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Australian opposition leader says equal marriage is just the ‘fashion of the moment’

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Reader comments

  1. Too true.

    Just as voting rights for women and the abolishion of slavery were the “fashionable” moments of there time.

    It doesn’t mean that they are wrong and should not be pursued.

    1. Abbott probably think abolishing the White Australia policy was a “radical” change.

  2. He seems a bit too thick to be leading a political party, let alone to be put in charge of running a Country.

    1. Thicky Abbot 14 Aug 2013, 11:47am

      Oi! who you calling thick mate?

  3. Why don’t people ask former seminarian Abbott whether his “traditional” definition of marriage is that it’s for life and if he therefore intends to promote the abolition of civil divorce?

    Or perhaps he considers divorce to be something that’s “evolved”.


  4. The tragic thing is that this moron will probably be elected.

    People deserve the government they elect, but what about those who did not elect the idiots?

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Aug 2013, 11:56am

    So, Abbott…if Australia had no economic problems, no debt, jobs plentiful, this would still not be an important issue? This sounds like the crap the Tory backbenchers were spewing during our own equal marriage debate. Delusional, bigoted catholic loon.

  6. Jock S. Trap 14 Aug 2013, 11:57am

    Only an idiot would see love and commitment as ‘a fashion’.

    I guess it suits to say it when they want to keep people treated different.

    A pathetic comment and let’s hope ‘fashion of the moment’ means people elect someone other than Tony Abbott.

  7. Priveleged people like to reduce human rights and oppression to a kind of fashion show, or a game where “politcal correctness” is just a “trend”, and LGBT people are “the new black” (this is not only offensive to black people and LGBT people but to anybody who has experienced discrimination, prejudice or oppression by insinuating each minority is merely the “fashion” or “trend” of the time!)

    These people are so shallow and prilileged and so disconnected to prejudice and oppression they literally cannot put it in a context they understand, it has to be a fashion show or a popularity contest or a game or something their tiny privileged brains can comprehend.

  8. I guess that, since it is a fashion, 10 years down the line gay Australians will change their mind and oppose gay marriage. Just like what happened in Denmark.
    Oh, wait…

  9. This idiot never fails to demonstrate his lack of intelligence and ridiculous views.
    It would be a disgrace if he became the next prime minister.

  10. Derek Williams 14 Aug 2013, 1:12pm

    So I guess when being gay and wanting legal recognition go out of fashion, we can try heterosexual divorce which is hugely popular with the straight trendsetters.

    1. Sandgroper 14 Aug 2013, 2:36pm

      Derek, he’s a conservative Catholic nutter and even trained to become a Jesuit priest. I despair if he becomes our PM.

      Actually he was born in England, could we sent him back, pretty please?

  11. I wonder if he said to his sister “it’s only a phase” when she came out.

    You’d think that having a lesbian sister would have made him more understanding of LGBT issues, but it appears not.

    He must be truly ignorant.

  12. colonelkira 14 Aug 2013, 2:19pm

    The sad thing is, is that unless some miracle occurs he will be the next PM………and it will be terrible for Australia!

  13. A vote for Abbott is a vote against Australia’s future and progress. Don’t vote in another Hitler.

  14. David in the O.C. 14 Aug 2013, 4:00pm

    I would say that supporting marriage equality IS an evolutionary change. 95% of the populous can marry, the other 5% can’t. Allowing those 5% to marry is evolutionary… and does NOT impact the other 95% that can ALREADY get married.

    A radical change would be polygamous marriages, which would impact everyone… or allowing people to marry their pet iguanas. So, yeah, marriage equality is hardly radical by any definition.

  15. Seeing as same-sex marriage is just a fashion, make it legal. It will go away on its own, naturally, just like all other fashion trends, not so? If this character really believes it is a fashion trend, he should vote to legalise same-sex marriage to prove his point.

    1. Perhaps he really needs to take a better look at things. The link above outlines what it’s all about. Fashionable? I bloodly well think not. Equality goes much deeper than marriage. The fight was for many things. Click the link (my other comment), if you’re unsure what the Equality fight was all about. Don’t worry, it’s only an image that outlines everything. Cheers.

  16. People don’t vote for what is good for the country, they vote based on sound bites and liking the taste of the lies they are fed.

    They vote based on outdated ideas, and typically people vote for what is bad for them. Politicians know what they are doing, it is why it works so well, over and over again.

    God, what a mess. I lived in Australia for a while, lovely people, lovely place, but what a tragic frock up of a government. (Like everywhere else, really.)

  17. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that this man is total moron.

  18. Ooh yes of course, human rights are just the colour of the wallpaper. Nothing to get worked up about won’t be look foolish, at this rate AUS is set to become one of the last ‘enlightened’ nations to embrace equal marriage. There are nations in Africa ahead of Australia when it comes to equality. History will remember him as one of Aussie’s faces who stood in the way of progress. And his ignorance won’t do his faith any good. Just like in the UK. People will (rightfully so) equate religion with bigotry, and will turn more and more people away from religion.
    One day it might very well be the religious turning to people like me (an equality proponent) to defend their right to be religious) in a world that no longer cares for insane religious claims and prejudices.

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