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Stephen Fry compares Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre to Mussolini in Sochi argument

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Reader comments

  1. He does have a way with words!

    1. Christopher Hobe Morrison 13 Aug 2013, 8:13pm

      I can only wonder if someone is daring someone else to bring a case for libel.

  2. Shame Fry NEVER uses his way with words to attack the growing, rabid, out into the streets threats, towards Homosexuals in his own country by Islam.

    Hypocrisy & cowardice.

    1. Religious people refuse to listen or acknlowedge science, reason and logic, it is fundamental to their perverted lifestyle/mental illness. It is impossible to reason with Muslims who do not like homosexuals unless they are also Muslim or at least a family member, friend or aquaintence to them I believe. They will not listen to you or me. However, the editors of the Daily Mail and his minions CAN and SHOULD be slapped down for their blind hate and stupidity. If you go against Islam in this country you get slapped with the “islamaphobe” card, which is funny because Islam is actually terrifying! and not just because of extremism or terrorism itself! Instead of focusing on a particular brand of religion, you need to address the parent company.

    2. Except for when he does criticize islam…

      You people who go around saying ‘oooh they wouldn’t say that about Muslims’ really should check to see whether they have or not beforehand.

  3. Justusboyz 13 Aug 2013, 2:01pm

    Wells said Stephen eloquent And I agree with EVERY word!

    1. As I do – always hated the Mail and all it stands for
      The brilliant Stephen Fry – his books are good, too

  4. I can not but just adore this man.

  5. YES. Stephen’s baring his teeth! Love it.

    Go for the jugular.

  6. Jock S. Trap 13 Aug 2013, 2:11pm

    Let’s not forget with side the Daily Mail favoured in 1936, so it’s no wonder they haven’t changed.

    All the Mail seems to know is stirring up hatred and allowing discrimination.

    Sadly it says a lot about the readers too.

    Short and narrow minds!

    1. Unfortunately, they are not the only fascist rag in this country. You should read some of the responses to articles about LGBT issues on the Telegraph site too.

      We have our very own disgusting underbelly of putrid and vile right-wing Nazi sympathizers in our own country, and the worst thing about it is that they are mostly too ignorant themselves to understand that this is what they are.

      They’re like Nazi’s in denial.

      1. The Telegraph comments are just shocking. I’m not so easily perturbed these days and tend to take things on the chin but they are absolutely unreal on there at times.

        This is the problem though, of course. British people believe they’re so virtuous and can-do-nowt-wrong because we won the war lol. It just doesn’t cross people’s mind that they might be being massive nazis…

        1. You must never visit those sites again. Do you understand? Do not expose yourself to such putrid filth. It will poison your soul and fill you with pure hate you can’t quite shake off. You need to remember these people are sad and lonely creatures who need someone to scapegoat just to feel better about themselves, to satisfy their burning insecurities and deepest fears. If they were born 100 years ago they’d be doing it to women, 60 years ago they’d be doing it to people of colour, now they’re doing it to the gays and the immagrants, they just need someone to beat on, you know? Their is a strict social heirarchy in their minds and they have a bizarre sense of superiority but very little WORTH, wether intellectual or financial. They are angry, jealous, stupid, with nothing to lose. They’re animals who have to beat on something to feel powerful because they never quite got the hang of words. You are worth a million of them; never forget that.

          1. 1984 Metaphore because of the reasons 14 Aug 2013, 2:30am

            They are just PROLES, every last one of them. We are the inner Party my friends, if you take it. The finest coffee is ours if we want it, and now they get to drink the sludge. We must never let them bring us down to their level of knuckle-draggery, we must never let them make us drink the sludge. We must never let them poison our minds with their hate so we join them in depravity and wallow in their fith, bask in their hatred and spite. We must late the hate go, and only promote love. That is our only real difference to those savages: we love, they hate. That is the true fundamental difference between the inner party and those stupid, ignorant proles. If they dare raise their filthy hand to you, show no mercy. Only self-defence mind, no violence. We are much too respectable and dignified for their primal ways. They are mere proles, why even waste your precious time with these savages !

        2. ‘…British people believe they’re so virtuous and can-do-nowt-wrong because we won the war lol…’

          technically americans and rusians won the war, britain just assisted.

          1. Nobody “wins” a war, there are only losers.

  7. I found myself genuinely confusing the DM with the Sunday Sport, I don’t when its spoof or not.

  8. “….the systematic incineration of six million Jews in industrial ovens….”
    Ignorant fool. Not all 6 million or so Jews who died were cremated in ‘industrial ovens’. To say so is to climb to the peak of human ignorance.
    Some were shot.
    Some were beaten.
    Some were starved.
    Some were gassed.
    Some were poisoned in other ways.
    Some were worked to death.
    Some committed suicide.
    And though many were cremated, I’m quite sure the cremation normally took place after death, rather than it being the cause of death itself. But I wouldn’t put it past the Nazis to have put a few live people in the ovens. A great many victims were simply buried in nearby fields by other victims who were forced to do the burying.

