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WWE wrestler comes out as gay: ‘Does it change what you think of me?’

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Reader comments

  1. Some people might not like it, some people will like it, but I’m here to please myself, I’m here to be happy. It’s very important to be happy with myself.

    Good man! Well done!

  2. That There Other David 15 Aug 2013, 1:26pm

    Good for him. He’s not the only one of course, that there are gay men in WWE is an open secret. However, he’s the first to officially confirm it.

    1. He’s really not. Chris Kanyon came out years ago, Orlando Jordan was openly bi, and long term road agent and former wrestler Pat Paterson has been out for decades. Doesn’t change the fact that Darren Young is a brave guy with a great attitude to this decision to come out.

  3. Oh, please. They’re all gay! Is it there someone out there who actually thinks they’re straight? Gimme a break. You’d have to be a real moron not to know they are all gay.

    1. You’d have to be a real moron to think everyone’s gay. Oh wait – that’s what you do, isn’t it?

  4. Fantastic. I guess the neon pink trunks that the Prime Time Players (his tag-team) have worn on occasion in the past could have been a clue, but then again, half of them wear very revealing attire. Reactions will be interesting.
    Also check out TNA’s slightly suspect new tag team Bro Mans (say it fast).

    1. Wow, a jokey comment about pink trunks doesn’t prove very popular on, er, Pink News.
      I really hope though, that Young is just the start of something amazing and by the end of 2013 one or two more will have followed.

      And just in case anybody thought I was making it up, here is a theme music sample and pic for the Bro Mans.

  5. Bless you dear Keith, that attempt at logic has provided the best laugh of the afternoon by far.

    (Spending a little too much time in your “adult incestuous [sic] community”, I expect.)

  6. dont forget you pills

  7. I am so proud of this man. Although I don’t watch or enjoy WWE, i think this will eventually throw out the stereotype that all gay men enjoy reading fashion magazines, favor lady gaga, cant throw a punch or aren’t manly/real men.

    It also gives those who are in the closet or scared of being labelled as gay to believe they are what mainstream society thinks of gay people.

    Well done man, I hope all goes well for you.

    Remember f**k the haters coz they jealous lol

    1. “i think this will eventually throw out the stereotype that all gay men enjoy reading fashion magazines, favor lady gaga, cant throw a punch or aren’t manly/real men”

      This extremely funny to me. Every gay or bisexual man I know is a regular guy who “happens to be…”. I know of two gay men in their 20’s who compete in bodybuilding. I know one gay man who trains in kickboxing, and one bisexual guy in his 30’s who goes to boxing at least twice a week.

      None of them go to gay clubs.

      1. Christopher in Canada 16 Aug 2013, 3:11pm

        Why don’t they go to gay clubs? Can’t they dance?

  8. Oh keith you naughty boy! I never knew incest was your favorite! I hear your sister calling you some tinkle time!! ;)

  9. Where do you get ‘in the closet all his life’ from?
    He is 33, has only been on WWE shows for about three years and probably came out to family, friends and peers a while ago.

    1. Poor dear old Keith (not the brightest bulb in the chandelier) is confused, as usual: most of the time (when not prattling on about incest) he asks why people have to come out at all, on the basis that non-gay people don’t; now that someone who’s neither hidden nor broadcast his sexuality mentions it in passing, he assumes the man’s been closeted all along! You have to laugh.

  10. That’s amazing. Who would have thought just 5 years ago that a superstar in the wrestling world would have come out. That is just amazing.

  11. Keith, you still having the same old obsessions and fantasies? You have real psychological issues. See a therapist, they maybe be able to help.

  12. The more ‘non-stereotypical’ (heterosexist view) gay men who come out, the more ultra-confused the world will become. Will it make homophobes (closet cases) more or less afraid of their true sexuality? It could have a positive or a negative impact. Maybe that’s why religion has such a downer on homosexuality. Without religious ‘taboos’, perhaps EVERYONE would be gay! And, for those ancient tribes of Israel vying for supremecy, anything which didn’t produce more little tribes-persons, would have to have been outlawed.

    1. I think the aim here is to abolish the whole concept of the “straight acting” gay guy and the “camp” gay guy and develop a new ideological climate where people realise LGBT exist in every possible size and shape you could think of. I think the aim should be to not just assume everyone is straight all the time if they don’t fit the 1920’s Silent Movie Stereotype of the “camp” gay guy.

      I think it’s not as easy as black and white; I’m very “masculine”, but I do have “camp” qualities, so where do I fit! I don’t. You’re still either masculine or femenine – that is the real issue I believe. It all stems from sexism, the belief that femeninity is weak. Once men (gay and straight) stop being so damn insecure about masculinity in general, we will start to see real change. I beleive many gay men wear “masculinity” as a badge of honour, and don’t want to be associated with “weak” queens. They are the real problem, they are the insecure ones just like straight men.

      1. Brilliant comment. I do always laugh at those self-loathing “straight acting” guys.

        Similarly, I’m not really camp but neither am I really stereotypically masculine. When will the day come when we can just let people be people?

        1. Christopher in Canada 16 Aug 2013, 3:12pm

          Love me my Mr. Pink!!!

  13. Good for Him.

    I wonder how may will come out after the Winter Olympics?

  14. My brother was obsessed with wrestling when we were kids, if there had been an openly gay wrestler back then I’m pretty certain it would have saved us both a lot of problems !!! Bravo !

  15. Michael Stevens 15 Aug 2013, 9:25pm

    I suddenly have a new found interest in wrerstling.

  16. Javier Marín 15 Aug 2013, 10:42pm

    Yes, it changes. Now the young gays have another positive role model.

  17. I am a massive fan of wrestling and a fan of Darren Young. I am very proud of him coming out.

  18. shane of gy 16 Aug 2013, 4:20pm

    not that it maters he’s happy so good on him for coming out

  19. Interesting. Historically the wwf(e) have been pretty homophobic.

  20. wrestlingisgay 22 Aug 2013, 9:14am

    Q: Would you like The Rock to take his boot, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it up your candy ass?
    A: Why yes, yes I would!

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