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Russian TV host who denied homophobia says gays ‘deliberately provoke situations to become victims’

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah, right, I love being a victim. It is such fun to fear losing one’s job, house, medical care or life.

    1. Stop all those “brutal” gay pride marches now.

      “Brutalising” us with all the costumes and music and flags. It is just like being raped with a beer bottle until you are dead. Just the same.

    2. Yes, it’s so annoying isn’t it, Dmitry Kiselyov, that gay people “deliberately call, provoke situations” so that YOU ACKNOWLEDGE that YOU have made them/us into “victims”!

      So, now, buster, DO SOMETHING about the way you’re victimising Russia’s millions of homosexual citizens.

  2. I’d love to meet some of the imaginary gay friends that he claims to have.

    1. He meets them every night. But they are his little secret.

  3. Keith in SALFORD 13 Aug 2013, 8:32pm

    No longer worth commenting on.
    It’s like last week’s DANDY or BEANO or TOPPER.
    Am I showing my age..?

    1. KNo, just your inhumanity. This needs commenting on and fighting against until Russia repeals those laws. It’s not a comic book experience for those living under them. Such a self centered attitude.

      1. Keith in SALFORD 14 Aug 2013, 9:52am

        I did not say that it is ‘not worth commenting on’, I said that it is “no longer” worth commenting on; I commented on it elsewhere when the story first appeared and it has now become boring.
        We know what is to be done and I, perhaps more than many, certainly know what it to be done having lived in Russia working as a proof-reader and translator in the 1970’s-80’s.
        Ali, for someone who decries those who judge, you are over quick to do so yourself, all the more ‘entertaining’ since you do not know me or my history as a homosexual man of 70+ years, many of them spent in that beautiful, but intensely ‘macho’, country.
        I could write a book about the many beautiful young men I met.
        Many of them trapped in their minds, having to put on a show for family, friends, workmates -including fellow services personnel.
        My reference to the old comics was a light ‘throw-in’.
        I could explain it to you over a coffee and cakes, if you’d like that?
        The treat would be on me.
        Spasebo bolsh’.

        1. Keith (in Salford) that’s very generous of you and it sounds like you do indeed have a lot of experience of life in Russia.

          To be bored of the reporting of human rights abuses is, to me, much like turning your back on the very people you write so eloquently and affectionately about. That’s probably not what you mean though as in your reply you come across as a very compassionate man.

          I think keeping this in the headlines is just as important as lobbying everyone who is in a position to put pressure on Russian authorities to improve the situation. People, not just those who read LGBT news, need to know what is going on and it needs to keep its prominence. If it’s allowed to slip into the darkness, and media reports stop coming out of Russia on this subject and people stop taking notice then things, as we know from history (i.e. the media blackout imposed by the Khmer Rouge to mask the scale and full horror or their atrocities), things get worse for those there on the ground.

        2. And you’re right, I did judge you overly quickly, and for that I apologise.

      2. Keith in SALFORD 14 Aug 2013, 10:14am

        Ali, you are not taking into account the stultifying iron-fisted hold the Russian Orthodox Church has which is more blinkered than many of the more liberally-minded members of the Duma, many of whom would acquiesce quite comfortably but who cannot, since they would not only be ousted from their seats but ‘outed’ at the same time.
        The Duma will not be repealing that legislation since ‘face’ will be lost . Any change at all has to be done stealthily which takes time. It is all about ‘saving face’ the ultimate game-changer in much of the East. They will tinker with this phrase and re-arrange that sentence and very slowly an ‘accommodation’ will be made.
        My almost 30 years tinkering with phrasing and re-arranging sentences in both Russian and English taught me that, if it taught me nothing else.

    2. I think you were good with Dandy and Beano but never even heard of Topper so that gave it away Grandad !!

      1. Keith in SALFORD 14 Aug 2013, 3:46pm

        Mr. Pink….(is that to make the boys wink…?)

        Never heard of TOPPER…?
        Oh you haven’t lived..!

        Have you heard of that one…?
        Your loving grandma.
        Keith in SALFORD

  4. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 8:34pm

    Every time that idiot opens his mouth the international reputation of Russia slips a little bit further in to the gutter. He’s clearly been told to inflame the situation, or he’s too stupid to understand how most of the civilised world views people like him, and views like his.

