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Russian World Cup chief defends country’s anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Denial and disbelief are often the first stages in the learning process.

    They’ve got a great deal of learning to do, these Russian homophobes, and it’s our job to keep bothering them so that they do that learning!

    1. PantoHorse 13 Aug 2013, 1:37pm

      I suspect they will keep on wheeling out the head of this, chairperson of that to continually say the law isn’t as bad as we know it is until the cows come home. After all, if a long line of important people say it isn’t so, we’ll just lap it up, cave in and agree….. after all, how could such important people possibly be wrong?!

      1. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 1:55pm

        This IS a “Don’t say gay” bill, and as such it’s a violation of not only fundamental human rights law, but of their own constitution, and the treaties they have signed up to.

        The only way will be to repeal this law because it is so far reaching it effectively forbids any show of affection, support, between two LGBT people (who might also be parents), or any discussion of their lives / existence. They tried that in Tennessee if I remember correctly, and not that long ago.

        But if they think wheeling people out to tell us we’re all thick and don’t understand what the law covers, then good luck with that. Nobody understands the scope because the law is virtually all-encompassing. This very site would be outlawed, so would Stonewall, so would government web sites saying gay people are equal.

        Such laws, that have been introduced previously, have always ended badly for those in power. I would not be surprised if in 2-3 years time there is a Russian Spring.

        1. PantoHorse 13 Aug 2013, 2:18pm

          Nobody understands the scope because the law is virtually all-encompassing.

          True – it’s deliberately designed as such. It effectively denies the right of any kind of fully functioning, public existence to LGBT people and severely limits rights to the same behind closed doors.

          I bloody hate it when people trot out the ‘think of the children’ line to justify their homophobia. It’s a disgusting and deeply insulting ‘justification’.

          1. The hatred and ignorance they spew is about them and who they are, not us. If they say white is black, it does not make white become black.

    2. I read that in the Gulag, men were routinley made into the “Bitch” by the prison guards by forcing them to perform homosexual acts. I believe the act of being turned into the “bitch” was humiliating for them because of sexism and so homophobia grew from that. Russia is a very sexist country, where to be seen as a woman is the greatest shame for a man, so they have a long way to go. I think the shame that these men had to experience in the Gulag made them just hate homosexuality because it brought back bad memories for them, and made them feel weak and ashamed, and so they taught their sons that it was weak and shameful and it just escalated.

      They are the ones who have got it wrong. You cannot “promote” a certain sexuality to a person; it simply does not work like that. Otherwise we’d all be freakin straight as an arrow !

  2. …targeting the “promotion of homosexuality and not homosexuality itself.”

    Yes, yes, we know that: now define ‘promotion’.

    1. I suspect promotion is equivalent to being ….

      1. That There Other David 13 Aug 2013, 1:31pm

        Showing any sign whatsoever of being gay, whether in public, in a private premises and probably even at a police station by reporting an anti-gay crime you’ve been a victim of.

        That’s what this law is for. The politicians who wanted it want gays and lesbians to hide away and take any violence the rest of society decides to throw at us.

        And that’s exactly why we say No to it.

  3. The law creates a situation of “othering” a minority group, while encouraging blame and vilification of that group at an institutional level – The lessons of history are clear and this man is just another propaganda spouting moron.

    Treat this law as the anti-LGBT apartheid that it is and pull any and all international events from Russia.

    Boycott. Loudly.

    1. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 1:06pm

      And encourage Pension Funds and others businesses not to invest there.

      Ask the Sochi sponsors to pull their support too;

  4. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 1:04pm

    It’s a badly written law if you wanted to protect all children, because it denies the information children and young people who are gay need to support them, allow them to have self-esteem and build a sense of pride in their individual identity, so it’s not aimed at protecting children, at least not all of them.

    Russians should stop drinking all that Vodka because they appear like drunks, their arguments are poorly thought through and lack validity, they’re making themselves look like fools. I mean, honestly, are they so stupid they think they are right and the rest of the world is wrong ??!!! One possible outcome is that Russia will pay a terrible price for their bigotry over the next decade.