    1. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Aug 2013, 2:32pm

      Indeed. And, for completeness, not to forget those who died having medical experiments carried out on them.

  9. You are a little late with this. I read the piece last week, and you’ve only just picked up on it?

    I think you need to follow Mr. Fry’s Tweets more closely.

    1. Yes, I was wondering where I had read it before. Reading this PN article gave me a strange feeling of deja-vu!

    2. Ar U Gaetu 13 Aug 2013, 3:06pm

      So? What’s your point?

      Many of us enjoy visiting fine art numerous times.

      I thought “comments” was more about the topic at hand, and much less about your inconveniences in life. I am very sorry if you do not carry the ability to skip this article and move to the next.
      If you have issues with Pink News’ writing decisions, I suggest you email them. Standing there, too lazy to move, then whining to strangers, merely illustrates your intelligence.

      1. I was simply pointing out that this is a week old, I’m not saying that it’s not worthy of reporting.
        This is PinkNEWS, and the discussion about Fry and the Olympic issue has been ongoing, it seems like a lapse in attention to have this story appear so late. It would have been far more effective to include it in the narrative of the story when it actually happened.
        Speaking of “whining to strangers”, that’s exactly what you are doing. So how is my comment about the lateness of this piece any worse that you b*tching about my comment? lol

  10. Alan Burnham 13 Aug 2013, 2:34pm

    Right and Stalin was a “wonderful” man too! Human rights first, Kudos to Mr Fry!

  11. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Aug 2013, 2:40pm

    “….the systematic incineration of six million Jews in industrial ovens bears no comparison with the marginalisation and repression of minorities in Putin’s Russia….”

    Not yet.

    But that’s the point.

    They didn’t wake up one day and suddenly begin the mass murder of Jews (and the mentally ill and gays and lesbians and political opponents and gypsies).

    It is just that this kind of thing is how they started prepare the ground.

    1. I believe systematic/state sanctioned genocide will be firmly tossed in the horrific legacy of 20th century; the amount of mobile phones, cameras, televisions and the internet means that everyone is being watched at all times. I believe genocide relied a lot on the lack of communication and total fear and helplessness; take away your phone, take away your computer, take away your television and what link do you /really/ have to the outside world except the guardsmen beating down your door?

      Nowherdays, anyone and everyone can blow the whistle in the form of a tweet, video, picture or article and the entire world is informed at once.

      It’s too risky now, there is too much communication. If they want to commit genocide on a certain group of the population they will have to transfer responsibility to the people, they have to let the people carry out the genocide. In their own back yards, on their streets, quitley in their living rooms while everyone is asleep.

      1. Although technically a “genocide” can only take place against a race by definiton. So any kind of genocide-like persecution of LGBT people, politcal prisoners, homeless or absolutley anyone that could be deemed “different” or “undesirable” other than in race would NOT technically be defined as “genocide” if mass murder did occur by EU, UN or US standards I believe. How many LGBT people in Russia, Iran or Liverpool technically have to die before we can call it “genocide”? Or worse still, did the “genocide” ever stop, did the “genocide” start with the first man who was killed for being gay, whenever the hell that was?

        They could deny the whole thing ever happened, you can’t call it genocide and the UN or whoever wouldn’t do diddly squat to intervene.

        I’m very curious as to what LGBT russians think about this, because they seem to be worringly silent already wouldn’t you agree?

  12. The pub-bore populist Rod Liddle also had a go at Fry in the Sunday Times – characteristically getting the wrong end of the stick and misunderstanding several points.

    For the Mail to support Putin at this juncture just shows that “the only lesson we can learn from history is that we never learn any lesson from history.”

    Fry was not comparing the new laws against LGBT Russians to the holocaust – he was making a comparison with the Nuremberg laws of 1935 – already in place before the 1936 Olympics, and similarly designed to render Jewish people and others as second class.

  13. Can you add a link to the tumblr post in this article? Plenty of links to other PN stories, but no direct way to read the piece you’re reporting about…

  14. He should put himself forward at the next general election, seeing how he hasn’t been appointed to the Lords yet. Perhaps he could stand on a ‘Anti-Putin/Anti-Daily Mail’ ticket. He’d be great in Parliament.

  15. Penny Culliton 13 Aug 2013, 2:55pm

    There was no incineration going on in 1936– just oppression and marginalization. That’s how it starts.

  16. Ar U Gaetu 13 Aug 2013, 2:56pm

    I’m not sure where to start concerning Mr. Fry’s words.

    First, each sentence is like riding a thrilling roller coaster; filling my senses with new sensations, my mind with precision insights.