    The things making LGBT people victims are laws which allow discrimination, or worse still encourage it. Laws in civilised countries protect against discrimination, laws that we have in the UK do that, to protect us from being made victims by people who are homophobic.

    What’s worse is the stupidity of seeing where countries who protect LGBT rights have been, historically, and where they are now, looking at that history, and not learning from it, but simply repeating those same mistakes.

    1. From Putin on down, we are not dealing with educated, sophisticated, cosmopolitan people. He reflects the dominant mindset of the country; this is their level of discourse. He will not be rebutted in Russia.

      1. Christopher in Canada 14 Aug 2013, 1:58am

        I agree. You can’t fight stupidity. Especially willful stupidity.

  5. Ah yes of course that age old argument. It’s the /gays/ fault for being so damn gay! If they werent so gay maybe they wouldn’t draw attention to themselves! It’s the same logic people use when they say rape victims ‘deserve it’ because
    they ‘provoked’ the men with their short skirts and their low cut tops and their skin in general.

    1. Similiar logic has been applied to most minorities. Jews were thrashed for keeping kosher and not eating with neighbors.
      Why does he want to burn gay organs? Some fear of HIV or is he so under-educated that he thinks the heart holds emotion?

      1. I mean, I can understand why they’d think there’s nothing wrong in forcing people to wear a steel mask that isn’t them to protect the villagers from the evil scary devil face lurking beneath, but most people simply can’t *~*~shake off*~*~* all of the gay like some pesky dandruff and hide it away. I could “play it straight” pretty well and did for quite a few years, I had “camp” qualities that I suppressed until they disapeared completley. I was totally off the radar, but look at people like Little Richard, Quentin Crisp, or even Perez Hilton. You simply cannot tell them to “act more straight”, you can try, but the results will be more comedic than a convincing actor playing a part. I’ve had people tell me with a dead serious face that they are straight when every single gesture, every breath they take is as gay as the day is long. It’s not just stereotyping with these guys either – they are gay. Super gay. Not that there’s nothing wrong with that of course – I love camp guys! :)

        1. But more importantly; why did I turn into a dog for one post? LOL woof

  6. That There Other David 13 Aug 2013, 8:46pm

    I bet he believes rape victims bring it on themselves too.

    1. peterpurpleeater 14 Aug 2013, 1:15am

      Some gays bring out the worst in hetro men by tempting them or challenging them on a mental level….’I’ll show you a real man’ mentality.
      I agree that gays shouldnbe barred from organ donation. I would rather die than get a gay heart filled with same sex love!

      1. That There Other David 14 Aug 2013, 10:27am

        LOL.. Gay heart filled with same-sex love :D

        I like the word shouldnbe too.

        “shouldnbe shouldnbe shoo, shouldnbe shouldnbe show…

        Blue Moooooonnnn, you saw me standing aloooonnnneeee”

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Aug 2013, 12:07pm

        Keith, you can’t fool any of us with your stupid user names. You forgot to mention that you’d rather die from a serious illness than be saved by a gay doctor! I hope that comes to fruition.

  7. or as our Gerald Howarth says we’re all ‘aggressive gays’.
    We are just human being like you are – we love and want to be loved- and hey surprise surprise we are your also children. We come form woman just as you do.
    Grow up you creepy creepy man.

    1. apologies for the too quick typing – but these guys make me so angry.

    2. If only Gerald f-ing Howarth could be sent on a one-way trip to deepest Siberia.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Aug 2013, 12:02pm

        You forgot to include Peter Bone, David Burrowes, Phillip Hammond, Edward Leigh, Roger Gale and Nadine Dorries, among many others of their ilk, perhaps Tim Loughton and Charlotte Leslie too!

        1. Oh yes Robert, they need to go too and don’t forget the DUP (the whole party!).

  8. Only those who aren’t certain about their own sexuality may feel provoked !

  9. Oh, I would love the opportunity to make this fu**ing c**t my personal victim! He’s asking for it, after all.

    This is the kind of sick and twisted man who believes that women who were raped somehow “deserved” it, or that the Jews didn’t do enough to stop their own genocide.

