Reader comments · British heptathlete Louise Hazel tells anti-gay Russian pole vaulter: ‘There’s no place for homophobia in sport’ · PinkNews

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British heptathlete Louise Hazel tells anti-gay Russian pole vaulter: ‘There’s no place for homophobia in sport’

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Reader comments

  1. Good for you, Louise. You’re a true sportswoman and, unlike so many, you have principles which tell you to speak up in support of what is right. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Louise Hazel for speaking out.

    The IOC MUST remove Isinbayeva’s status as the Ambassador for the Youth Olympics, now rather than later.

    IOC President, Jacques Rogge said when appointing her: “We have a true champion in Yelena, a true role model for young people.”

    The world now knows that she is probably the most unsuitable person to be a role model for young people.

    Other athletes competing at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow should also speak out against her homophobic comments.

    1. Paula Thomas 16 Aug 2013, 11:48am

      I think Louise would be a good candidate to replace her.

      1. Good suggestion!

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Aug 2013, 11:48am

    Well said, Louise and thank you. Now let’s hear it from more supportive athletes.

  4. And sexism. Aren’t we forgetting all of those countries that have hardly any female Olympic team members?

    1. .....Paddyswurds 16 Aug 2013, 1:29pm

      Lets stick to the problem at hand; The blatant and outrageous homophobia of russia and it’s ignorant people. Freedom from the tyranny of the USSR has done nothing more than hand them on a plate to even more tyrannical ignorance, hatred and homophobia of the ex KGB dictator, Vlad Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church, which is showing itself to be no different from xtianity worldwide …..

      1. The problem of homophobia IS sexism. Wipe out sexism and homophobia will crumble. Russia is an increadibly sexist country and this is drectly where the homphobia comes from. The women accept their status as “lesser” and so they too become somewhat sexist and homophobic.

      2. That’s really going to help gay people living in Russia. You carry on living your comfortable life in the West. Switch to Finnish vodka and claim all of the glory from your mates for not drinking Stolichnaya and trash talking “russia and it’s ignorant people”. It’s not costing you much is it?

        1. Another armchair critic. To quote you; it’s not costing you much, is it? Perhaps if you could come up with some actually positive suggestions, instead of simply tearing people apart, you might have more credibility.

          Oh, and your posting name; it’s rather amusing as it’s an American slang term for goods of inferior quality or a niggardly person. Nice choice.

  5. Good for her. Sadly the IOC is like FIFA, is is a business concerned with its rules and with maximum profit. I would be truly shocked if there was any discipline or action taken at all.

  6. wow she’s gorgeous. Thank you Louise, we need more people like you to stand up against these bigots. Its just a shame that not many other athletes at the moment have made a stand, good on you girl!!

  7. Thank you Louise, but why is it only womin that are coming out against this law. Where are the straight men,hiding in their changing rooms running scared? Why is Mo Farrah keeping quiet and the rest of these so called M E N??????

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