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US radio host: LGBT rights initiatives lead to the ‘oppression’ of people of faith, and parents

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Reader comments

  1. Beelzeebub 14 Aug 2013, 5:19pm


    Just as their rights were curtailed to stop them owning slaves and burning witches.

    Stupid bitter dried up old b!tch.

    1. Too bad wee cant have a roman circus for her- complete with lions. But maybe we could put her together in a room with Akin Of MO and Murdoch of In , both of whom claimed that Rape can be justified.

      another rediculous nut job similar to the westboro baptistrs

  2. Tell us something new, Linda !

  3. Pink News yet again normalising hatespeech against the LGBT community, while using the pathetic and fake excuse that this helps LGBT rights.

    It doesn’t help LGBT rights.

    It merely promotes extremism.

    It can in fact be argued that through its relentless promotion of bigotry that Pink News is fighting against LGBT rights.

    I mean you don’t see every slanderous utterance by the KKK promoted in this manner on websites for a black audience.

    1. You might have a point, Steve. Publishing it on PN could actually be promoting extremism. Reading articles about Linda Harvey and her ilk are certainly making me feel extremely anti-homophobic. After I read the articles I feel that I really, really hate homophobes!

    2. Ever hear of “know your enemy”…?

      1. Her audience and influence would be completely negligible if she was completely ignored,

        She gets FAR more publicity by websites promoting her constantly.

        Pink News and other website play a massive role in advertising her.

        And stories about her and other extremists are a daily occurrence on this website,

  4. Is Benjamin Cohen delusional or merely naive in his absurd assertion that the promotion of hatespeech helps LGBT rights I wonder?

    Or is it merely to get page hits to increase ad revenue.

  5. She really doesn’t get it does she. Having rights yourself does not give you the right to deny someone else rights because you disagree with them.

    Isn’t that what Hitler and Stalin did?

    What would she do if one of her own Children turned out to be gay? I would hate to be that child as I am sure the amount of abuse suffered would be enough to see her sent to prison.

    I have no idea if the bitch has any children if she does I feel sorry for them.

    1. I feel sorry for the LGBT teenagers who read this website.

      Think of how damaging Pink News is to a vulnerable younger readership who see such vicious hatespeech and bigotry promoted so relentlessly on this site.

      1. PantoHorse 14 Aug 2013, 5:46pm

        Hopefully they read the comments section too (and ignore trolls) and see that most of us are saying how bonkers these people are

        1. But the CONSTANT barrage of these hatespeech stories creates the fake impression that she is some sort of mainstream voice.

          She is ONLY a mainstream voice because Pink News enable her to be one.

          1. Dhe sounds like a mainstream voice because her outrageous lies, repeated often enough, are by some seen as the truth

        2. That is exactly what the ultimate intention is. LGBT teens will read these articles and think “oh lord there are some real dumn and nasty people out there” but read the comments and go “oh, turns out people who think this stuff are nothing more than laughing stocks. point and laugh!!!!”

          It’s so easy to manifest the hate inside of you when you read these people’s bile, but you have to laugh it off. The fact is most people don’t share these people’s views and the amount of crap they say can be pretty damn funny.

          If you have a thick skin, it’s nothing. Although to assume everyone reading will have a thick skin is pretty risky too !

      2. If only there had been the internet and the PN website when I was vulnerable young teenager trying to top myself!

        I get what you’re saying, but LGBT teenagers NOW have the internet and can connect with other LGBT teenagers and the LGBT community. They are in a more favourable position now than they ever where. I agree that it has its pitfalls considering the amount of hate speech on the internet, but when I was younger and suicidal there was just the hate speech and bigotry and no way of connecting with other LGBT people via the internet or anywhere.

        If a young, isolated LGBT person reads PinkNews then I’m sure they feel less isolated because of it. If they read the comments and participate in discussion if they wish then they’ll see that we can be positive and stand-up for ourselves and be in control of our lives.

