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Coca-cola and McDonald’s agree that Winter Olympics should not be relocated from Russia

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Reader comments

  1. Meaningless platitudinous drivel. All sound, little fury, signifying bugger all.

    1. It’s called living in the real world.

      The sad reality is that arrogant xenophobic westerners are making life more difficult for gay Russians. When was the last time PN or any other gay news outlet printed articles from gay Russians supporting all of the stupid media stunts that are now being done in their name?

  2. I don’t think anyone expected these self-obsessed companies to say anything different. They sponsor sporting events yet sell products that make you hideously fat, for christ’s sake.

  3. peter duncan 16 Aug 2013, 1:42pm

    Boycott cocal-cola & macdonalds. Simple

    1. I don’t eat at McDonalds but I used to drink Coke Zero but have since swopped to Asda’s Zeo brand cola.

      1. OFF THE PIGS! 16 Aug 2013, 2:53pm

        Asda is owned by US company Walmart whose record on animal exploitation, slave labour and slave wages, eco-vandalism and, in general, being completely vile sh*ts is comparable to McDonalds.

        1. oh god….. lets not buy anthing from anywhere cause they are all as bad as eachother

          1. That would certainly help the diet.

    2. Count me in. From this day on, I shall seek to never, ever more consume anything of either Coca Cola nor McDonalds nor affiliates. Their decision to not pull out and say in the same breath ¨We do not condone human rights abuses, intolerance, or discrimination of any kind anywhere in the world.¨ Is laughable. Merely by being a sponsor and of course benefitting HUGELY financially by their association evidentiates their complicit support of the Russian discriminatory stance.
      Stating ¨We have long been a strong supporter of the LGBT community and have advocated for inclusion and diversity through both our policies and practices¨ comes off as a bold faced lie and is evidence that they do not actually advocate for anything of the sort. The definition of to advocate is ¨Anyone who argues the case of another.¨ This is not support. This is saying: ¨Yeah, we hear what youre saying but we have to look out for our bottom line. Period.¨ They support LGBT rights just as long as the checks arrive.

  4. Jock S. Trap 16 Aug 2013, 1:45pm

    Coca-Cola & McDonalds….

    When someone has come out of the closet, why sponsor Games which mean they have to go back into the closet because picking a backward country matters more?

    It makes no sense.

    Last year for the first time in London 2012 women from some middle Eastern countries took part… now we expected to reverse the clock and promote the Olympics even though as a massive step backwards.

    How is this progress?

    These sponsors should really see what matters in humanity… and it shouldn’t be money.

  5. Chester666666 16 Aug 2013, 1:46pm

    Money grabbers who only seek profit and don’t respect gays

    1. This is not about respecting gays! This is about respecting human rights and dignity in general !!

      1. Chester666666 16 Aug 2013, 5:20pm

        Gays are the focus of this at present but itis human rights too

  6. You mean 2 of the world’s greediest corporations value profit over human life?! SHOCKER!

    1. I know!!! I didn’t see that coming either.

  7. Peter Duncan 16 Aug 2013, 1:50pm

    Boycott Coca Cola and Macdonalds

    1. That’s easy, given that I myself wouldn’t consider consuming either in the first place.

      1. Mr Smug.

        1. Not really, just not keen on sugary drinks and shit food.

        2. Not really, just dislike sugary chemical drinks and junk food.

          1. I have to say I LOVE Coca Cola. I’m sitting here very hungover right now and a coca cola would make everything better. MUST. RESIST.

          2. @ Mr. Pink

            Try a Virgin Cola if they still make it ! Or almost any other cola.

    2. Michael Amthony 16 Aug 2013, 4:54pm

      Why boycott? Many hays in Russia don’t want the games boycotted. They want the world to see. If u boycott, then the attention turns away from Russia, Sochi and the awful laws. What good does a boycott do for the gays living on Russia?

      1. If the Games are boycotted, media attention will not draw away from Russia, quite the opposite, Russia will be furious.

  8. Corporations are the “Evil Doers”, not the populations of Iran and North Korea.

    Sorry GW…..