    Next, on a planet flooded with digital text weeds, he showers us with gems like “morally putrid”, “sycophantic squad” and “vomit out a screed”. I love it.

    Finally, I feel it is cruel to use such tactical ammunition on such poorly armed incompetent targets, forcing them to find a dictionary (then learning how to use it).

  17. You know, I usually don’t shout ‘Godwin’ with every inappropriate equivalence that gets drawn with WW2 fascist states, but Fry’s hysteria is just getting hilarious now.

    I’m the last person who would want to defend an odious prick like Dacre or the Daily Mail, but Adrian Hilton’s article, if you take the time to read it, is pretty sound and sums up everything Fry and co are doing wrong. Sometimes I wonder if he completely lost the plot at the point he befriended Christopher Hitchens.

  18. II Dacre.

  19. ..Mr. Fry is a celebrity and gets heard far quicker than anyone else but I have to say he is doing good work by telling people they are being unfair and stupid! I for one cannot understand how people can get so violent over things that are facts of nature..

  20. Well I see no difference! A hate crime is a hate crime – it doesn’t matter to me whether so and so many Jews were killed or whether so and so many gays/lesbians/bi/trans were publicly humiliated, living in constant fear, beaten up to death, committed a suicide… Introducing laws that make it impossible for minorities to voice their opinion or to live their lifes (with making NO HARM to anybody else) is as democratic as Russia is… Leaving no space for dialog, mutual respect and forcing tyranny upon others! Shame on you Russia – shame on you Russian government and Russian people! Shame on you for letting yourselves be one of not many nations stuck in medieval era! Who will be next, after you crush and burn all sexual minorities? Jews again? Maybe black people? People with green eyes?! Shame and disgrace! And you dare to host Olympics and Miss Universe contest? You dare to host two competitions, that lets people compete on grounds how good, how beautiful and how unique they are?

  21. He really IS a national treasure! Thank dog for Twitter and the Blogosphere! At least now, poisonous tabloid tat like The Fail cannot conduct the one-side bullying it used to.

  22. Andrew Dobbin 13 Aug 2013, 4:47pm

    Stephen’s whole argument is summed up in one small sentence. No one is saying that what Putiin is doing IS the what the Nazis did to the jews during the War – yet.

    Stephen is saying that in terms of Allports model of prejudice , the situation in Russia is at the level of antilocution (1), with evidence of discrimination and physical attack (3&4).

    This is how it STARTED in Germany. Which is where Stephen’s simple phrase comes in – “The fanatical junior KGB officer Vladimir Putin will become, if he is allowed to get away with it, as autocratic as any Tsar or any Soviet chairman. Vladimir the Terrible will have blood on his hands.”

    ‘If he is allowed to get away with it’ – The pieces are in place , and we have seen before what can happen, not necessarily on the orders of one jumped-up Austrian corporal, or ‘fanatical junior KLGB officer’, in their name.

    Evidence is starkly plain in Russia in 2013 as it was in 1933. And heads are being thrust into the sand in Britain, as in 1933

  23. Andrew Dobbin 13 Aug 2013, 5:26pm

    Where’s my post gone?

  24. Charles Metcalfe 13 Aug 2013, 5:52pm

    I find in very inappropriate that we are attending the winter Olympic games in Russia. I think as a country who openly supports gay rights and particularly gay rights to marry it sends the wrong message to turn a blind eye to this. Russia stands for something we have removed from our society we should not allow a love of sports to come before the human rights

  25. john Booth 13 Aug 2013, 6:02pm

    (Lord) Fry is correct as ever! I never forgave the Daily Mail for its unannounced action of replacing the beloved News Chronicle overnight. My father was annoyed, I was furious.

  26. Aaron Josef 14 Aug 2013, 4:56pm

    Thank you Mr Fy.

  27. Graham Smith 14 Aug 2013, 9:09pm

    I have so much respect for Stephen – his clarity of thought, mastery of our beautiful language and above all his moral stance. We are fortunate to have him as a spokesperson for our Community. Well I had would vote for him….

  28. Alice Denny 18 Aug 2013, 1:37pm

    Stephen Fry is so right. Hitler drew strength from the glory generated by the ’36 Olympics and THEN went on to perpetrate the foulest of crimes against humanity. In the run-up he had “appeased” the supine, flabby governments ( with their secret admirers) by taking down the anti-Jewish posters. Did that help the jewish population in any way whatsoever? History shows Hitlers’s spite was magnified if anything. Putin has the same sort of vicious hatred that is just flexing it’s homo-erotic muscles at the moment.

  29. James Garvey 21 Aug 2013, 2:55pm

    Fair play to Stephen.
    As usual clashing with the daily mail serves only to make a person’s argument better.
    Horrible Paper.

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