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Canada: Social conservatives attack government over pro-gay stance on Russia

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Reader comments

  1. More lame threats from ‘social conservative’ groups.

    I would urge governments to start putting laws in place that would infringe their civil liberties, then see how they like it.


  2. B. Hunsley 13 Aug 2013, 2:14pm

    I truly couldn’t be more disappointed in this ‘reporting’. You’ve violated a man’s privacy with absolutely no reason while giving a voice to a hate group no one is interested in listening to. Why are you outing John Baird? He’s never publicly confirmed his sexuality and this is how you repay his advocacy on behalf of LGBT people?

    As for REAL women of Canada, they’re a tiny, instantly forgettable hate group with almost no support. Why are you giving them any coverage at all?

    You’ve lost a fan over this.

    1. It has been common knowledge for years that John baird is gay. In Canada, being gay is not a stigms one needs to hide.

      1. B. Hunsley 13 Aug 2013, 3:39pm

        No one, especially not this out and proud gay Canadian, is saying that. What I’m saying is that if the man wants to maintain a veneer of privacy, why should he be stripped of that when he’s done nothing but attempt to do right by the LGBT community?

        1. Janet Lameck 13 Aug 2013, 3:54pm

          Harp-Ass’s Conservatives NEED every vote they can get. If he loses the LGBT vote like he has millions of others thanks to his attack DOG Lisa Raitt that party is finished in Canada.

        2. I appreciate the sentiment but I am sure that John Baird is not in the closet.

    2. John Baird is openly gay. He doesn’t advertise, but it’s not something he hides. Also, the sexual orientation of a public official is entirely relevant to a news story about gay rights and public policy in which he engages. I would also argue that a gay man being one of the most powerful ministers in a Tory government is a significant detail.

    3. Barry Dennison 14 Aug 2013, 3:52pm

      Amazing so many Canadians are responding to a UK site, not our own sad sack media in Toronto, who did the same thing – outed someone. I invite you comments over there too!

  3. That There Other David 13 Aug 2013, 2:32pm

    One Million Moms has a Canuck branch, eh?

    Safe to ignore I would have thought.

  4. Unless you have a general policy of outing public figures, you need to edit this article.

    1. Christopher Hobe Morrison 13 Aug 2013, 8:03pm

      I remember when Matthew Parris caught hell for outing a certain Peter Mandelson who shall remain nameless. Matt responded that as far as he knew everybody knew Mandelson was gay. A response to this could have been everybody you knew, but I still don’t think Matt did something wrong.

      1. Barry Dennison 14 Aug 2013, 3:54pm

        Amazing so many Canadians are responding to a UK site, not our own sad sack media in Toronto, who did the same thing – outed someone. I invite you comments over there too!

  5. Social Conservatism as a political force is somewhat irrelevant.
    In Britain, no matter ho vocal these people were, they still only represented a minority in the Conservative Party which is itself a relative minority in terms of overall political representation in the country.
    A quick search for Canada’s last election shows a similar position for their conservative party, which earned just over 37% of the vote.
    Social conservatism’s opposition to gay rights legislation in many countries has been defeated over and over and over again by ever growing majorities. Their attack on Canada’s government only makes them look autocratic and, for want of a better word, Russian.

    1. B. Hunsley 13 Aug 2013, 2:49pm

      The party you’re talking about (a party I don’t support, for the record) is the party that John Baird is speaking on behalf of when he condemns homophobia. They’ve refused to re-open the same-sex marriage debate or the abortion debate in this country many times. Say what you will about them, but I’d hardly say they’re equal to social conservatives of the frothing at the mouth variety, ie: REAL women of Canada.

    2. ” Social Conservatism as a political force is somewhat irrelevant. In Britain, no matter ho vocal these people were, they still only represented a minority in the Conservative Party. ”

      During the vote for same-sex marriage, a majority of UK Conservative MPs voted against the legislation. Therefore, social conservatism would appear to be the MAJORITY in the Conservative Party, rather than a minority as you have said.

      1. A majority of Conservatives in the Lords however voted FOR equal marriage, so invalidating your argument.

        1. Invalidating my argument? LOL. Okayyyyy. Social conservatism is f-ing rife in the UK Tory party – esp. if you include local councillors and the national membership.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Aug 2013, 4:27pm

        The vote in the Commons wasn’t exactly a super majority of social conservatives either, miniscule comparatively.

        1. LOL. I made a perfectly valid point Robert as you well know. More Conservative MPs voted AGAINST SSM. That speaks for itself. However, you may find that fact very difficult to swallow!

  6. The PM is Canada is a Social Conservative and has not spoken out against the IOC or Russia. His foreign minister did and was criticized by the Conservative Party base for it.

    When people think of the American Tea Party trying to push the right wing to the extreme margin, they forget that Canada has its own version of the Tea Party, called the Canadian Alliance Reform Party. Harper was their leader too.

    In the USA the Tea Party lost to Obama, in Canada, the Tea Party won the election.