        1. They will also be under the false impression that nobodies like this woman are more influential than she actually is.

          This woman reaches a far wider audience through the collusion of Pink News in promoting her.

          1. You could be right. We don’t want them to have an impression that everyone hates us, especially when they don’t need to have that impression because as you say, women like Linda Harvey have no influence. If she were to influence just one vulnerable young person then she would probably feel that she has achieved something.

    2. Her kids would probably do what almost certainly happened to the son of anti gay preacher in CA – forget the name – he commited suicide

  6. And there aren’t GLBT “people of faith”? Hypocrite!

  7. PantoHorse 14 Aug 2013, 5:46pm

    As usual.

    1. With that face, what did you expect :)

      1. MerlynHerne 15 Aug 2013, 12:39am

        Hey! Come on now. lol. That’s insulting to dogs everywhere!

        1. I know, if my dog had a face like that, I’d shave it’s ass and teach it to walk backwards!

  8. This is not a networked station and Linda Harvey is obviously a committed hatemonger with regards to LGBT rights. But is this NEWS? Only to PN methinks!

    I wonder if anyone outside of Ohio (apart from the readers of Pink News) even know or care who this woman is.

    1. askthecoolcookie 14 Aug 2013, 7:07pm

      I think that she does a very good job of making extreme comments for the sake of being noticed. I get angry when the mainstream media picks her up because she, and “Mission: America” are really nothing but a front for her radio show. In Columbus where she lives she is pretty much regarded as a PITA, and eyes begin to roll when she inserts herself into things that do not impact her in Upper Arlington where she actually lives. She is a petty, mean spirited woman who leads a very unhappy existence. My job is calling her on it.

  9. ah… Wednesday! it must be Linda Harvey day! Not sure which are more predictable… her rants or a PN editorial.

    1. You are aware of course that extremists like WBC proactively contact PN as it knows it will be breathlessly ‘reported’ by this website.

      1. You don’t say! ( grins, biting tongue and feigning surprise) well I never!

  10. Linda Harvey is a complete and utter Nobody. Nobody listens to her ‘radio programme’. I think somebody here mentioned before that her radio ‘station’ consists of her and her husband. She’s obscure with obscure views.

    Forever to live a life of utter misery as gay people will continue to gain further equality. She’s a lonely, bitter old woman now and she will die a lonely, bitter old woman!

    1. I looked her up on Wikipedia. Her organisation had a reported income of $23k. Hardly Jim and Tammy Faye, is she?

      1. So her radio audience is barely in the hundreds then?


        The blanket coverage she gets on this website really is puzzling and ridiculous.

  11. I’m afraid that Ms Harvey is in error stating that “No one, if these people have their way, would have the universal human right to live our a religious believe that upholds man-woman sexuality within marriage as the standard and all other sexual practices as sinful”. The UN declaration of human rights explicitly protects religious freedom.

    1. If Ms Harvey wants to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman for life, then nothing in the UN charter or the Free and Equal campaign will aim to stop her. She says that free speech and other rights are being denied by forcing the indoctrination of children into accepting homosexuality whether their parents like it or not. Does she feel that racist parents are being denied free speech when children are taught that all races are equal? There is, sadly, nothing in the law the prevents parents from telling their children that their race is superior to others, that homosexuality is evil or that there is some magical stalker psychopath in the sky who wants to torture them for eternity if they don’t obey what they are told to do.

      1. She’s completely delusional. If only a troop of psychiatric doctors would arrive at her radio ‘station’ one day and take her off to be sectioned in the local psychiatric hospital. A bit of ECT might do her the world of good.

  12. Another day, another dose of free headline PN publicity for this “US Radio Host” nonentity.

    Yet important ‘real’ news stories on the same day are often buried away much further down with microtype headings. There’s no logic at all.

    If PN can’t get its act together I’ll have to think about deleting my PN bookmark! I can always go to the Mail and Telegraph sites at any time should I ever want a dose of these predicable stories.

