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Actors Mathew Horne, Hayley Atwell and cast use curtain call as protest against Russian anti-gay laws

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  1. Strongfemme 14 Aug 2013, 3:26pm

    We Salute, Actors Hayley Atwell and Mathew Horne, and the cast of London stage show The Pride,

  2. Derek Williams 14 Aug 2013, 4:04pm

    This is very much to be welcomed as it is to be applauded. We can’t let Russia away with doing this to LGBT minorities.

  3. “To Russia with love” placards?

    The intention was great but unless the placards had anything specific on them relating to the LGBT community (e.g. a pink triangle) then many people wouldn’t have understood the intention.

    Unless there was some indication that it was a message of support to LGBT Russians, then many people who wouldn’t have understood the intention could be excused for thinking that it was a message of support to Putin.

    1. I think the audience at a play about shifting attitudes to homosexuality would be informed enough to know what was meant, don’t you?

      1. Yes, silly me! Obviously I missed the third para. in the article the first time I read it.

        However, as you’ve indicated that the audience would have been informed enough to know what was meant, then they wouldn’t have had any problem with a pink triangle or the letters LGBT on the placards. Atwell said that they didn’t want to “add to the hatred by saying something negative about [President] Putin”. I think at a London stage show about shifting attitudes to homosexuality then nobody should be too concerned about being negative towards Putin, don’t you?

        Anyway, as a message of support to LGBT Russians it was a nice gesture.

        1. Well, personally I think people can be a negative as they like about the odious toad, but I do take their point that they’re making a public statement and sometimes it’s cleverer not to be overly provocative.

          1. It’s probably just as well I wasn’t in the cast, otherwise the audience would have watched an effigy of Putin being burned, followed by leading them all to the nearest Russian embassy.

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