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US: Miss Universe Host says he will boycott pageant in Russia over anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Finally, someone willing to actually stand by their opinions and make a stand that’s worth something!

    Well done that man, I just wish others were as ethical and moral as he is. I guess it’s different if you’re a straight person with a history of courting the LGBT community though – it’s good when it suits you, but when you need to really show some spine the money and glory is more important.

    He has my respect, and I fear that he’ll be gaining all the respect I would have had for all the talented athletes who I’d hoped would have done more.

  2. Brilliant! Well done, Andy! Someone with bottle. This sort of action could and should gather momentum. It NEEDS this sort of solidarity to focus Putin’s tiny mind on the vile nature of the anti-gay legistaltion he introduced. More trade links should be broken too …..

  3. Thank you Andy Cohen. 15 Aug 2013, 6:02pm

    Thank you Andy Cohen

  4. Brilliant!

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