourselves on behalf of other people?
    If you want to sit there and gawk at people being given small shiny discs, that’s your problem. There are those of us who will not so willingly by blinded by the facade, and will instead remain active in speaking out to stop the misery and suffering of other people.
    We’ll ask you what you did to help when it’s all over.

  17. Damn right there’s a “homosexual agenda”. That agenda is to be treated the same as anyone else.

  18. I guess the author is against ANY show of solidarity with gay Russians. Waving flags would give the impression of a homosexual agenda, holding hands would give the impression of a homosexual agenda, painting fingernails would give the impression of a homosexual agenda, saying something positive about gay people would give the impression of a homosexual agenda.

    I notice that the author had a lot to say about what should not be done to help the situation in Russia but in his ridiculously long and tiresome rant he didn’t offer one suggestion for what should or could be done. He seems much more concerned with not inconveniencing athletes than wasting one moment’s time or energy even considering the life and death situation for gay children, gay teens and gay adults in Putin’s Russia.

    I sincerely hope that this child grows up to consider the world that lies outside of his arm span.

    1. Ah now.

      Play nice.

      I think it’s more that as he was so immersed in the London Olympics, his perspective might just be a bit skewed on this topic.

  19. Well, now we know who’s bought into the Heterosexual Agenda! All your dancing shoes are nearby when you go back in the closet and you never have to worry about skin cancer.

  20. Chester666666 16 Aug 2013, 6:03pm

    Thing is that the homophobes will claim there’s a homosexual agenda by the simple fact that you are alive so it doesn’t matter what you do as they will never see that they are wrong and homophobic losers

  21. I have to say that this is BY FAR the most ignorant, smarmy, condescending and offensive article that I have EVER read on PinkNews; and that’s saying a LOT!

    I guess this is what happens when you give ignorant children unfettered access to a computer and the internet. Honestly, who needs to worry about straight, rabid homophobes when you’ve got idiots like Aaron writing crap like this.

    I’m sure there were Jewsih Kapos in 1935 writing similar endorsements of the 1936 games.

    1. …Jewish…

  22. Just wanted to remind people that this is a comment piece and therefore the author is merely expressing his opinion.

    He’s not (I presume) speaking for anyone else, and he’s probably not a journalist.

    If you disagree with him, please be polite.

  23. Athletes being able to compete > gay lives.

    I’m deeply depressed at how little GBLT lives are worth – and how even members of our community are so quick to downplay any homophobia even outright persecution as merely “not liking” a law.

    My “homosexual agenda” is protect gblt people. It’s a shame too many other’s agenda is to fawn to their straight masters

  24. Crazy attitude! Let’s not boycott cos it has nothing to do with us? Would you have said the same thing in Berlin had you known what was happening to the Jews? Human Rights are EVERYONE’S agenda! Numpty!

  25. While I agree that we should not completely stop the 2014 Winter Olympics I do not agree that it should be hosted in Sochi or Russia at all. I firmly believe this will allow the Russian government to think that the world is ok for these unjust anti-gay laws to continue, it will also draw the fact these laws exist away from the public when we should not stop thinking and protesting until the laws have changed.
    Move the Olympics to a well known pro gay country and show the world that the Olympic commitee, community and athletes will not stand for homophobia or any prejudice of any kind.

  26. Is this article a joke? It’s shockingly stupid… Lol

  27. “We need to respect the laws of another country no matter how much we disagree with them”
    Using that moronic argument we have to respect Mugabe and Hitler.
    Why did PN publish this? Odd.

  28. Dear Arron, the Olympics is a business, in fact it is very big business indeed. Governments love it because they get to show off and as a nice little bonus the games generates tonnes of lovely money. The Olympic Committee loves it because they get to play gods and get lots of lovely presents and money too. Lastly the running, jumping, throwing, rowing and all else ‘stars’ love it because they get medals and sponsorships and lots of lovely money. So its a business and no fuk-ing business takes precedence over the murderous policies of Russia towards its innocent LGBT citizens. So stick the Olympics where the sun don’t shine mate because it already smells putrid.

  29. Wow, just wow. There are indeed arguments that can be made against moving the Winter Games (for example, the potential backlash against the LGBT population in Russia), and employing other routes to expose the state-sanctioned human rights abuses in Russia to a global audience. However the arguments in your article just do not stand up.

