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Alan Carr: ‘I used to hang around hairdressers to find gays’

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Reader comments

  1. Wow, more “News”.

    So, a gay boy found it hard finding other gays in Britain in the 1980s. Guess what we had the same issue in Australia.


  2. Sexual aparteid is a bitch ! I love Alan Carr, every joke is a killer in his stund-up routines. He’s “won over” a lot of straight people to the scary “camp” gay guy and not just “straight acting” gays, so good on him :)

    1. Your love for Alan Carr is not the point I made. How is this “news”? You can thumb down my comments all you like, still doesn’t answer the question.

      And I didn’t say anything about him not being funny. I quite enjoy his show, shame it’s put on so late down here in the Antipodes.

      1. Mr. Pink wasn’t actually directly replying to you, he was just responding to the article. And the article itself falls in the “Entertainment” “Television” and “UK” sections so while its not exactly front page stuff its still interesting to some and has its place.

      2. Try to see Pink News as a service that reports or re-reports any item of news that involves, mentions or is in any way concerned with gayness. Try not to look at it as a service that makes value judgments.

      3. Oops!! I guess it did look like my post was in reply to you as they were the only 2 at the time ! Doh !!

        Yes this might not be described as “news” but you didn’t /have/ to read it yanno !

  3. I think Alan Carr has won over a lot of people to the fact that gays/bisexuals really aren’t people you should be afraid of. However, he might also have made those who are prejudiced more rigid in their prejudices as he does come over ‘camp’ and these people STILL think all gays/bisexuals are like that.

    He has always made me crack-up though!

  4. Alan Carr cracks me up every time! it’s easy to see why he is so popular.

    Although I can relate to his comment about hanging around hairdressers, I really find it hard to believe he would have found meeting people so hard in the 80’s

    His comment reminded me of a tee shirt I never had the guts to wear… but it always made me laugh!

    “How to meet gays”
    Hairdresser “I don’t know ask a Florist
    Florist “I don’t know, ask a waiter”
    Waiter… “I don’t know, ask an interior designer”
    Interior designer “I don’t know, ask a ballet dancer”
    Ballet dancer “I don’t know, ask a hairdresser “oh for crying out loud… just go out and talk to people… you’ll find were every where!”

  5. GingerlyColors 16 Aug 2013, 6:36am

    Having no hair, I do not visit the barbers very often and as I am ‘non scene’ I am at bit of a disadvantage here!

  6. What a dull non story.

    TVs obsession with ONLY having ‘tame’ non threatening stereotype Gays represented. How depressing.

  7. ….also WHERE was Rylan, Alan Carr, Graham Norton bla bla bla when Equal Marriage was being debated plus all this evil homophobia currently going on in Russia…TOTAL SILENCE???

    Not a sodding peep not a word…SHAME on them all.

  8. He must have been living in a box! Northampton had the Princess Royal pub, with club above, and the Regent Club, which was run by a gay man, just for gay men and lesbians.

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