    This is why Russia is such a dangerous country, their whole government is as mentally deranged as this man.

    1. I’ve never heard the argument the Jews (or anyone) could stop their own genocide!!! How absurd!! That was in the 40s, they never had a chance. There were no mobile phones, no internet, no television, nobody to hear them. Even so, NOBODY can compete with state terror. NOBODY can compete with the state. Wether its 1933 or 2013, in Russia, America, or England. If the state tells us they need to kill our brother for our own protection, we hand them the knife without question, and Nazi’s had mastered propaganda and brainwashing to such a grotesque extent that they could have demanded the extintion of the Ayrian race themselves and the German people would cut their own necks on the spot and the blood would flood Berin.

      1. Did you read my post or simply react to that statement? There are plenty of neo-Nazis who believe that the Jewish citizens were “complicit” in their genocide, that’s not my opinion, it’s a Nazi belief.
        I agree with you, the power and control of the state in such a fever of nationalism and hatred is not likely to be overcome from within, but that’s not the statement here.
        This man is using a common tactic of justifying violence against others by making them the criminal – by suggesting “they’re asking for it”.
        I merely made the comparison to the same thoughts by men who blame women for being raped, and the Nazis who often blame the Jewish people for “allowing” their own genocide.

        That’s the point here, and it seems you missed it entirely.

        1. Of course they were “complicit”, they had no other choice !
          I may have used your post as a bit of a springboard to expand on my point thar sorry my friend, I didn’t once think you were implying they could stop it, I just never heard anyone say they could have stopped it before ! Nuts !

  10. If I read anymore about that f-ing Nazi it’s going to make me feel homicidal towards him.

  11. Дурак

    such a cock sucker literally

  12. Then conversely, when an LGBorT person eventually f@#ks him up to a bloody pulp, it will be upon himself.

  13. Vlagalishche!

  14. Another tired old propaganda ploy to demonise gay people.

  15. Only a very disturbed individual or sick society would think that a person choses to be a victim.

    Any disturbed individual or sick society that actually believes that are those who cause, enable and/or tolerate such things as social inequalities, direct discrimination of minorities, brutality, rape, child sex abuse, pogroms and genocide. They assert their dominance to the limit in not just creating victims but also by punishing the victims further by placing the blame and responsibility on them.

  16. Ron Williams 14 Aug 2013, 12:01am


    Quote from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

    “Once they succeeded in ending democracy and turning Germany into a one-party dictatorship, the Nazis orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to win the loyalty and cooperation of Germans. The Nazi Propaganda Ministry, directed by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, took control of all forms of communication in Germany: newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, and rallies, art, music, movies, and radio. Viewpoints in any way threatening to Nazi beliefs or to the regime were censored or eliminated from all media.”

    1. History is repeating itself! Sad to say!

  17. I wonder where he gets his eyebrows done? *whistles*

  18. Who knows the tactics of the Communists better than a Communist? Saul Alinsky, Communist Agitator and Obama’s mentor, said, “The first job of a community organizer is disorganizing the community. ” Nothing is more conducive to disorganization of families, churches, governments…all institutions….than to make homosexuality the rulers over all debates of right and wrong. Once gays become rulers, even good laws look dirty….like juicers in baseball make the whole game feel dirty.

    1. “Once gays become rulers, even good laws look dirty”

      Riiiight, because straight men have made such good rulers in the past, haven’t they? You know what happens when straight men run the world? GENOCIDE. DECAY. DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. GREED. WAR. POLLUTION. etc.

      If gay people and women ruled the world instead of the psychopathic straight man then we’d ALL be much better off.

      Straight men have been running the world for quite some time now and let’s be honest, they haven’t done a very good job. They can no longer describe themselves as a “moral majority” after the horrors they have commited over the past few centuries. I think we should give the women and the gays a turn now, before straight men destroy it completley.

    2. Russians are not communists anymore; they haven’t been for quite a while.
      They’re full-on fascists now.
      I would also recommend you seeing a professional psychiatrist. Wearing that tin-foil hat does not seem healthy at all.