    I too worked at the Olympics in London; yes it was amazing to see how the Games briefly transformed London, but it is a very big leap of faith to assume that the legacy of the Sochi Games will have any effect on the actions of the Russian government, somehow transforming the country into a liberal, free-thinking nirvana through the power of sport.

  30. The simple fact is there would be no Olympic Games if they allowed national politics, or legal/civil/human rights issues, to determine where they are held.

    There is no single set of human rights or values that are held by all countries.

    Even within the EU we don’t always agree on what human rights are.

    In dozens of countries around the world there is atrocious persecution of ethnic minorities, religious minorities, the disabled, immigrants, and yes the LGBT community.

    If we want an Olympics movement we have to accept that no single country or group of countries have a monopoly on human rights. But it can be a platform for individual countries, and individual athletes, to advance what they think appropriate human rights norms are and introduce change. And the IOC tells the host country what protections to give the participants and it is not shy to go on public record about this, which is more than many host countries’ opposition parties.

    1. I have to disagree. This is the same argument used by those who protest that politics have no place in sport. Sport and especially the Olympic Games does not exist in a moral bubble.

      The International Olympic Committee, despite being a multi-billion pound corporation, promotes itself on a set of Olympic Fundamental Principles. One of these states “Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.” Russia has signed this charter, yet is now plainly in breach.

      I agree, the choice of past host nations by the IOC (for example China) is questionable, however this does not equate to your argument of not being able to have an Olympics in countries with an acceptable level of human rights.

    2. Get to the back of the bus, Rosa

  31. There are Agendas – Human Rights & Equality.

  32. This is one of the most ridiculous articles I have seen so far on this issue. The author cares more about some athletes winning some medals than he does about gay people being attacked or killed. Shameful.

  33. No greater fool than a willing fool ! Hand over lunch money much ?

    The lack of consistent application of existing regulations when selecting event hosts is manifestly unfair to all the Athletes concerned. It should never have been allowed to come to this situation. However we are where we are. Whether there is a boycott or not on an Official level, the informal boycott has begun. The genie is already out of the bottle. Self regulation by Sporting bodies regarding human rights ( explicitly contained within their own charters ) doesn’t seem to be working very well if at all. Therefore to avoid future situations where there are Human rights conflicts of this magnitude a ‘Human Rights ( Sporting Events ) Act ” is required to effectively insure that Sporting Bodies meet the minimum standards laid down ( usually within their own charters and rules of competition). This way the Ideal of sport fostering the best of humanity is incentivised amongst all aspiring participants and nations.

  34. Damned right there is a gay agenda, Equality, No discrimination, and the banishment of ignorance, and I’ve been pursuing it from the age of 15.
    No strike that, age thirteen I flattened my first homophobic bully after lots of aggravation, with one punch and got whispered to by a teacher “he deserved that”, and louder so the rest could hear, “you shouldn’t hit people” and winked and walked off. Hardly the anti-bullying policy I expect but at least I didnt get sanctioned for self defense.
    This article makes no sense, If we appease this bully and become invisible and aqesient in our oppression without protest or outrage it will make matters worse for the Russian LGBT community.
    If this next winter Olympics is a disaster it will be down to those in the IOC who thought they could ignore the bully and did not act sooner, or is looking like, punish the victim, those who have the temerity to protest.

    1. I salute those who have spoken out in Moscow, it needs to be an avalaunche by the time of the Winter Olympics, whether they are held in Sochi or elsewhere (unlikely at present). Invisibility should not be an option.


  35. keith francis farrell 16 Aug 2013, 8:09pm

    I think sports people are selfish, In south Africa there was a boycott, no sportsman or woman could compete in sports events like the Olympics. now they have equality. we need to do the same with Russia. there are other venues, the winter Olympics can be shifted to another country. I will boycott Russia. the horror and hate needs to stop. if a few sports people get upset, too bad.

  36. What Bollocks.

  37. What a joke…..they are talking about “gay agenda” for decades, so why would a non-boycot approach change anything!?

  38. Extremely poor article: badly written with weak arguments. All of which have been covered in the comments above.

    Funny that it’s mainly people who have anything to do with the Olympics who are opposing a boycott. Human rights are more important than a sports contest, no matter prolific that contest is.

  39. Aaron, you are wrong, old son.

    To continue Sochi would violate Rule 6: “Act against any form of discrimination affecting the Olympic Movement”. It would tell Putin that beating gay people is OK really. It has parallels with Hitler’s Olympics and Jews. Read Stephen Fry’s letter.

