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Lincolnshire man found guilty of homophobic harassment

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Reader comments

  1. That couple’s life must have been miserable for those 4 months. I had thought that it would be better if they moved house, however they shouldn’t be forced out of their own home because of homophobe. Instead, the neighbour should be forced to move and stay away.

  2. if he is in social housing I hope he now looses his tenancy what a piece of scum

  3. You have to ask … what is it about homosexuality which so inflames certain people … but not others? When is the world going to wake up to the fact that homophobia is driven by INNER fears about ones own sexuality. Someone who is secure in their heterosexuality is NEVER homophobic. So, doesn’t this beg the question, “Aren’t homophobes just gay people, in denial?” It’s the only explanation which makes sense to me … and to the researchers who have discovered that the more homophobic you are, the more you are turned-on by gay pornography. Speaks volumes to me …..

    1. Every case is different. This one is now down to the closet but simple jealousy; the man was 62 years old and obviously lived alone and was probably pretty unhappy. Next door there was a married couple who /were/ happ, care free, probably young with money to spend…. and gay!

      If he was straight he knows that gay’s are NOT supposed to be happy. Gays are NOT supposed to be successful. He was 62 – when he was their age gays weren’t even allowed to have sex. In his head it is an injustice of the highest magnitude, it’s not fair, a world where he has been abandoned in his old age and these fruits are living the high life !

  4. It seems to me to be a lenient sentence, considering he was convicted of the same offence in 2011 with the same victims.

    Perhaps a custodial sentence or a very heavy fine would have sent a more meaningful message.

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