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US: Discrimination lawsuit filed against Oregon bakery which refused cake for same-sex wedding

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Reader comments

  1. These people are so petty! When it comes to your business, who cares about your religious views? How many divorcee’s have you took custom from, by the way? Oh, and do you work on Sundays? Where’s your “God” then?

    2 People who are in love ask you the honour of baking their wedding cake, which is your JOB, and you throw it in their face like a bratty child! Pathetic…

  2. For Pete’s sake it’s just a cake with two plastic or marzipan grooms [or brides] on top of it. Where the hell in the Bible does it say ‘Thou shalt not make cakes for gay people’?

    But if the only way of stopping this nonsense by hate filled ‘Christians’ has to go to law, then so be it.

    As our colonial cousins say:


  3. Sweet Cakes not so sweet after all

  4. Sue them all and hopefully juries will enter crushing verdicts. I hope they all go out of business.

  5. This is another interesting situation!

    So far we have seen Bakery’s, Florist, B&B refuse service.

    I haven’t yet (that I am recall) of any Jewelers refusing to sell rings, realtor’s refusing to sell a house, or a furniture store to sell furniture.

    So I am just curious by way of cynicism to a point, are Christians just trying to prevent happy unions? or in the case of the later just don’t want to miss out on the commission from high ticket sales? because so far they seem to be selective on what they will will or won’t do for same sex couples.

    It will be interesting to see how this begins to effect the UK in 2014.

    The case of the bakery’s makes me sad!

    or to quote the late Eric Morcambe, “Even the wedding cake was in tiers’

  6. Unless business like this one are found guilty in court, we could end up with signs on doors “No Gays”, just like a few decades ago when there were “No Irish. No Blacks. No Dogs” on door signs of businesses.

    Consider how ‘christian’ couples would react if they were told by businesses such as B&Bs, cake shops, etc. that their custom wasn’t welcome because they are religious. If that happened, courts would be inundated with their claims for compensation. Roads would be gridlocked due to religious people protesting. The businesses involved would probably be attacked or burnt down very quickly. Hypocrites.

    1. Exactly! If these peoples’ ‘beliefs’ mean they are gay-haters, they must stop running a shop because they will undoubtedly have to serve gay customers at some point. So, how many have they already unknowingly served? How many divorced people? How many people wearing clothing made of two different materials? How many witches? Shell-fish eaters …? ALL of whom the bible says are equally as ‘sinful’ as gays. Their refusal to make a wedding cake starts to look a little childish, silly and definitely bigoted doesn’t it ….?

  7. Don’t know who to side with here-on one hand, it IS bad business practice, on the other, I really hate the idea of anybody taking somebody else to court over this.

    It’s a bit, ‘you will bake my cake or else’. I’d be tempted to spit in the cake if somebody did this.

    The gay couple look as bratty as the cake shop owners.

    1. Let’s suppose you are black. Let’s suppose a shop-keeper says to you, “The bible says slavery is fine. Therefore, you are an inferior race – you should know your place. I’m not serving you on religious grounds”. Do you laugh at their childish, patheitc, bigotted use of the bible to justify their own prejudice … or do you take legal action to prevent them from insulting anyone else? I know what I’d do …..

  8. I imagine, in the days before race equality, there were many such occurrences over mixed-marriages, etc. Justice eventually prevails and religious bigots are made to look stupid and ignorant. The sooner organised religion bites the dust, the sooner the world has a chance of becoming peaceful and harmonious.

  9. All you wanna do is get married and the bastards won’t even sell you a damned cake!

  10. Sue the crap out of them and take the business away.
    If that business refused to make a cake for a Jewish or Muslim wedding there would be a huge outcry. The gay community won’t take the abuse anymore! It’s an all-out fight now!!

  11. I’m confused! It’s a wedding cake! You want white, chocolate or red velvet, 2 tiers or 3, fondant or frosting, white with flowers or some other design. My daughter does wedding cakes and give the customer what they want. What is gay about a cake? The wedding couple provide the cake topper if it’s cake a gay cake topper let them put it on themselves but before that, it is just a wedding cake.

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