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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tells Liberal leader ‘there’s no place for homophobia in Australia’

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Reader comments

  1. Good on Kev. May he continue to kick Tony Abbott’s butt.

    Abbott has a gay sister but that hasn’t stopped him from being incredibly unintelligent and ignorant.

    1. Sandgroper 15 Aug 2013, 1:33am

      I think Abbott is reasonably intelligent, but he is also wilfully ignorant!

  2. Not a fan of Rudd, but in the miracle event of him securing a Labour majority I would support him every step of the way in getting the votes needed.

    As it is, I expect the composition of parliament to barely change. I think he’s stopped the rot but I doubt he can win.

  3. There’s no place for homophobia. Full stop. And if it hadn’t been for organised religion, there probably would never have been ANY homophobia.

  4. Better late than never as far as Rudd’s attitude to homosexuality has been. The prospects of the 50s man Abbott winning the government is going to see Australia becoming even more depressing. But there is 3 weeks to go so fingers crossed for a progressive and responsible out-come, not only for social minorities but for the environment. Australia still listens and reads the Murdoch deceptions so I am not holding out much hope.

  5. Kevin Rudd has moved up in the world since 2007 – but I still do not believe him when he says “the first 100 days we will introduce marriage equality bills”. On the 1 August this year new laws made discrimination on LGBTI people unlawful for the first time under federal law!

    The problem is that 2/3rds of the Labor party voted AGAINST marriage equality back in 2012 (the Liberals have no conscience vote at all so they are no better)!

    Vote 1 Greens Please!

  6. Hmmm….I believe that this is purely a ploy by Rudd. By saying it will go to a conscience vote, he of course is then able to say that he takes no responsibility for the outcome. Considering the fact that Australia is so conservative (as an Australian living for the past 10 years in Germany, I know exactly how much more conservative than most of Europe at least), I believe that Rudd knows such a vote will not pass in favour of LBGT.
    (By the way…purely a personal opinion and I am no fan of either Rudd or Abbott!)

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