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Pakistan: New website helps gay men find ways to get around harsh anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. I wish our Pakistani LGBT brothers and sisters the very best of luck with their website initiative. It looks very interesting and will hopefully connect LGBT Pakistanis with each other, as I can imagine that many are isolated. Unfortunately I noticed some of the homophobic comments left on the site, however they’re probably all very ‘thick skinned’ having heard it all before. I just hope Pakistani authorities don’t manage to take the website down or block access to it.

    So, good luck to ‘Queer Pakistan’ – LGBT Pakistanis need to be heard just as much as LGBT Russians.

    1. It’s staggering and expected that this thread was gathered two measly repsonses, while the deluge of Russian threads has people tripping over themselves to vent their anger at Russian anti-gay laws. Wake up people – LGBT communities in Pakistan, Nigeria and Uganda are suffering far more than in Russia. I doubt anyone cares, which is the really sad thing.

  2. Pakistan ranked highest in the world for gay porn searches so there is obviously a strong LGBT presense in Pakistan. The community is there, but they are still isolated and there is no power, they have no voice. Wonderful a site like this can exist to give people hope !! Homophobia is Sexism’s evil twin brother, when Pakistan sets its women free, the LGBT people won’t be far behind. Until Islam loosens it’s death grip on the Middle-East, I wish peace and love to all Arab LGBT’s and hope you find safety and happiness soon.

    Mr. Pink

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