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FIFA asks Russia for ‘clarification and more details’ of anti-gay law ahead of 2018 World Cup

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Reader comments

  1. No, FIFA. That’s not what you should be asking. What you should ask is “where else in the world can we host this event?”
    Anything less, and you might as well call yourself complicit.

  2. Isn’t the world cup ALREADY being part hosted by Qatar?

    A country where gay people can be flogged?

    This is the very essence of fake PR moves!

    1. no, its exclusively hosted by qatar in 2022, although fifa worrys more about hot weather conditions then abuse of human rights

    2. I don’t know about you guys, but I am already starting to boycott the FIFA and all the world cups starting from now, including the world cup next year in my country Brazil, a country completely ridden with corruption where billions of dollars will be embezzled with this cup. It would help a lot if you did the same.

  3. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 7:35pm

    It’s really simple, don’t host the games in any country which doesn’t respect ALL human rights codes, and where we can all verify claims to uphold those rights.

    That means Qatar is out and luckily there is time to move the world cup.

    The truth is they would NEVER tolerate racism or antisemitism, but they seem to not care at all about prejudice and homophobia based on sexual orientation. Have a pillock like Blatter in charge just makes anything that FIFA proposes even harder to take seriously. They are only asking Russian now? This legislation was known about for a year or two before. And FIFA are only asking now to get some lame assurance to cover their arses with.

  4. russia should be boycotted, ignored and humiliated on the world staged, no more international events awarded to russia and no more smiles and handshakes with putin

  5. Good to see the snowball has already started rolling.

  6. God I hope FIFA does the right thing…

  7. FIFA and the IOC don’t really give a stuff about human rights when they award these games. When they seek reassurances after the award, it’s just a publicity stunt.

    Olympics in China, Winter Olympics in Russia, World Cup in Russia and Qatar??? All nations with questions to answer, but clearly the questions were never asked in the first place. Both the IOC and FIFA lack credibility – the only way to get a modicum of respect back is to move the events and shame the likes of Russia and Qatar on the world stage. I’ll not hold my breath!

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