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Peter Tatchell: What is it with football and homophobia?

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  1. We HAD an openly gay footballer. Abuse from the public and his peers led him to suicide. RIP Justin Fashanu. Never forgotten.

    1. And his family, his own brother condemned him for being gay.

    2. Holy crap I forgot about Jusin. So sad, such a waste of life, and for what!! RIP Justin.

  2. Premier League Footballers are drink and drug swilling morons, and it is a pretty well known fact that the stupider you are the more bigoted you are, so I doubt anything much will change. The grassroots game is much better, a friend of mine plays for a mixed gay football team.

    1. ItchycooMark 14 Aug 2013, 2:57pm

      “Premier League Footballers are drink and drug swilling morons” would you tolerate such a broad sweeping comment about homosexual? and as you subscribe to this paper then I imagine the answer would be no

      1. It isn’t a broad sweeping statement, you only have to open a newspaper on any given day to find a story about drunk driving footballers, or footballers getting into cocaine and alcohol induced fights, if I was going to make a ‘sweeping’ statement I would have included rapist and wife beater in the description.

        1. ItchycooMark 14 Aug 2013, 5:05pm

          there are approx 4,600 professional footballers in the UK, there are only a dozen national papers and only 7 days a week, so that limits the number of stories. Do the math then look up wiki for a definition of sweeping statement

          did the big boys not pick you for their team when you were in primary school and you’re still having problems getting over it?

          1. Footballers get paid such a huge amount of money at such a young age it would be nieve to think they don’t like to party hardy, but he was talking about the fans. Are the vast majority of football fans drunkards? Well, considering every time a football match is on they tend to get drunk, or be drinking at the stadium watching it live, or drinking while they watch the match at the pub, I’d have to say yes.

            Are ALL football fans drunkards? No. I know many football fans who are practically monks, and quite a few of them homos ! But they do not really go to the games or to the pubs to watch matches, as the people there tend to get be drunkards and they find the general atmoshphere intimidating. I imagine it’s the same for footballers on the pitch, and many other LGBT football fans.

  3. ItchycooMark 14 Aug 2013, 2:53pm

    I’ll sit back and read as more hetrophobic comments on this page unfurl

    1. It is not about hetros, there are many gay, bi and lesbian, trans who love low IQ entertainment too.

    2. Heterophobic ! Even in this tiny corner of the internet the hetero’s have to make it all about them….

  4. thank you peter for tirelessly fighting for my rights and for always seeking the truth

  5. It’s all about demographic. Football is the last holy grail of manhood, the last relic of totalitarian masculinity. It is the badge of honour for the “real man”, or at least the 1950’s delusional fantasy of what it means to be a “real man” before “femeninity” weakens it.

    Homosexuality in itself is not the threat to them, it’s the idea that gay men are femenine + feminine is weak = gay is bad. Homophobia is Sexism’s evil twin brother. They can’t bash on women anymore, they have to bash on femeninity in the shape of a man for it to be ok, or for a man who is of a different shade to them or a little short or whatever they can find to make them feel weak.

    It’s all about dominance. Football is the last refuge of the “real man”, the death rattle of a prejudice past, they will fight with everything they have to stop it being infected with “all this politcally correct crap”

    My dad watched started watching womens footy recently though, so give it about… 15 years ? LOL

    1. Regarding the FIFA closet, It works in the same “glass closet” format as other public industries like film, music, television & sport in general.

      People are terrified to come out because there’s the big myth that it will destroy their career. Everywhere they look they see people saying “If gay people come out of the closet, it will hurt their career”. They do not want to lie, but they also don’t want to have to be a hairdresser or a flight attendant in order to feel like they can succeed. Sexual aparteid is a real bitch if you want to be a footballer, a movie star, a rock star, or even a teacher. Everyone knows it happens, but it’s kept in a glass closet. They meekly sweep it under the rug like the British tend to do in our combined culture of sexist & heterosexist masculine dominance & “it never happened” relations.

      Nobody wants to be the first one because its scary. When a few come, the flood gates will open, and then it will melt into a non-issue.

    2. Football is the last holy grail of manhood

      I’m not sure about that, arguably you could say the same about rugby yet look how much less bigoted its players and followers have turned out to be recently. (It could be more a class thing, but that’s a minefield best steered away from!)

      1. I suppose but I wouldn’t know, in Liverpool football is taken much more seriously than rugby; not many people watch rugby here. My family in Yorkshire like rugby… but the scousers not so much ! Football seems to act as a special kind of refuge for men like “that” though I find

  6. …when you consider all the football players in the World are so suppressed that’s enough to make you cry with laughter simply because of the amount which are in the closet!

    1. One of the first things I remember figuring out when I realised I was gay was that all of a sudden, a lot of different potential career paths seemed to vanish from my future completley.

      1. Indeed, but it’s slowly getting better; and just imagine how much worse it was in earlier decades/centuries, when the possibility of being openly gay in law or politics or teaching or the armed forces (etc etc) was non-existent.

        1. True!! I do remind myself how “lucky” I am in comparison to people in the past, but still feel somewhat cheated of opportunities

  7. A well written piece as usual Peter!

    As a lover of the beautiful game but also one of the so called by some homophobic bigots because I believe sex should be between opposites, I would like you to know that I accept your points and would want to support the implementation of some of your suggestions.

    I have been involved in putting on a football match between a team of gay folk and a team representing our local council. It was a happy occasion and allowed the sort of atmosphere that gay footballers should come to expect.

  8. It is a large stretch and ignorant of you to say paedophiles are born that way, especially when this illness is actually the result of emotional, physical, social psychological injury, abuse and trauma.

    Be informed. Don’t let your ignorance cause harm.

    1. He’s trolling, ignore him.

    2. It’s poor old Keith, back yet again – the wee cherub just can’t keep away! Just report and ignore.

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