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Russia: Gay rights activist who staged one-man protest may be charged as extremist

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Reader comments

  1. Poor guy ? Can’t be easy for him.

  2. Derek Williams 14 Aug 2013, 2:31pm

    Well we do need to see both sides of every story. I don’t think holding up a sign that “Sodom in every home” is a smart way of winning the Russian hearts and minds, but I also don’t see it is criminal behaviour either. No-one would take any notice here in the UK, and would just walk past him.

    1. but its people like him and many before him that has made you life easier. How about a thank you.???????

    2. If Kalugin did hold up such a banner, it would appear to a rather inept strategy; but we only seem to have Milonov’s word that such a banner was displayed.

      1. sorry but i’m sticking up for this guy! regardless of what the banner did or didn’t say, it takes a serious amount of nuts to do what he did. so what strategy would you employ, rehan?! there are a few websites around the world and it sounds (increasingly) like the sole-demonstrator carefully staged it and videod the reaction. it’s all over the news now (ha!) but at least he made his point.

        1. Oh I agree, he was very brave indeed. But if – if he did hold up a banner saying “Sodom in every home” then unfortunately he’s played right into the homophobes’ hands.

    3. I’m pretty sure I remember reading that his sign said “this is insighting violence” or something similar before the lone “extremist” was pounced upon by a pack of wild Russian dogs who, in their predictable knuckle-draggery, essentially proved his point.

    4. thumbs DOWN for the sheepish remark. i do presume that his placard means that any one can be gay in russia!

      perhaps you are just the sort of sheep that would walk past mr kalugin in st petersburg on your merry, blinkered way to stroke the crucifix around mr putin’s throat! okay derek, let’s not demonstrate at all and just let the government decide what’s good for us? trebles all round, we have ourselves a winner! baa-baa! (how do you spell sheep noises?!)

      1. Yes, but if that’s an accurate translation of the banner he’s said to have displayed, odious toads like Milonov will go around saying “See, it’s just as we told you, they’re all out to recruit innocent children”, won’t they?

        If that’s the wording – we only have Milonov’s word for it.

        1. I know a bit Russian. The banner he is holding in this picture
          says something like: “This is a propaganda of tolerance”. A totally mild thing to say, if you ask me.

          Saying nice gay things or naughty gay things, It’s all the same to the homophobes.

          1. Yes I know, but Milonov claims he held another that has been translated as “Sodom in every home”. There seems no evidence of this one way or the other so far.

    5. They are lying. He was holding no such banner. The actual one said: “Propaganda of tolerance”.

  3. While the paratroopers that attacked him get off scot-free. What a messed up society. Clearly, those in power in Russia do not understand the concept of free speech. The worst thing is, they’re not always representative of Russians in general – I have a Russian friend who has absolutely no problem with me being gay.

    1. indeed, in my experience most educated russians have no problem with gays and gay live in st.-petersburg and moscow is alive and kicking.
      remember how official gay oppression was very much present in the UK and western europe only 50 years ago. it might just be that political russia is still in that same retarded situation. if so, let’s keep telling the russians that clearly and openly, but do not rebuff them.

    2. PantoHorse 14 Aug 2013, 3:20pm

      Out with a Russian friend, visiting form Moscow, the other night he was telling us how unpopular Putin is.

      Also, my neighbours are Russian, and have absolutely no problem with my partner and I either.

      I reckon a lot of this comes from the Russian Orthodox Church and their stranglehold over the leadership. Religion. Again.

    3. You don’t understand though, this lone skinny ginger boy is an extremist!! He’s trying to turn our children GAY!!!!! He’s trying to make the country extinct!!!!!!!!!!

      I believe that is their current justification…

  4. This country is going completely nuts and this loon Milonov is a retard par excellence ! As if all idiocy around this stupid law is not enough, now a peaceful, nonviolent standing with a flag is an “extremism”???….while brutal torturing and killing young gay teens is ofcourse just innocent mainstream hobby of russian “patriots”. And the worst of all…most of the planet just doesn’t care ! I think it’s proper time for a grand meteor to strike the earth !!

    1. We do care. Unfortunately, the people who can actually do something about it (the UN) don’t, and that’s the problem.

      1. The UN watched the Serb military commit genocide running around like headless chickens all like WHAT DO WE DO WHAT DO WE DO in Bosnia ’94, so I think the chances of them backing global LGBT rights is pretty slim right now unfortunatley !

        1. As they seem to be about anything, apparently they’re “considering a debate” about Egypt at the moment.

          Useless gits.

  5. I’m not sure my gay, red-haired nephew would thank you for that comment. Let’s all play nicely, shall we?

    1. That There Other David 14 Aug 2013, 2:52pm

      Just for the record, that comment was posted by somebody impersonating me.

