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Gay figure skater Johnny Weir says he is ‘not afraid of being arrested’ under Russian anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. He’s not afraid of being arrested. How noble. How brave. Well it’s easy to be brave when there is no risk. It is unlikely that the Russians would risk creating an international incident by arresting a US citizen under such ridiculous laws. You only have to look at the noise created when US and British citizens in places like Saudi Arabia get arrested for drinking alcohol – even though these people go there knowing that alcohol is forbidden. So he can go to Russia and compete for his medal and tell himself he’s making a stand for human rights when he’s doing no such thing – he’s enjoying a protection that LGBT people in Russia don’t have. He might be deluding himself into thinking he’s being a hero and making a statement for LGBT rights in Russia – he isn’t. He’s putting his own selfish dreams first and trying to justify it. Pathetic.

    1. PantoHorse 14 Aug 2013, 6:28pm

      That’s true, he doesn’t really face all that much risk as I don’t think the Russians, even if they did arrest him, would rough him up etc like they would one of their own citizens.

      However, by sticking his head above the parapet and saying he is/isn’t afraid of arrest he is keeping the issue in the news and for that he should be praised.

    2. What would you suggest he do? Boycott? I’m sure Hitler would have loved it if Black athletes, who dominated Track and Field events, had stayed away from Berlin 1936. Being a top athlete and openly gay provides a great role model especially if he wins a medal. He’s doing a lot for public awareness which is more than most people are doing.

      1. this

        thank you

        not sure why I’ve been getting so heavily voted down for saying the exact same thing – I guess you just have a way with words that I don’t

  2. Francis Gallant 14 Aug 2013, 6:29pm

    I like that he woke up to recognize the totally foolish statement about being a Rusophile but dispite this latest statement he still doesn’t want the boycott. But let’s not be too hard on him alone. Has any athelete decided to boycott?

    1. Beelzeebub 14 Aug 2013, 6:56pm

      No. They are far to enamoured to their gold silver and bronze baubles with the glory that goes with it to give a fig about rights abuses.

  3. Perhaps this self-declared “hardcore Russophile” won’t feel so enamoured with Russia if he does get arrested. However, it’s somewhat doubtful that Johnny Weir would have the bravery in him to do anything leading to his arrest. Also, he has the protection of being a US citizen – Putin isn’t going to risk having US citizens arrested.

    He’ll go to Sochi all giddy and gay, compete and perhaps win a medal, yet wear no rainbow emblems or say anything directly to the Russians to upset them (because he loves the Russians). Then he’ll go back home expecting a hero’s welcome and declare that there isn’t a problem in Russia afterall, because HE was just being himself and didn’t get arrested.

    He’s not afraid of being arrested, because he knows he won’t be arrested. He just wants to make sure he gets to Sochi to get that gold (i.e. it’s all “me, me, me, me, me, me, me”)

    1. It’s interesting you say “he’s not afraid of being arrested, he knows he won’t be arrested”
      There is great validity in your reasons why.

      Also, he being a skater does pose an interesting thought regarding all competing skaters gay or straight, often recognized for their boldly creative costumes in a performance… even sans rainbow, will we see an outcry from the Russians?

      After all the outcry about Elton Johns costumes being gay propaganda, one has to wonder if they won’t be suggesting all competing skaters take to the ice wearing Russian national dress.

      Perhaps this might mean skaters are more at risk than any other athlete competing?

      1. I so want him to skate in a Russian Orthodox priests camp outfit, that would really send a message they wouldn’t be able to deal with.

        1. Sailor outfits complete with beret.. the possibilities are endless!

          1. Well, if Johnny Weir is determined to be in Sochi and isn’t worried about being arrest, then he should really go for it. He should make sure that he’s the campest thing ever and skate to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’.

  4. I recently watched a few Star Wars films, so my thoughts immediately turned to Yoda.
    And the direction in which Putin is driving his country, Yoda is probably right.

  5. poor guy can’t win can he

    good luck johnny – I hope you get the gold and show those homophobic Russians that gay people can be successful

    and maybe show a few others that “baffoon gays” are just as worthy of respect as “normal / masculine gays”

    1. Are you a total halfwit?

  6. This guy could skip down the streets of Sochi in nothing but a pair of skin tight briefs, waving a rainbow flag behind him, and he’d still get sprung by his home government in less than an hour, whereas actual residents of Sochi would be beaten, harassed, or killed for the slightest inkling that they might be gay.
    But seriously, this guy is delusional if he thinks any attention would be paid to him getting arrested, it would all be very hush hush and resolved quietly within a few hours, whereas a boycott of the games would draw worldwide attention to the atrocities that are taking place in Russia as a result of these homophobic laws.

    1. Exactly. You’ve explained it well. What I imagine will happen is that there will be no arrests of international competitors and anyway, their coaches and national governing bodies of the sports they are competing in will have warned them in advance not to do anything to bring ‘negative’ attention. They’ll feel obligated to do what they are told in order to get chosen for future events.

      Once the Olympics circus has gone home, the brutality will restart. As the world will have seen nothing shocking during the Olympics, the focus on the persecution will disappear and will not reappear because the general public will think “but sure nothing happened at the Olympics. It must be all hype”.

      Boycotting the Olympics is a much more dramatic thing and leaves Russia in no doubt that other nations strongly disagree with them.

  7. mikeysussex 15 Aug 2013, 9:37am

    Time to shut up you silly queen.

  8. Maybe you’ll change your mind WHEN YOU ARE!!!!!!!

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