  19. Well, here we have the new spokesman of what? the new Russia?, schticking to the party line? Unfortunately, it makes the entire government look like neo-Nazi buffoons, and surprisingly, supporting the discrimination and pogroms of WWII, which decimated so many of their families. Very sad…

  20. Contact councils in your country to sever twin town and sister city agreements in Russia

  21. we have toparticipate in gay parades/pride becuse of people like this.

    1. …and demonstrations!

  22. This kind of ‘provocation’ argument reminds me of the Constable Savage sketch on “Not the 9 O’clock news” –

    Simply being visibly gay or being caught in posession of an offensive boyfriend is adequate provocation for some Russian bigots.
    The fact he sees nothing wrong with ‘correcting’ this behaviour with a broken beer bottle tells you all you need to know about his real motivations.
    Just surprised he wasn’t able to source a brownshirt for his primetime show.

  23. Jock S. Trap 14 Aug 2013, 8:38am

    Absolutely shameful.

    They are justifying the violence and in a typical control freakish way they blame the victim.

    Nothing will improve whilst they continue like this, it will just get worse but how much worse is what bothers me before the world really stands up and takes notice?

    No-one asked to be a victim of violence, to be bullied, tortured and murdered. Children don’t ask to be bullied, tormented to suicide.

    For as long as these people make excuses, they will continue to have the blood of innocent men, women and children on there hands.

    To justify Genocide, to make it the victims fault…. how much lower does it need to get before someone steps in and says enough?

    Or are we left with a situation that because it’s Gay people and children it doesn’t matter?

    Remember World…. the people being bullied, tortured, murdered are many suspected of being Gay, not the fact they actually are Gay.

    It’s time the world took notice and not let repeat history itself.

  24. Enough….its time that we DEMAND our politicians, our PM, FIFA & any other relevant groups, oh & religious groups too….to take action against these monsters controlling Russia.

    Are any more demonstrations planned, anyone know?

  25. Metsän poika 14 Aug 2013, 10:21am

    Mitä vitun kusipää!

  26. A Look of Permanent Surprise 14 Aug 2013, 11:32am

    Interesting that this guy appears to have plucked eyebrows. How very macho.

    1. No it’s ok for “macho men” to get their eyebrows done now, or wear trendy clothes, or get their hair and nails done, because that’s not “gay”, that’s *~~*~*~metrosexual*~*~**~~*~

      They can be *~**~*~metrosexual*~*~*~* and adopt any kind of “gay lifestyle” cliche they want and still be able to say NO HOMO NO HOMO I’m *~*~metrosexual*~* to protect their macho rep dawg

  27. Is Dimitry Kiselyov perhaps Russia’s answer to Graham Norton?
    He looks so camp he actually makes John Inman look butch in comparison.

  28. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Aug 2013, 12:21pm

    So where are Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby in all this if they care so much about humanity and human rights? NOT! Both complicit in their deafening silence it seems, but not surprising. They don’t want to upset the Orthodox cult now do they?

    1. The Pope during WW2 didn’t challenge the Nazis or Mussolini. He actually met Hitler, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised if Francis arranges a little friendly meeting with Vladimir The Terrible. The Church of England has never challenged the hatred of LGBTs by Anglican Nigerians, so we probably shouldn’t expect Archbishop Welby to say anything about LGBT persecution in Russia. There’s nowt more hypocritical or self-serving than religion.

    2. These men travel to places like Africa in their 30 grand robes and preach to the stick-people dying of famine how they’ll be the “richest in heaven” but never sharing any of his monumental wealth with them at all.

      The catholic’s are filth. They are businessmen and psychopaths pretending to be “holy” to make money and monopolize power; that is all. That is all they are, that is all they have ever been, that is all they will ever be.

  29. words failed me to describe this man. I never wish ayting bad for anyone but I must say, I hope and wish you die a horrible death and get raped by a beer bottle just to feel exactly what that man felt when this happened to him.

  30. So, this is Hitler’s (I mean Putin’s) propagandist minister?
    makes sense.

  31. Staircase2 14 Aug 2013, 7:45pm

    Bloody idiot!

  32. I think those who so vehemently oppose LGBT people doth protest too much:

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