  9. It’s laughable to see Coca-Cola claiming to support Human Rights, when there has been an ongoing boycott of their brand for more than two decades thanks to accusations of their own abuses of Human Rights in developing nations. This is a company accused of poisoning whole villages, assassinating community leaders and Union heads, and bribing local officials to overlook their criminality.

    Coca-Cola supporting Human Rights is like Mugabe supporting democratic freedom.

    They want to expand their business in Russia? Good luck to that. Any gains they make in Russia will be lost through boycotts in other nations.

    I’ll be drinking my usual JD and Pepsi tomorrow night, and I haven’t touched McDonalds for more than ten years.

  10. Paula Thomas 16 Aug 2013, 1:55pm

    Since Coca-Cola have sponsored the Olympics since 1928 presumeably they sponsored the 1936 Olympics, so they have form!

  11. Coca Cola sponsored the 1936 Hitler Olympics in Berlin.

    McDonalds abuses its staff in every country they are present in

    Is anyone REALLY surprised that these purveyors of obesity support fascism.

    Do not use their products. Do not watch the Olympics. It is that simple.

    1. Not only did they sponsor the 1936 Hitler Olympics, but when they could no longer sell Coke in the Third Reich, they invented Fanta and sold that to the enemy instead.
      Really their behaviour should not be shocking to anyone. I’m surprised they haven’t been marked as an enemy of the state in the US.

      1. That’s right, also they claim that they have “proudly” sponsored the Olympics since 1928. So they were proud when they sponsored the Olympics in 1936. If I actually drank coke, I would boycott it. They play up to everyone as they only care about their market share.

  12. “Regarding the recent Russian legislation, we support the International Olympic Committee’s belief that sport is a human right and the Olympic Games should be open to all, free of discrimination, and that applies to spectators, officials, media and athletes.”

    But that’s not what the IOC is saying. The IOC is on record as saying that gay relationships are political statements, and for an LGBT person to so much as explain themselves is “propagandizing”. They have it that all LGBT athletes, other team members, officials, media, and spectators, whoever. They all have to hide in fear of Russian state enforcers. Or be stripped of their place at the games, arrested, imprisoned, and then deported.

  13. Last time I step foot in McDonalds then

  14. Well, this is just a confirmation of a known fact that money is above human rights in today’s world. Sad but true!

  15. Well if both Coca Cola and McDonalds agree then of course the games should still be held in Sochi.
    I mean …its not like these huge corporations would overlook human rights violations for the sake of profit, …right?

  16. Of course they do – imagine how much campaign money they’d loose – Never touch either product –

  17. As athletes and visitors are arrested and abused by the Russian police those who thought the Olympics shouldn’t have been moved will be the focus of blame too.
    Our family is boycotting MacDonalds and Coca-Cola for their complicity with the Nazi-like attitude in Russia.

  18. Keith the troll alert, would everyone kindly press the report button on “Hetero pound domination” please? Does anyone know Keith’s carer so we can let them know he keeps getting access to a computer?

  19. Shelley Adrienne Mimi Belsky 16 Aug 2013, 4:27pm

    Do what Canada is doing.
    Offer G.L.B.T.s asylum as refugees.
    But Boycott not only the Olympics, but Russian goods and services as well.

  20. “Coca-Cola and McDonald’s both stated that they do not condone the anti-gay laws, and that they think they contradict the Olympic charter, but in a similar sentiment to the IOC last week, do not think the games should be relocated away from Sochi.”

    Seems that when money and potential markets are concerned, double or triple talk is the order of the day.! They don’t condone discrimination, they recognise that the IOC is violating its own Charter – but NOTHING should interfere with the possibility of a profit!!!!

    I will not knowingly be buying any Coco Cola or McDonald’s products!! It may not put a dent in their profits, but at least I’ll be able to look in the shaving mirror and have some respect for the guy looking back at me!!!

    1. You are so right,the IOC abandoned their principles decades ago in favour of big business & huge income.

  21. Right now these brands are betting that they will be able to weather this ‘storm’ and still clean up profit-wise from the Games deal.

    The best thing that can happen is that protestors ensure that their protests are outside/inside Coca Cola/McDonalds branded venues associated with the Olympics.

