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Katy Perry tells Australia’s opposition leader ‘I wouldn’t vote for you because you oppose equal marriage’

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  1. It’s offensive as a young gay man to see people refer to LGBT rights and being gay in general as ‘the fashion of
    the moment’ – what a moronic thing to say ! Yeah it’s so cool to be gay now, I’m so trendy !!! Totally worth the oppression and fear…

  2. …and she’s right Tony! I am a proud aussie, the last thing I want is the rest of the world laughing at our country…

    No way I’m voting for you and your clan. You give the name “liberal” a bad name!

    I feel so sorry for his daughters, they support equal marriage and he doesn’t :(

  3. Sandgroper 15 Aug 2013, 3:15pm

    Thank you Katiee. Hopefully Abbott will never be the PM of Australia. Horrible horrible man.

  4. The interview on YouTube

  5. As someone who’s half Australian I hope to god this man and his fellow ‘liberals’ don’t win the election… And more people need to confront him like Katie perry did… The man’s an idiot… Seems to be playing the David cameron ‘hug a hoodie card’ with the ‘I’ve heard of katie perry once’ … So glad it backfired on him!

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