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LGBT rights coalition announces same-sex hand-holding initiative for Sochi Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. Good idea! Hope it takes off!

    Let’s hope they publicize like nobody’s business!

    1. Beelzeebub 14 Aug 2013, 9:43pm

      That will only work, if the Russian Stazi frog march Olympic athletes, members of the public and journalists off to court, then prison in front of the worlds cameras.

      Only then will the world see this sh!t backward dictatorship for what it is.

      This country does NOT represent the original Olympic ideal.

      Nether does the bigoted IOC that is accommodating it.

      Stephen Fry was 100% correct.

      1. They can’t just rely on the worlds cameras though, as we know most “respectable” institutions such as the BBC is all too willing to totally cleanse us from existance.

        They could organize the most outrageous protests ever concieved but if it isn’t live on air they can merely cut them out of existance and nobody outside the stadium would ever know what really happened.

  2. I can’t imagine that this will be any more effective than having athletes smile and wave during the opening ceremonies to show their support.

    For goodness sake, in the most homophobic places on earth (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan) men walk down the streets holding hands all the time.

    Even in the press release they talk about how tame this display will be since athletes hold hands on the podiums all the time. So what’s the point and how is that going to make a point?

  3. It would be easier to boycott the whole event altogether.

    That would hurt the Russian Government more… They would have spent millions to set up the games in vain!

    I feel that if this was a race issue – western governments would have taken a more determined stand….

    So all that we are left with is holding hands… Shame we can’t get the whole of Team GB to wear Rainbow Socks!

    1. I agree with a boycott, the games need to be entirely relocated unless Russia promptly undoes the anti-gay legislation.

  4. Another meaningless gesture.

    The IOC has already made it clear that no “demonstration” is permitted, therefore all the athletes are being threatened with punishment for doing ANYTHING in solidarity with the LGBT of Russia.

    Am I the only person able to read what the IOC has stated on the record?

    It’s embarrassing to see such a large organization completely incapable of understanding what has happened. The IOC has ruled out ANY protest, no matter how small or how large, if its intent is protest the athletes can be punished.

    There are only three ways to protest this…

    1. Athletes risk arrest and punishment from the IOC and protest anyway (not likely)

    2. A boycott of Russia by athletes forcing the IOC to change their minds and relocate (could have been done in the begining but athletes were not clever enough to get together to threaten this).

    3. Boycott of the sponsors around the world, thereby damaging the wallet of the IOC and tarnishing their brand for decades to come.

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