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Haiti: Police arrest two men over attack on British man’s same-sex engagement ceremony

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Reader comments

  1. I hope they’ve got the people involved in the attack and proceed to give them the tough justice they deserve.

    I remember the comments left on PN when the attack was first reported. Some people thought that the couple brought it upon themselves for having such a thing (i.e. an engagement party) in Haiti. The party was private and held in the local office of the Red Cross, where one of the gay men worked. There’s is no excuse for those thugs to attack this private party in the Red Cross office. There’s no excuse for anyone to attack any gay person because of their sexuality, no matter where they are.

    1. AFP says it was at a private residence – ?

      I don’t think anyone said they brought it on themselves exactly, it’s just that given the well-attested homophobia in Haiti it did seem a little rash. Of course there’s no excuse for the attack, but when has violent homophobia ever had an excuse?

      1. In the previous PN article about the couple it mentioned that it was a ‘private residence’. This article says that it was in the local Red Cross office. They wouldn’t have invited anyone they didn’t want to be there so that’s why I’ve described it as a private party.

        Also, I described some commentators to the last PN article as having thought the couple brought it upon themselves because the couple were accused of being “foolhardy”, “reckless” and “dumb queens”. Those words used by some posters (not mentioning any names) DO indicate that they believed the couple must have brought it upon themselves.

        1. if a couple decided to have their engagement party in Russia today I imagine a few eyebrows would be raised. Whats happening in Russia happens everyday all over the carribbean. I couldn’t imagine going to a homophobic country with my privilege and ignore the locals who couldn’t enjoy the things I do. It thoughtless and selfish

          1. Look, the Red Cross Worker went to Haiti to HELP people. His boyfriend is Haitian. As he works there and his boyfriend is from there THAT IS WHY the engagement party was in Haiti. It was nothing to do with disrespecting local people.

            You continue to dig yourself a hole if you wish, but I’m having no further discussion with you about this story.

          2. So what? what about empathy for local LGBT people who maybe killed for expressing their love for each other. white privilege allows that behaviour. local Haitians couldn’t dream of an engagement party but who cares

        2. You’re right, it says Red Cross office (as well as house – maybe the office is a house) in this report.

          1. Thanks for that link Rehan. It gives more information. Perhaps ‘James!’ above might want to read it too. The article explains that the couple sent out invitation cards to friends in the local LGBT community and was held in an office of the building. Therefore, it couldn’t have been more private. The attack appears to have been incredibly violent for which there’s absolutely no excuse.

            As articles have mentioned the venue as a ‘private residence’, a ‘Red Cross office’ and a ‘house’ we’d probably be correct in assuming that it actually is a house in a residential area.

            The last paragraph states that “the Haitian government and police have publicly committed to protect gay people from violence. Several other gay individuals have recently being threatened or attacked.” If the Government and police are true to their word, then that is at least promising.

    2. What I said was that it was tactless. It would be like going to Moscow for your honeymoon “cause you work there” the local brown LGBT people live in fear for their lives while these 2 are living it up. It seems very selfish

  2. So they only arrested them because they tried to steal something?

  3. “Several people were injured, two cars were set ablaze and windows were smashed at the residence where the ceremony took place in Port-au-Prince.”

    Heterosexuals are so cute, they’re like a crazy pack of confused dogs! 2 boys kissing, that’s not how it usually happens!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!! DEMON!! DEMON!!

    So cute. I think their problem is not with homosexuals but with happy homosexuals. These people are desperatley unhappy despite their perfect heterosexuality, their fairytales and love stories let them down and they are alone and unhappy. When they see 2 people who are happy, ESPECIALLY 2 gay people, they are filled with envy and hate. They do not like the idea that 2 gay people can be in a happy relationship because gay people are not supposed to be happy, gay people are not supposed to have it better than them. If they are unhappy and they see a gay person or gay people who are happy it makes them feel cheated by god himself!! it’s just jealousy, don’t let it get you down.

    1. You have to remember this a culture with a lot of very poor and angry people, dominated in some quarters by what sound like pretty scary and violent gangs. There’s also racism/xenophobia to be taken into account, given that one of the couple is British. It’s not necessarily envy, it’s more likely to be conformity to their unexamined tribal (by which I mean gangland-tribal) codes.

  4. Actually, I’m impressed – the cynic in me doubted anyone would have been arrested (though, as has been pointed out above, possibly it’s only because they tried to steal).

    Now let’s see if anyone is convicted for the attack.

  5. Public service announcements in support of same-sex people as well as their marriages is in desperate need there.

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