      1. PantoHorse 14 Aug 2013, 3:16pm

        Keith, probably. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, although if it were me being imitated by the troll I’d probably feel rather queasy.

  6. The Russians call a one-man placard-waving protest “extremism”. He is a victim of the extremism of state persecution, yet is being treated as if the responsibility for being a victim is himself.

    It’s just like when paedophiles create victims in children and then accuse those children of being responsible for being victims.

    Russian politicians therefore appear to have the same mind-set of paedophiles in their persecution of gay people, yet they call the anti-gay law as a measure to protect children!

    There must be a disease inherent in Russian heterosexuals that causes such low IQs and causes them to believe in the ridiculous notion that homosexuality is something that is ‘catching’ like influenza.

    Also, Milonov described the protestor as “mentally ill”. Obviously Russian politicians are also persecuting mentally ill people if they believe that they’re deserving of being prosecuted for being “extremist”. The Nazis also targeted homosexuals AND the mentally ill.

    1. Believing that Kirill Kalugin is “mentally ill” is just another example of Milonov blaming the victim in the same way paedophiles blame their victims.

      1. Russia has a history of dealing with political dissenters by labeling them mentally ill and sending them to asylums.

        1. That’s worrying as they’re probably terrible places where authorities can lock away anyone they dislike for a very long time or forever. I hope there is legal people helping Kirill right now. It’s concerning thinking how he might be being treated and how he will be treated. I just really hope he can be helped somehow.

          1. Probably? You must never heard of the Gulag ! *shudders*

  7. ..honestly, where is the justice in this World? The poor bloke was being quite blatantly assaulted by those thugs! (which they btw looked queer enough dressed in their striped tank tops! Bastards…is disgusting to think he will be charged!

  8. Ginger and gay. Doubly blessed.

  9. That’s only if you consider difference itself a disadvantage my friend, I believe the opposite; to be gay and to be a ginger would gift you with an abundance of natural individuality that couldn’t be bought in any clothes shop or a salon, if you’re smart enough to pull it off! In a world where everybody is a 50’s-esque clone in neon colours, a little difference can go a long way. They can only turn your difference into a disadvantage if you let them, but you can turn it to your difference to an advantage if you get the right mindset, you can make it so they can’t even find a threat to pick at.

    P.s. I’m not ginger, but I support their “lifestyle” ;)

  10. Jock S. Trap 14 Aug 2013, 3:37pm


    It seems the real extremists and deniers of basic human right can get away with anything whilst attacking and imprisoning the innocent.


    Mr Putin… it is not Gay people that are sub-human. It is people like yourself and those that follow you. You protect children by killing them. It seems we sadly have too many around the world who think children being murdered because they may, or may not be Gay, is acceptable.

    I’ve seen the comments here, Sky, Daily Mail… “Go Russia”, “Good on Russia” mostly…. yet we have children here committing suicide because of social media sites and right we/they condemn them…. but someone accused of being Gay?

    “That’s Russia” is no excuse.

    For too long Religion has put a price on life and it’s worth… and that’s the problem.

  11. We will fight for him!! If the government kills him, he will become a martyr. If they free him, there is a chance to affect change there.

  12. I am really scared for the well being of Krill Kalugin. Having already anticipated the video of the incident with the paratroopers was only the beginning of more to come authorities.

    I can’t begin to imagine the challenges of the Law makers to invent “Charges” to be used against an individual under their new propaganda law. The law is so new that making an example of people is likely going to be paramount. How many other unrelated propaganda laws will be used as charges for holding up a placard to protest injustices and consequently be unjustly treated and charged, some how a simple slap on the wrist and a fine looks like an inconceivable ending to his experience… “much though that is what I hope for him”

    Of greater concern is eventual unfair trial because a lawyer can’t argue or defend him against the charges without potentially breaking the propaganda law.

    1. To clarify my above sentiment before any one misconstrues it, I don’t wish to see him charged or fined. He should simply be given back his freedom and dignity. A reality being the lessor of all greater potential consequences would be a fine…Hence my comment: “much though that is what I hope for him” is intended to conveyed as being the least least detrimental… though even a fine is not my desired outcome.

  13. Mohamed Salieu Kamara 14 Aug 2013, 7:44pm

    Those who support and advocate for same-sex relationship are considered odd or eccentric and sometimes downright crazy.

    Let me state that gay rights activists do what they do in defence of the rights of gay people as long as such sexual practice do not infringe on the rights of others.
    People against same-sex relationships think that such relationships are sinful, harmful, immortal and unnatural.

    It is the business of same sex couples to worry about that. If we are living in a global village and a free world, we should give those in same-sex relationships the freedom we want for ourselves, as long as such freedom do not affect others.

  14. What a brave guy

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