    Effectively you want the sponsor’s branding and the Olympic rings in shot when you are being carted away/beaten up by the Russian police. You also want to be shouting about how these sponsors are supporting the violence and oppression as they cart you off.

    When those images and words go around the world, THAT’S when the reputational damage to the brand starts and THAT is exactly when the brands start saying something and taking action to distance themselves.

    However, if you’re there making money it’s hard to distance yourself and you’ve got a whole lot explaining to do, which most people won’t believe. Honesty and trust issues then affect your brand and that’s a hard stain to remove.

  22. It is not surprising that these 2 company’s are not listening. It is time to step up pressure and call for a huge boycott. Here is a link to a Facebook group.

    There area number of other groups as well, boycott Sochi and a number of others.

    What we need is a unified directed campaign. Maybe Ben Cohen can organise one :D

  23. Both companies have released very fluid and eloquently worded PR statements. In reality these statements conveniently express inclusive acceptance of diversity, LGBT non discrimination policy’s.

    But how is that going to help LGBT in Russia?

    They are still going to sponsor the games… invest and expand their businesses in Russia.

    When they try to enforce liberal and universal employment standards and policies which don’t discriminate against LGBT employee’s in Russia and the government says you can’t do that here because it’s against the laws or propaganda. Will they have the guts to oppose government?close restaurants or leave the country?

    No! they will walk the walk and talk the talk because all they care about is the $$$. They may not condone what is happening in Russia… but they sure as hell don’t have to guts to condemn it, They know doing business there means being in bed with the Government.

    These companies want the glory of Olympic prestige and a healthy bottom line.

  24. If they don’t see the parallels between Russia and Nazi Germany, they’re imbeciles. Or, perhaps they do see the parallels, and they would’ve also sponsored the 1936 Summer Olympics, seeing nothing wrong with that, either.

  25. anyone who claims to be gay and doesn’t boycott coke and macs anyway doesn’t deserve to be called gay,on the grounds of lack of required taste. Causing a hoo ha by getting a big tide to boycott them here would be fun though!

  26. Isa Kocher 17 Aug 2013, 8:15am

    ioc macdonalds coca cola would do business with the devil himself, no matter who got killed. especially the IOC.which says and does whatever it needs to guarantee its profits. killing off a few gay people is literally collateral.

  27. They won’t move the games. I’d suggest that they ban the use of the words ‘Russia” and ‘Sochi’. Also no international media should present any of those feel good stories about the hosting country or cover the achievements of any Russian athletes. Make this $50 billion investment a total bust for Russia.

  28. At this point it’s way too late to just relocate the games. So that idea needs to stop being brought up so that other doable ideas can be focused on.

  29. johnny33308 18 Aug 2013, 8:12pm

    If you financially support a place that condones Human Rights abuses, then you are contributing to that abuse….most assuredly, you are! There is no ambiguity in this truth! Become aware!

  30. One way to deal with this is to encourage everyone not to watch any stations that the Olympics are broadcast on. That would represent millions in wasted advertising expenditure.

  31. It’s funny how they can say we need to respect their laws wrong as they might be. Would they be respecting laws if the laws were anti-black? Anti-Muslim? Anti-Jew? Anti-woman? No. This is shameful for both these companies and the Olympic Committee who are all scared of upsetting Putin. It’s all about money. Shame to align themselves with these barbaric, savage laws that are allowing humans to suffer and be bullied to the point of suicide.

  32. Craig Smith 26 Aug 2013, 10:34pm

    They should put a rainbow flag on all of their products during the games.

  33. “Coca-Cola and McDonald’s both stated that they do not condone the anti-gay laws…” Fine. I do not condone refusing to patronize their establishments either.

  34. Why not give your views to Jon Woods, General Manager, Coca‑Cola GB & Ireland? Here he is:-

    And here’s hos e-mail address:-

  35. Colin (london) 18 Sep 2013, 1:28pm

    Never supported looks disgusting.

    but Coca Cola you just lost a customer.

    Don’t suppose it will matter to you as you have no business ethics.

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