    Come on PN, this slavish obsession with reporting Linda Harvey et al in breathless detail has run its course. Give us a break !

  13. Askthecoolcookie 14 Aug 2013, 6:57pm

    Before folks get wound up about vile Linda Harvey – and she likes it when she stirs the pot, folks – you should know that her “Mission: America” organization probably only has less than 20 members, and that Harvey and her husband fund 90% of her activities. Harvey is well known around Central Ohio as someone who inserts herself into every public forum when it comes to equal rights for GLBT people, and that she will mis-identify herself as being a stake holder in issues when only residents can address a government body by saying she “is a member of the community.” Mission America’s IRS form 990 is online, and if you look at it, it only has a budget of about $34,000/year, 95% of that funds her radio show on WRFD – the station doesn’t pay for the show she does.

    You can find out more about Harvey and her poisonous organization by visiting the Ohio Secretary of State’s web site, and looking up MISSION: AMERICA. This will give you her business filings.

    1. So effectively what you are saying is that Pink News is enabling homophobic extremism by utter nobodies, to reach a far wider audience than she could reach by herself.

      That is utterly appalling.

      Enough Pink News.

      Please stop this obsession with the likes of her (and WBC and Bryan Fischer)

  14. Tom (Winnipeg) 14 Aug 2013, 7:00pm

    I guess many evangelicals and right-wing nuts feel “oppressed” because they’re not able to vent their rabid hate for LGBT without being challenged. They would prefer that we stay in the closet, so they would not be reminded of our existence. Well, we have news for them: we’re out and never will we return to that closet. The onus is on them to become civilized and accept the fact.

  15. She demonstrates the stupidity and bigotry of the “evangelical” idiots in the U.S. Using her same ideology, she should also be complaining that the freeing of the slaves also “oppresses” her religious “rights”. She is a small-minded, unknown bigot who is just as stupid as the rest of her ilk!

  16. She sounds surprisingly similar to nonsense spouted by Milonov in Russia and a muslim brotherhood speaker from Egypt, I heard on France 24 this afternoon.
    Our way is the right way, no back sliding will be permitted you are infringing our “rights” if you have those rights. We cannot allow that, it will remove our rights to follow the beliefs of OUR religion (if people have rights which go against our beliefs).
    Fortunately Linda is a nobody, but the brotherhood and Milonov have large wedges of support.
    If any of these people are in charge; their “rights demand” everyone do things their way.
    They just dont get it.
    As was pointed out by other contributors on France 24 you do not have democracy in these circumstances – you have tyranny.
    Bottom line, Linda wants to impose her version of her religion on everyone else otherwise she will not be able to fully exercise her “freedom of religion”.
    Yes its screwed up, but there you have the fundamentals of dictatorship and theocracy.

  17. “PinkNews readers sometimes ask why it is that PinkNews reports on the latest vile outbursts…”

    Not true.

    Pink News CONSTANTLY ask why PN promotes her so constantly.

    Perhaps it might be an idea (if PN is unable to wean itself from its addiction to promoting extremism) to drastically reduce the amount of these type of stories.

    It makes this website extra-ordinarily unpleasant.

    There is zero news value in these stories.

    1. My gay niece reached out for help after 2 years of suffering anorexia , and foolishly thought that coming to this forum would help her find other gay people she could talk too.

      Nope. All she found was this publisher allowing trolls denigrating her at every turn

      This rag cares not one jot.

      So I have downloaded all of the hate that appears in these forums, allowed by PN, and forwarded it to there advertisers marketing departments along with a copy of my nieces death certificate.

      They are the masters of their own demise.

  18. LoLoLooOoOOoooOooOOoOOoL

  19. bruce wale 15 Aug 2013, 2:52am

    Isn’t she a good Russian citizen.

  20. The can stick their bloody religion and bible where the sun does not shine

  21. Linda Harvey needs a good shag to stop being sooooooooooooooo boring.

  22. Linda Harvey is certainly a mental midget, her “argument” is hilariously stupid.

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