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Former NBA player John Amaechi: ‘The Winter Olympics shouldn’t even be in Russia’

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Reader comments

  1. The athlete are irrelevant compared to the LGBT Community living in fascist Russia.

    People need to stop acting as if we should be concerned about them.

    And a boycott of the Games does not mean that they have to be moved.

    Boone should watch the Games and the sponsors need to be boycotted.

  2. Geoff Jones 15 Aug 2013, 3:03pm

    An outright boycott would be wrong for the reasons he specified, but surely moving then to Vancouver would be the better option, and would keep all the contracts in place?

    1. The IOC do not care about oppression of minorities as long as they get the revenue from the sponsors & TV rights,after all they gave the Games to Beijing, 1 of the most brutal regimes in the world.

  3. At least he’s being sensible about it. He’s offered another perspective too, that athletes have legal contracts to comply with, not only in relation to the IOC and their involvement in Russia, but to their own national sporting bodies too.

    However, the athletes have missed their opportunity. They could have joined together before now to threaten a complete boycott, and with enough of them suggesting it, the IOC would have had no other choice than to move to the games.

    The IOC has made the direct threat that they are able to punish any participant making any protest. That rules out pretty much everything.

    I’ll keep saying it – the only option left is to boycott the sponsors, thereby putting pressure on them, the IOC and on Russia too. That is the only thing we have left to do, and the longer we wait to get that ball rolling the less effective such a boycott becomes.

    The IOC has already dragged its own name through the mud on this issue, and they seemingly don’t care.

  4. I say show the IOC, the Russians and the sponsors the same respect they show us.

    If they continue to brush this issue under the carpet they get no respect. They can stuff their laws, their ‘rules’ and their contracts up their arse. It could be an interesting new Olympic sport.

  5. I don’t think the athletes have the moral courage to do anything, you need to be quite selfish and single minded to be an athlete. If we want to do anything then we need to go after the sponsors of the games. It was done successfully in the 1970’s against white South Africa when big firms like Barclays pulled out because of public pressure and don’t forget it is not just the Winter Olympics, the World cup is Russia bound too.

  6. I’m not against the principle of boycotts at all, and the whole tosh about “let’s keep politics out of sport” should be treated with contempt.

    But I do think there’s a real problem with boycotts like this. When you effectively boycott a nation – which is what boycotting the Russian Olympics would effectively entail – you’re putting other nations on a pedestal. Would there be this fuss about an Olympics staged in America? A country which sees it as its right to meddle in other countries, killing their citizens as required? Or the London Olympics last year? While we sell arms to Saudi Arabia, and after we slavishly followed the Americans into Iraq and took part in the massacre of a million civilians? In fact, in almost any developed country? Whose insatiable greed is destroying the planet, the effects of which will disproportionately hit poor countries? There’s – sadly – a very good reason to boycott most countries. Any ideas on where we draw the line?

    1. “let’s keep politics out of sport”

      Yet it was okay for the IOC to boycot South Africa during apartheid and to prevent the Arabs entering while women were banned.

      Seems the IOC has a history of getting involved in such issues. I fail to see how LGBT equality is any more or less a political issue than equality for blacks/whites/women

      1. Completely agree, as I said – it’s utter tosh. “We will not allow the Olympics to be a political tool, and we bring this message to you in conjunction with Adidas and McDonald’s, our official partners.”

        But like I said, there seem to be grounds for boycotting most countries for one reason or another – what do people suppose makes the crucial determining factor?

  7. “but that a boycott of the Games isn’t practical as it would hurt the athletes.”

    But bugger the gays.

    I’m sick and tired of people, especially gay men, coming out with “It’s okay to condone hate as long as sport doesn’t suffer”.

    Sometimes, nice things have to give way to fighting hate.

  8. What particular laws did you have in mind?

    1. That’s an interesting point. Incest was banned in most of the civilised world because men kept shagging their sisters and ending up with deformed babies.

      As for homosexual incest… I don’t see the big problem with it frankly. But just because there is one injustice, doesn’t make another injustice less valid.

      If the Russians wish to protest our incest laws, they are free to do so… aren’t they?

      1. Not sure why I’m replying to a troll, but anyway…

        I forgot to add that in the UK the worst we’ll do is imprison someone who continues despite warning to engage in incest.

        If they are abused: we prosecute the abuser.
        If they are murdered: we prosecute the murderer.

        This doesn’t compare to Russia, where the victim is always in the wrong, and the perpetrator a hero.

        1. I didn’t see Keith’s post so am not quite sure what it said (I can see it obviously mentioned incest, homophobia bingo cards at the ready people…), but surely a lot of rape victims in this country would say that when only 6% of rapes result in a conviction, that’s negligence beyond mere incompetence, it’s a systematic refusal to address the needs of abuse victims. Is something like that worth boycotting an Olympics over? What about the spate of suicides amongst disabled people in response to welfare reforms?

          These are genuine questions, I’m not going all holier-than-thou because I really don’t know what the right response is. The desirable thing is an outcome which reduces suffering, but how do we know which boycotts will achieve that? And would a boycott of the London Olympics last year have been useful for achieving the same ends?

          1. By the way this was principally in response to Cynic’s comment, but I guess I’m still beating the same drum as in the earlier comment I made above.

    2. seems like you are very keen for that law to be overturned keith – you mention it on practically every post with a sense of injustice

      can i suggest you and your sister / brother just move to russia

  9. Pink News Staff please remove the troll “Keith” from the comments on this site. How long must we have to read the endless madness from that twisted individual? The troll hates LGBT people, the troll promotes hate, ban it once and for all please.
    I am asking that everyone who comes to this site click the report button on each and every single posting by the troll “Keith” and does not engage in any exchange with it. Thank you.

    1. It’s VERY weird that someone so opposed to “homos-exulaity” spend so much time on here. Is this person one of those ‘self-haters’ who cause so much anti-gay feeling because they can’t cope with their own same-sex attraction? “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”

      1. i’ve said it before – he’s like alan from boys in the band – can’t join in, but can’t leave either

  10. Completely agree! I don’t see the problem with moving it. Athletes would be happy .. the LGBT community would be happy. So, rather than have supportive athletes arrested for showing solidarity, let’s just MOVE the games!!!!!

  11. Black Hawk Down 16 Aug 2013, 12:58pm

    The hypocracy on this issue is completely mad. If all the politicians, media celebs etc were as morally principled as they say they are, then all of the Olympic Games from 2002 onwards (with exception to the 2008 games), both summer and winter, should have been boycotted for exactly the very same reason the western world boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

    Why did the western world boycott those games? Well the USSR did the most undemocratic of things and invaded Afghanistan. Sound familiar?

    The Olympics first and foremost principle of all is about making shed loadsa money for Coca Cola, McDonalds, Atos et al. The other 7 are pretty much hogwash.

    Rights for LGBT people is not on their radar, never was and never will be unless there is a packet to be made.

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