    1. The Social Conservatives, esp, those of a religious stripe, are not the base of Canada’s Conservative Party. They are a fringe element and groups like Real Women are basically just empty shells. The base of Canada’s Tory Party are economic conservatives, small-government conservatives, and, unfortunately, a bloc of neoconservatives.

  7. Who would the crazies vote for then?? Stay at home and sulk? Fine by me!

  8. …there’s only one thing to say about this annoying Russian fascist attitudes at present and it is the rest of the world will give them so much flack they will have to bend and put up and shut up!

  9. Shocking that hate groups like the REAL Women of Canada are even permitted to exist with the kind of bigoted and spiteful bile they preach.

    They call themselves “feminists”, believe it or not! lol

  10. Janet Lameck 13 Aug 2013, 3:48pm

    Tell those “OLD BIDDIES” that this is a human rights issue and to take their “PURITAN” values back on the Mayflower. GAY rights are here to stay in Canada as well as England so just SHUT THE HELL UP!

  11. Jock S. Trap 13 Aug 2013, 3:52pm

    It’s bad when people deliberately hide the facts, like the violence and killing of innocent men and children just on the suspicion they may be gay.

    What does this say about humanity and religion when they tell others to stop highlighting the problems and dangers within a society.

    It’s cruel, it’s inhumane.

    At least Mr Harpers government is voicing it’s concerns in the world.

    When it comes to Gay people why is it acceptable to be murdered, tortured, abused etc when they cry out if someone, not gay, is murdered?

    To these ‘social conservative’ when does Genocide become unacceptable?

    It’s disgusting that they have such little regard for life, esp of others.

  12. Barry William Teske 13 Aug 2013, 3:59pm

    Gwendolyn Landolt is no big worry.
    The self imploding thought processes of her and her so called group wouldn’t know value even if they were wiping with 3 ply.
    Minister Baird is not the type to worry over his being outed. The man is more than capable of doing what he does as Canadas Foreign Affairs Minister.The real example has been set by Baird, and he will move and think forward as he always has.
    Gwendolyn Landolt will continue to wonder why her butt is so itchy.

    1. Wow, Gwen Landolt is still ‘alive?’ I remember her from the eighties. Her antifeminist pack of elderly female religious social conservatives also deserves contempt for its ridiculous campaign against Bill C-279, which will attend gender identity to the Canadian Human Rights Act.

      1. Gush I should take more time to read news paper. I did not know neither that bitch nor her group.

  13. So, let me get this straight (pun intended). Canada’s Social Conservatives are siding with Russia against the inclusive attitudes of their own government? How weird and warped is that? I suppose that means they would also have sided with that nice Mr. Hitler against the Jews …..?

    1. As the Daily Mail did, according to another article on pn.

    2. Don’t confuse social conservatives with the Conservative Party of Canada.

  14. michael seymour 13 Aug 2013, 4:46pm

    REAL WOMEN should unite with that other homophobic hate group Westboro Baptist Church down in Topeka – then we can hope for a Kansas tornado to dump them in the middle of the ocean.

  15. Real Women of Canada who’s President,Gwendolyn Landolt, who said “it is not a Canadian value that homosexuals should usurp religious rights and traditional values.”

    Oh really, Gwendolyn Landoltis attempting to get traction for her fascist beliefs wrapped up in her view of religious “tradition” to persecute those who do not believe as she does.

    Canada has a proud values of standing up against religious practices which harm and denigrate and seek to impose vile hatred on others.
    Equality and innate humanity does usurp ignorant hateful beliefs, get used to it, that is what human rights are about.

  16. All EIGHT of them?

  17. Reading this article and the response to it is an interesting cause for reflection.

    Had it been left to the Canadian Conservatives and our PM, we would have lost a lot of LGBT rights… including equal marriage. Let’s not forget that our Conservative PM tried to take that away from us when running for re-election.

    So it is interesting to fast forward a few years and see larger numbers of this government have accepted changes they once opposed. They realize it wasn’t an apocalyptic event after all.

    I might have been inclined to have called them hypocrites given their past. How ever times changed and I am proud to have seen them not only about face and continue to advance LGBT rights and equality in Canada… but more so to see they now have the strength and voice social conscience to make a stand against the humanitarian violations and atrocities against LGBT around the world.

    At this point the do us Canadians proud!

  18. johnny33308 13 Aug 2013, 11:54pm

    So-called ‘Conservatives’ have held humanity back since the beginning of time. They backed the slave owners, they backed Apartheid, they backed Segregation, they always back the losing archaic position in any social conflict. They are anti-human rights, as well, obviously. The fill the ranks of many designated hate-groups here in the US, as they do elsewhere. They seek the status quo in all things….they are and have always been dinosaurs. Their time is ending, fortunately for Civil Society….

  19. The Real Women aren’t particularly, and have been hiding under a rock since 1965. The fact is that equality is a Canadian value.

    1. Yes indeed.

  20. First time ever in more than 7 years Harper is Prime Minister that I’m proud of him.

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