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New York police hunt for anti-gay gang who beat up gay couple for holding hands

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Reader comments

  1. The biggest deterrent as always is to ensure they get caught, and persued relentlessly until they are, prosecuted for a bias (hate) crime, then locked up!

  2. Please, PinkNews, stay on top of these stories and link back and forth when there are updates.

    You mention the increase in gay-hate crimes in NY but don’t offer any evidence of it, or any links to other stories and statistics, or any mention of justice being served to those who were caught and found guilty.

    It’s a problem in the gay press that these things are mentioned, and then forgotten, as if we all need a little reminder occasionally that we can be attacked at any time for no reason, and as if we don’t want a resolution to these crimes.

    Too often we’re given stories like this and then nothing is ever mentioned when the attackers are caught, face charges and are punished.

    We need more emphasis on justice, not just on how we’re regularly victims.

    1. Come on Bloke Toys arn’t you being a bit hysterical ? How many times does the trend increase in hate crimes in New York have to be referenced for you ? Or perhaps you are just a little too lazy to research this yourself if you don’t believe it ?

      My advice get a life (or a boyfriend) and stop being such a winger.

      New York’s police commissioner Ray Kelly said anti-gay hate crime in New York has spiked 70% this year. The New York City Anti-Violence Project — which collects data on hate crimes against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people — saw a 13% increase in hate crime reports from 2010 to 2011. Source

      1. I believe we’re suffering the dreaded backlash of the “tolerant” society. People came out the closet and refused to hide who they were so people are more “used” to gay people, but LGBT have had very little help from the state or influential institutions in the process so naturally ignroance and hate has been allowed to breed parralel to increased visibility and inclusion and so the more visible and equal we become, the angrier the haters will get.

  3. To think these same policemen might have been hunting the gay men not too long ago, what a silly world we live in !

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