  40. Poor kid. He’s all messed up. The bit that made me worry was when he said….

    “We need to respect the laws of another country no matter how much we disagree with them”

    Really? Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Uganda….. etc. etc. etc. I don’t respect any of those countries laws, and not only on LGBT issues.

  41. I have this to say in support of a boycott and/or shifting the Olympic venue to a more welcoming nation,Mr Ruddock,

    Hitler..Germany…1939 >

    Pretty simple.

  42. There really is nothing more to say about this “opinion”.

    If the author truly believes that a few sportsmen\women gaining baubles, honour, cash and glory is more important than gay kids being killed then he has truly lost the plot.

    Is education in this country so bad that this kid knows nothing about the 1936 Olympics which was the precedence for what is now happening in Russia.

    All I can say to this immature naive child is that enjoys rights built on the shoulders of those who were willing to stick there head above the parapet.

    Howe dare he smugly spit in their faces and how dare PN publish such sh!t.

  43. Aaron Ruddock’s role as a ‘Games Maker’ (whatever that is) at the London Olympics appears to have clouded his judgement as he’s overly concerned with the interests of athletes rather than LGBT Russians.

    The current World Athletics Championships in Moscow have proven that whilst a few (and only a few) sportspeople voice their opposition to the anti-gay persecution in Russia, others will speak out in support of it and more importantly, the whole event passes without any real progress. Whereas the Russian economy will be boosted by the sponsorship and the potential benefits of broadcasting the event globally. Putin and his supporters will feel vindicated.

    When the Sochi Games go ahead (which it probably will) a few sportspeople will again voice their opposition to the persecution but it will have little impact. Boycotting the event would have a much more significant impact. It would leave Putin and his supporters in no doubt what the civilised world thinks of his persecution.

  44. Only an airhead could have written such an uninformed article. Probably in the pay of the IOC.

  45. SO, F***ING WHAT?

    Christian evangelicals are making gradiose statements approving of Russia´s law and russians are using that approval to fuel their own hatred. “Why, people of God are saying that they approve! Surely that MUST mean we are doing something right”.

    Do you see why it´s so important for people to speak up? Because if the oppressors don´t see that others do NOT agree with them, they will continue to do what they are doing.

    Same thing happened when one was a little kid, when the cool clique picked on less cool kids. Not wanting to end up as an outcast, the rest would keep their mouth shut. But at that age you at least could say that you were young and stupid. But now we are all grown ups! Start acting like it. NOTHING is more important than the well being of fellow human beings.

    That is the risk of staying silent when you are watching something unfair. You may not approve of what they are doing, but they WILL take your silence as approval. So SPEAK UP!

  46. There’s a homophobic law – but think about the athletes!
    There are murders, suicides, campaigns of humiliation, extortion and abuse – but think about the athletes!
    There is a law against ‘hurting the feelings of religious people’ – but think about the athletes!
    NGOs are marked ‘foreign agents’ by law and have their assets controlled – but think about the athletes!
    Censorship of the internet and media has been introduced with no oversight to ‘protect children and morality’ – but think about the athletes!
    Olympic arenas are being built by people under slave-like conditions. Someone was raped with a crowbar recently for complaining about not getting paid. – But think about the athletes!
    Five times the projected cost have been spent on the Olympics, and at least half of that has been swindled out of the budgets and into the pockets of Putins business associates – but think about the athletes!

  47. The Olympic commitee. Should have some bollocks and move it !! Utterly spineless

  48. Was the decision to publish this article a joke? The arguments put forward are so deeply flawed that I have to ask whether the author and/or the editor even bothered to read it before submitting/publishing.

    1. So we’ll be playing into the hands of people who will claim there is a “gay agenda”? 1) The people who talk about the “gay agenda” will do so regardless of our actions. They believe that every attempt by gay people to combat oppression and discrimination is a direct attack on them and part of some conspiracy to create a homosexual ruling elite. 2) If there is anything that even approaches a “gay agenda” then it is simply a quest for equality. Just and fair demands by gay people and their allies that gay people shouldn’t be subjected to oppression, denial of basic rights and demotion to second (or lower) class citizenship. You normally find the same people who object to the “gay agenda” are the ones who also object to the “black agenda”, “women’s agenda” and so on.

