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Comment: Will Sochi haunt the Olympic movement?

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  1. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 7:28pm

    Every day somebody else gets it, I see 2-3 articles a day now where prominent commentators are linking these Olympics with 1935. The parallels are striking, not forgetting economies were also in a deep depressive economic cycle, as they are today. In fact Moneyweek send around a video last week warning that these are the exact conditions which allowed human rights violations and the Nazis and wars to start.

    There are still months to go, and there is always a chance they will roll back that legislation under pressure.

    But, it may be that these games are now irrevocably marred. And at $50 billion they are the most expensive games in history, ever – the costs have almost quadrupled. It makes you wonder how Russia is even affording these games. How much is the sponsorship money worth?

    1. Brilliant deduction here. Yet at the same time, their population growth has stagnated and Russia now gets its official “expert” information from that loopy closeted homosexual twit Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. Remember that Russia is still feeling the sting of losing it’s Soviet Union status and as such has not regained the iron fist power she once had.

      1. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 9:06pm

        Yes, I think it fell to 1.2 and is now at 1.7, with the natural replacement rate is 2.1 (? I think). Someone a bit more sensible than this jerkoff suggested drinking less vodka, which might well help. They have high alcohol problems, divorce rates, but seem unconcerned about either. I think only the stupid would try to blame people who are gay for the low birth rate, but … they might actually be that stupid !

        If they were really concerned they would give gay people full rights and make sure they had free access to IVF, surrogacy, etc. We want to have families too.

  2. What a great article! Thank you, Emmanuelle.

    1. Thanks for bringing us up to date with things that get forgotten over the years, History can and does repeat itself unless we stand together and make sure it dosent.

  3. The world fiddles while LGBT folk are tortured, bullied, beaten up and killed. When they open the camps they will fiddle even more. Russia is a fascist totalitarian dictatorship.
    The more you hear the more you weep for our brothers and sisters in Russia.
    Russia should be punished until it absolves itself of this shame.

    No Olympics , No World Cup – but the World Athletics is at the moment in Moscow and people are not saying a thing.

    1. GulliverUK 13 Aug 2013, 9:09pm

      I notice they don’t seem to chose homophobic African countries like Nigeria (with all that oil money – don’t know where the revenue disappears !), or Uganda, or …. Kenya. There are so many gay-friendly places you could chose, so why chose Russia. IIRC I thought everybody thought they managed to BUY the IOC.

  4. You also have to remeber that after 1936, anti-semitic legislation and violence stepped up a noch after “the pause” mentioned. The Nazis had no great reason to worry about what the decreased number of foreign tourists would say about the treatment of Jews after the Olympics were over.

    We’re worrying about what this will mean for LGBT Russians/competitors/tourists during the Olympics (and rightly so), but we should also worry a great deal about what this means for LGBT persons AFTER “the pause”, when Russia feels no need to “clean up their act” for tourists

  5. Thank you Emmanuelle for this amazing piece, accurately highlighting what our entire mainstream media is ignoring.

    I have spoken and written about the parallels between this and Nazi Germany so many times now, but millions seem completely ignorant to it.

    I suppose it doesn’t help when the BBC are focusing solely on the law passed and no mention of the victims of assault, torture and murder within the country.

    I also want to point out that there is a bill making its way through which would call for more than 80 prison “camps” to be created across Russia. I know it sounds like an irrational exaggeration, almost copying Hitler to the letter, but it’s true and accurate, this really is happening.

    I am with you entirely on all actions suggested, especially the boycott of sponsors. Money is the root of all of this, it’s what the IOC craves, and it cannot be allowed to profit while people suffer through their ignorance. It’s time to boycott the sponsors in every way possible.

  6. Jesse Owens 13 Aug 2013, 9:53pm

    The Berlin Olympics were 1936, not 1933 as stated in the article, or 1935 as stated in the 1st comment. They are always on an even number, given they are every four years.

    1. 1935 (my post) was the point where discussions were taking place, like they are now, the games were in 1936, as you say, as the Sochi games will be in 2014, … unless moved or cancelled.

      NYT Nov. 6, 1935: Hitler to take down anti-semitic signs during Olympics, IOC blasts boycott movement as “lies”

      Well spotted. It seems the IOC hasn’t changed it’s priorities and attitude to dissent since at least … 1935.

  7. Brilliant article.

  8. She is correct. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And here we are, Putin is the new Hitler.

  9. Vladimir Putin is pulling Russia deeper and deeper into fascism, and disturbingly many people in America and Europe applaud it simply *because* of the anti-gay laws! They hate gays so much that they are ignoring all the creepy similarities to other historical fascist regimes. “Defending morals” is often a stated a goal of fascist governments. Indeed, it is usually one of their main rallying cries. Scapegoat politics are a great way to make the majority feel good about themselves without imposing any obligations that they will notice right away.

    1. “Vladimir Putin is pulling Russia deeper and deeper into fascism, and disturbingly many people in America and Europe applaud it simply *because* of the anti-gay laws!”

      Yes. But even worse are the supposed people on the left who join in the homophobia just because they like Putin.

  10. I totally agree. If these games are permitted to go ahead, The Olympic Movement will be forever damaged. The IOC have said Russia is violating their guiding principals by this disgusting attempt to curb the Freedom of Expression of gay people. The ONLY solution is for the athletes themselves to demand the games be moved somewhere else.

  11. Putin is the new Hitler and if the Olympics committee refuses to move the games to another appropriate venue they are making a public statement of support for the anti-gay laws. At that point the Olympics will lose all credibility as well becoming the target of protests.
    They need to decide carefully.

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