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Human rights lawyer says life is getting worse for gay people in Cameroon

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Reader comments

  1. “How can you tell that to the international press? You stain the image of Cameroon abroad’”

    So places like Cameroon and Russia must know full well the international community no longer deems it acceptable to scapegoat and demonize LGBT people; they know they are in the wrong, we must build the pressure.

    When the women are empowered, the gays will become empowered soon after. Only once sexism and mysoginy crumbles can LGBT people truly be allowed to flourish. Until then, the people of Cameroon and everywhere have a lot of work to do. RIP my friend and thank you Alice for your support. Keep up the good work !

  2. As the lives of LGBT people improves in one half of the world, their lives sadly appear to be getting worse in the other half.

    I wish the U.N., Foreign Office and Dep’t. for International Development would do much more about LGBT persecution in many countries, other than doing nothing or just muttering a few words of displeasure.

  3. Jock S. Trap 14 Aug 2013, 1:32pm

    It’s time countries of the west started to sit up and take note of these countries in the world that have such appalling human rights issues.

    This is the 21st Century for pity sake.

    I just hope that the countries adding into law Marriage Equality are seen as hope to those in such horrible, backward countries.

    Russia must not be allowed to set a trend which is why we need governments to stand up and oppose in the deepest terms those human rights being violated.

    I applaud Ms Kkom for highlighting this issue. She is not doing this to an audience of brick walls so why are western governments acting like it.

    Time for action. Time for aid to be reviewed to countries that get it yet mistreat it’s citizens.

    The clock it ticking.

  4. The fight is on!! International pressure will be coming to Cameroon just as it is in Russia’s face.

  5. where in africa is there anything wonderful happening? absolutely frightening what’s going on there. and just not the lgbt stuff either! utterly depressing.

    1. Great stuff is happening, like all the brave forthright LGBT activists who risk life and limb trying to advance the lifes of LGBT people, while in the West and especially on these boards all you can do is snipe and call for aid to stop – pointless.

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