      1. 3) Is the author seriously suggesting that we should be mindful of the sensibilities and point of view of people who would oppress us? Is he a modern day gay Uncle Tom who feels that we should be careful not to offend those who already oppress us? Is he suggesting the appeasement of our oppressors that the article is suggesting? If so, I feel I can discount his argument as worthless.

        1. Reading on further we come to the crux of the argument. Rather than mention the harm being done right now to LGBT people in Russia, he talks of the smashed dreams and desires of the poor athletes who have worked so hard to get the place in the Olympics. Consider, he asks, the athletes’ hard work and dreams of medals that would be shattered by the boycott. That’s what he asks. That’s what he thinks is important, not LGBT people in Russia are being marginalised, denied basic human rights, fired from their jobs, beaten and killed by bigots with no hope of seeing the perpetrators brought to justice.

          1. The claim that Olympics were held here in the UK when homosexuality was illegal, or in the US when DADT was in effect, is specious. We can’t change history and an appeal to tradition is simply a logical fallacy that because we’ve done something in the past we should keep on doing it. The argument for the boycott today is about whether this is the right thing for us to do TODAY. Appealing to the past overlooks the possibility that perhaps what was done in the past wasn’t right then either.
            It’s clear in this article that what’s important to those who oppose the boycott is the Olympics and not the welfare of LGBT people in Russia. Shame on them. They should think themselves lucky that the safety and protections they enjoy today are the result of people much less selfish and cowardly than them.

  49. I consider myself left wing, but this article is sickeningly so. Left to the point of falling off the edge of sanity.

  50. Thomas Waters 17 Aug 2013, 11:44pm

    This is a poorly argued discussion. The notion that by performing, A LGBTQ athlete will have a positive impact implies that their identity as LGBTQ will have to be known. The very act of calling an athlete LGBTQ is against the propaganda law!So what will happen is that a forced closet will be imposed on all athletes. And you call that a good thing? Very poorly thought out argument!

  51. Christopher in Canada 18 Aug 2013, 2:59am

    There IS a homosexual agenda: equality for all!!! That’s the meaning and intent behind the rainbow flag, fer chrissakes!!!

  52. Donald Hamilton 19 Aug 2013, 2:59pm

    You mean to tell me that freedom is a political agenda! Oh my goodness, wars have been fought over such a concept!!!

  53. Stephen Frost 19 Aug 2013, 4:56pm

    We mustn’t fight for equality, because the homophobes will say we have an agenda? OH NOOOOO. However will we cope?!! TRAAAAGEDY! Stupid article. Spare a thught for the athletes who want to play some games? How about sparing a thought for the LGBT community of Russia who don’t get to go home after 2 weeks?! As for previous games, we’re a new generation and we won’t put up with things that used to go unchallenged.

  54. essexgirlbecky 22 Aug 2013, 6:39pm

    It makes me angry that freedom of speech is wasted on inanity like this when LGBT people in Russia are denied that most basic of human rights. Mr Ruddock needs to remember whose shoulders he stands on when he next sits down at his keyboard, and acknowledge why he has the freedom to write, as a gay man, such crassly stupid and trite rubbish as this.

  55. This terrible article is so radically liberal as to send practically the same message as a radical conservative one.

  56. johnny33308 3 Sep 2013, 8:14pm

    And your point is?
    Child, you have no comprehension of what is actually happening to your own people!

  57. johnny33308 22 Sep 2013, 3:50pm

    Yes, the wicked LGBT ‘agenda’ to secure equal rights for ourselves and all others, and to live our lives openly without fear. Yup….some evil ‘agenda’! The bigots’ agenda is to persecute innocent people for their personal amusement and entertainment….

  58. johnny33308 28 Sep 2013, 4:32pm

    All the kind words in the universe are not enough to turn bigots into nice people! Can’t happen! We have tried that for many generations, and see how well its worked for us so far! We do indeed have an agenda; full equality for LGBT people (indeed, ALL people) everywhere! Period! Eventually attitudes will catch up with the law’s intention, and for that we can be grateful. It was our difficult struggle that made us strong, that assures us of winning our freedom. So, all the lovely conciliatory words to the Bigots do not hurt them in any way, and with this lot, unless you hurt them, they will continue as they always have. That brings us to our economic LGBT power! The entire world worships money, therefore taking money away from someone injures them. Consequently, in practical terms, boycotting bigoted events, sponsors, supports, advertisers, even entire countries is the only rational way to force change…hit them in their tight little purses and they will pay attention!

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