    1. Another possible outcome is that the world will stand by and do nothing.

      International leaders appear to be afraid of upsetting Putin. He has many supporters amongst them and the rest will support LGBT rights up to a certain point, but they won’t push the issue of Russian persecution of LGBT people because it would cause them too much inconvenience.

      At the UN there are blocs of world leaders who are heterosexual, male, female, black, white, of varying religions, but there isn’t a bloc of world leaders who are LGBT. If Russia was persecuting black people for example, then there would be enough black leaders in the world to go to the UN and demand action. As things are, we have to depend on Cameron, Obama, etc. but they obviously feel – or intend to be, due to the inconvenience – powerless.

      (cont’d.) >>>>

    2. 2/2 :

      Also, Major international companies are only interested in profits – it’s profit before people. Sports governing bodies are only interested in lining their own pockets and Russia along with Arab nations are very willing to oblige.

      In the 1930s it was appeasement (due to the memory of the recent WW1) but now money and corruption are also reasons why the world will possibly stand by and do nothing.

  5. Bollox to Splitting Russian Hairs

  6. thelostdot 13 Aug 2013, 1:08pm

    Sport a symbol of Nazism, bigotry and persecution.

  7. F*** that evil bigot.

    World Cup 2018 needs to be moved until Russia rejects this fascist law.

  8. If a Law is that “widely misinterpreted” then it’s very often just a lousey Law.

    Deeply saddening that so many world sports bodies prefer to accept weak assurances and play along with RASputin’s tyranny …. the IAAF, IOC and FIFA !!!! – the same bodies which rightfully excluded South Africa for its policy and laws of Racial Apartheid …. Sexual Orientation Apartheid is just as EVIL!!!!

  9. That There Other David 13 Aug 2013, 1:27pm

    Here’s a list of the companies either sponsoring or supporting the games. If the IOC won’t listen to us maybe these people will.

    1. I’ve been saying from the beginning that nothing else would likely work, the IOC has now basically stated that any athlete showing support for LGBT Russians will be arrested and punished by the IOC too.

      That leaves a massive boycott of their sponsors the only option remaining. If athletes and participants are being threatened and silenced before the games are even underway, the only remaining avenue of attack is to boycott the companies backing the IOC and making a massive mockery of them all around the world.

      It’s about time we got nasty, get angry, start fighting back and show the IOC that their BS will not be tolerated. The best way to do that has always been by attacking their wallets.

      1. Microsoft are one of the supporters of the Sochi Olympics. How do we boycott them without dumping our computers?

  10. Jock S. Trap 13 Aug 2013, 1:52pm


    It’s an excuse to allow violence to all including children.

    It’s shameful.

  11. Denial of one’s free speech and denial of one’s ability to speak the truth is how democracy is lost and dictators take control. How come few are talking about the Free Speech aspect of this awful law and how it hurts all Russians.

  12. “,,,promotion of homosexuality and not homosexuality itself…”

    Oh my,….now I understand why they’re not against neo-nazi propaganda. Because that would mean they’re not against nazism itself..^^

  13. allwaysniceman 13 Aug 2013, 2:09pm

    Very attractive blond guy … Is he straight or gay ?

    1. Whatever he is, he’s a bigot and he also, strangely, appears to be wearing foundation in that shot.

      Just saying….

      1. Yes, I thought so too. Actually, if people are being attacked in Russia for “looking gay” then why has he not been attacked – or why have the paratroopers not been either?

        Perhaps men in Russia have to publicly display their homophobic ‘credentials’ before they are considered to be ‘real men’ or the whole thing is a ploy to stop the rest of the world realising that they’re all at it with each other.

    2. Metsän poika 13 Aug 2013, 4:21pm

      He wants to be careful, a cute looking guy like him might well be guilty of promoting homosexuality himself.

  14. Of course the law doesn’t target gay people specifically for being gay. That’s that the state sponsored Nazi thugs are for. With over 400 “occupy pedophilia” groups across the country which continue to exist unpunished, the government doesn’t really need to legislate against being gay.

  15. It must be hard for an idiot like him, when all the Russian media reports on is the “over-reaction” of the world, ignoring the beatings, the torture, the abuse and the murders happening under this law and going unpunished.

