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Pat Buchanan: ‘Putin is trying to re-establish Russia’s moral compass’

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Reader comments

  1. Just die will you Pat Buchanan, or piss off to Russia

  2. Really, was this worth reporting? I mean, really?

  3. Rather funny coming from a man who has always beaten the “USSR/Russia is the center of all things immoral” drum for 60 years.

    1. he’s forgotten they’re commies – jeez these sad bastards have short memories – try thinking back to the McCarthy you stupid stupid man.

      1. It becomes about who you hate more or who benefits you more. The would force their mothers, sisters and daughters into prostitution if it was more of a benefit to them – as in some Asian cultures.

  4. …..”re-establish Russia’s moral compass before it fell to communism ”

    Is this fool so wrapped up in his own prejudices…… Oh never mind, yesterdays man steeped in ignorance – nothing to see here.

  5. Neil Rhoden 13 Aug 2013, 6:55pm

    Just goes to show that Mr Buchanan has no idea what “morality” is.

  6. Buchanan said that all Putin was trying to do “was re-establish Russia’s moral compass before it fell to Communism.”

    Sorry, but listening to Pat Buchanan brought to mind this Monty Python sketch…

  7. If Pat had been born in 1820, he would still be using the bible to justify his use of slaves.

    1. Cardinal Hmm 14 Aug 2013, 11:41am

      He’d also be very old.

  8. What exactly is Russia’s moral compas? Is it about torturing and murdering innocent people? Are these Buchanan’s moral compass too? Clearly, they are.

  9. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 7:41pm

    It seems odd that a man who has spent his life telling everybody about the absolute importance of free speech, is now praising the Russians for denying free speech and expression to millions of Russians, albeit ones that Buchanan strongly disapproves of. The man has zero principles and is a self-centered wingnut. I would be embarrassed to say the things he says – his own moral compass is so fcuked up that he’s now lost in the wilderness of fringe opinions that nobody bothers to take seriously any more.

    I’ve said my bit. If there are any more articles about this twat I won’t be commenting further

  10. That There Other David 13 Aug 2013, 7:48pm

    That’s a surprise. I could have sworn he was dead already.

  11. It’s interesting how, among American Republicans, Russia has gone from the “Great Satan” to the Promised Land in a short 25 years.

    1. Well, Russia of today is practicaly a theocracy and that’s republicans sweet dream .

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Aug 2013, 8:41pm

    Another American catholic loon! His equally ugly sister, Bay, an absurd name, is no different.

  13. “…. all Putin was trying to do “was re-establish Russia’s moral compass before it fell to Communism…..”

    Oh really? …I didn’t know that communist countries were heaven on earth for gay people and that the first gay weddings were probably held in some Soviet gulags and not Netherlands or Spain. Thx for enligtening us Mr. Pat ! ^^

  14. benpinwang 13 Aug 2013, 9:37pm

    No, both Buchanan and Putin just want to encourage and legalize ignorance, which the U.S. has been doing very successfully with so-called “free-speech” and making it very difficult to achieve any social progress.

  15. johnny33308 14 Aug 2013, 12:33am

    This from someone who thinks LGBT people can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, tornadoes and all natural and man-made disasters with our “super gay” powers….he ascribes every such event a result of LGBT people being ‘accepted’….flame on!

  16. Interesting to note that god old; Pat is a neo-Nazi at hear, That wouldn’t have served him well 40, 50, 60 years ago. But I guess times change and people forget. Some people don’t forget Pat, and I am one of them, and I am not alone

  17. “Buchanan said that all Putin was trying to do “was re-establish Russia’s moral compass before it fell to Communism.”
    What complete c**p! Putin is using homosexuality as a distraction from the complete failure of his dictatorship to deal with problems. Emasculated and impotent leaders always look for scapegoats, just as Hitler did pre-WW2. UKIP follows the same principal over immigration. We ignore Putin’s anti-gay actions AT OUR PERIL!

  18. David Skinner 14 Aug 2013, 9:57am

    The moral compass for those on Pink News is headed only one way and it isn’t towards Heaven.

    Jesus Christ said,

    “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

    1. Jesus also said shut up if you’re an idiot and people might think you are wise.

    2. Just as well intelligent people don’t believe in Heaven and Hell then, isn’t it?

      On what basis do you think you’ll get in, Skinner?

      1. I love how every christian just assumes they’re getting in to heaven. Let’s be realistic: if heaven and hell were real Heaven would have a population of about 3 people and they would be the most boring, square people on the planet. Everyone else will be in hell.

    3. And for those of us who are not Christian? And don’t believe in your heaven or hell?

  19. David Skinner 14 Aug 2013, 10:09am

    Clearly Pink News hates the light and the truth. What are you afraid of?

    1. Clearly David Skinner hates the light and the truth. (It’s pretty obvious what you’re afraid of.)

    2. Take the beam out of your own eye, hypocrite and you can guide others better. You people who use religion to beat down others will be first in line to Hell. Don’t fool yourself to believe that G-d approves of what you are doing–humble yourself before it is too late!

    3. Dear David ! While I don’t object your freedom of speech, I still think it’s better for you to stay quiet and stay idiot in our eyes, rather than keep talking and erase any doubt about it.

  20. Straight men no longer have a right to decide what is “moral” or not. They ran the world and what did we get? Genocide, oppression, greed, death and pollution.

    Straight men no longer get to decide what is “moral” and what is not after the horrific history of their rule.

  21. Two observations:

    Buchanan has demonstrated repeatedly that he has no real understanding of morality.

    Notice who in the West is defending the Russians — those who share the same authoritarian mindset and disregard for human rights.

  22. I thought he was dead, ignorant old runt!

  23. F. Gallant 14 Aug 2013, 7:54pm

    Mr. Buchanan, you are an idiot and a moron.

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