    People have to remember that they have a very controlled media, like our BBC, biased and one-sided to support the government.

    These idiots have no idea what’s happening in their own damn country, that’s why they mostly come across as being completely evil. In actual fact, most of them are just completely ignorant.

  16. colin cass 13 Aug 2013, 2:34pm

    He appears to have missed the point! It is Not about how these Laws will affect the Games or even that they are as he puts it ,only against promoting homosexuality! How can you make a person homosexual when you have to be BORN THIS WAY! Will this insulting idiot realise that we are NOT a whim or fashion picked up & dropped by choice,any more than it is his Choice to be hetrosexual (if he is).

  17. …I can’t believe these cretins. They’re quite probably homosexual themselves, and are transparently obvious and terrified to admit it, but alas unfortunately through their denial they’ve managed to upset the whole of human society…

  18. We are relentlessly civilised in this and other matters where so many in the world are violent and murderous. I wonder at what point do people stop being civilised in response to such uncivil behaviour? I wonder what anonymous can do to in this regard?

  19. I think you’ll find that nice Mr Hitler began his murderous reign of terror by stifling Freedom of Expression. If Russia (and many, MANY African countries) are allowed to persist, unchecked, with their discriminatory actions against and marginalisation of gay people … who will they target next?

  20. Nice cheekbones sweetie! Shame about the stupidity.

  21. tjhtrjttjrjt 13 Aug 2013, 6:20pm

    As someone said, he may be a closet case. Closet cases aredisproportionate, as are promiscuity and AIDS, in the homosexual community. Nobody has ever been ashamed to hide their heterosexuality.
    Closetry is unique among homo’s and bi’s as is cottaging in public toilets.
    Why do homosexuals infest our public toliets where there are innocent children who do not want to be peeped at through holes?
    On consideration, homosexuality has no benefit whatsoever to society unlike heterosexuality which when followed under Christian law promotes good sexual health and facilitates the continuation of the human race.
    Homosexuality, unlike heterosexuality, is frowned upon by billions.

    1. Troll alert the skip-rat Keith is off its medication again what a total toss pot.

    2. You come here to talk about beastiality, incest, sc@t and peadophilia every single day, who is meant to be the pervert here exactly?
      And homosexuality DOES serve a purpose for a society in a tribal context, you just don’t have any education on the subject Keithy poo. We take care of the babies you leave in the gutter because heterosexuals are crap! Heterosexual marraige is a sham! Heterosexuality is a disease ! These people are miserable !

      If you don’t want God to keep popping out gay people, tell your perfect heterosexuals to close their damn legs once in a while ey !

  22. Do we see Russians demonstrating about British laws which criminalize c`o`n`se`ns`ual ad`ult acts that are legal in Russia such as de-fac`to p`o`ly-=gamy and adu`lt i`n`c`e-s=t? Hypocrites!

    1. Troll alert, the skip-rat Keith is off its medication again. What a toss pot!

  23. This man is a total fool and uneducated about anything to do with homosexuality. He holds the belief that if children see a rainbow flag or even an advertisement with gay people that the kids will become gay too.
    What a total load of BS and the scariest part is that these people are in a position of political power.
    Shame on Russia. MOVE THE GAMES

  24. Staircase2 13 Aug 2013, 8:32pm

    Bloody idiot…

  25. I wonder why are don’t have a law for ban heterosexual propaganda..

  26. johnny33308 13 Aug 2013, 11:59pm

    There is not, nor could there ever be a reasonable, believable defense of such laws which remove basic protections under the law from millions of people. Human Rights are for EVERYONE regardless of their particular circumstance. PERIOD!

    1. johnny33308 14 Aug 2013, 12:05am

      It is exactly this sort of law that Hitler passed against Jewish people, and we all know how that turned out. Will the world allow this to happen again? It has done so numerous times and so based upon history alone, I must say that I think it will do what it usually does in these circumstances…absolutely nothing…

  27. It’s all bs, If they weren’t targeting being gay, why bother with the law? Answer: “…because they are Blanche, they are” Meet Putin, the new Hitler.

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