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Video: Russian State-run TV host says ‘Gays’ hearts should be burned rather than used for organ donation’

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah, that doesn’t at all sound like delusional savage fukwitted nonsense.

    And the wheels of the savage state grind on….

  2. The amount of hate needed to suggest it’s better to let patients die over the sexuality of organ donors is unfathomable and has no place in governance or TV…

  3. Historical Progress? Someone’s got a warped sense of humour.

  4. The people continue to disgust me!

    Russia is a vile hell hole

  5. Keith in SALFORD 12 Aug 2013, 4:31pm

    And for that view from a knuckle-dragger and his applauding audience of knuckle-draggers, you will no doubt have the Russian Orthodox Church to thank and in particular the Patriarch of Moscow, Kiril the First, the one with the impossible white headgear, straight out of a Kispy-Kreme store and robes like a clown-fish.
    We are in the 21st century are we not?
    What are these mediaeval non-deads blethering on about..?
    Wouldn’t it be great if this spouting cretin were in a huge smash up and the only heart available, the only blood that matched was from a Quentin Crisp lookalike.
    Talk’s cheap, Tovarish Cloth-head, till you’re up against it.
    I hope you soon are and die screamin’, you hateful sack of sh ( 1te ).


  6. Yes, his heart should be burned also. But while he is still alive.

  7. Keith in SALFORD 12 Aug 2013, 4:40pm

    Wanna giggle?
    Google Patriarch of Moscow Kiril the First and read about his scrubber.
    Read about this tott-pot (ss) and PUSSY RIOT.
    Read about his airbrushed out Swiss watch and him being awarded the SILVER SHOE..
    What a country.
    Its clergy wear Krispy-Kremes on their heads and its President still thinks he’s 19 and mucho macho but campo as Fanny-o.

  8. This is just sick, and the audience are applauding it? What is wrong with you people?

  9. Pile on the embarassment, pile on the shame, Russia! Keep digging your own grave; now our very hearts and organs are enough to infect people with *~*~teh gay*~*~*, hilarious !

  10. Our hearts should be burned, eh?

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a more hateful homophobic suggestion.

    For us it’s “Thank goodness he’s in Russia!” but for all those millions of LGBTs in Russia he’s rather too close for comfort.

  11. I fear Russia is going is heading towards the path of being like Nazi Germany. First gays are prosecuted who will be next ? About time countries halt all foreign aid money to this country. We should not fund their hate.

    1. Not just gay people, they’re attacking immigrants too.

      It was not picked up by the mainstream press, but the Russian Duma is expected to pass a bill soon which will require the state to open 82 prison camps across the country.

      These are real prison camps, not immigration detention centers, but actual camps guarded by armed military, with people crammed into tents and huts, and labeled by Human Rights organizations as inhumane.

      Think about how many immigrants there might be in Russia, and whether they would really need so many camps just for them. It’s a scary thought, but it looks like they are actively planning genocide.

      1. Oh my gosh thats truly awful :( it seems Russia is closer down their dark path then i thought. :(

  12. And this is not homophobia? This guy should be shot as far as I am concerned.

    I ask everyone to contact the artists concerned to ask them to withdraw from this Jazz festival.

    Here are contact details for Patrick Wolf

    For Bonabo Live (scroll to bottom of page)

    For Submotion

    For British Sea Power

    For Red Snapper

    Most of these groups also have Facebook and or Twitter accounts. I urge everyone to contact them and to ask them to withdraw.

    This event is in fact in the Ukraine.
    I have done some checking and it appears that Dmitriy Kiselyov is still heavily involved.

    From Wikipedia

    1. Yes, he is still involved. He even has a villa in Koktebel:

      I think it’s just wrong that he is socializing with great British musicians at his Festival, then goes back to Russia and spews hate on state TV.

  13. They always tell bollocks on this show.
    It’s disgusting to hear these things.
    Sometimes I think that this kind of show is special for journalists
    I hate this guy he is a bastard; there are many bastards in this country but there are also many people with kind heart. It’s hurt to read all your bad words about Russia
    Yeah, this low is rubbish I hope they will change their opinion and cancel this.
    I wish all of you be stronger and don’t give up

    1. Please forgive those of us who use the word Russia as a target of attack, we mean the bigots and the government, not the many liberal and sensible people there.
      It’s hard to distinguish how many there support these things and how many do not, because your media is so biased. Everything coming out of Russia is gay-bashing, apart from occasional comments from people such as your good self.
      It’s good to know that there are many people in Russia who are not gay and who also support the LGBT people there.

  14. I am not easily shocked, but this clip certainly shocked me. How much lower can one go?

  15. thelostdot 12 Aug 2013, 6:18pm

    You would think they would know better given how the Nazis treated them. What a bunch of xxxxxxs.

  16. Christopher Kay 12 Aug 2013, 6:27pm

    Hitler said almost exactly the same things about the Jews.

  17. Have a heart! This man clearly doesn’t! because he cares neither about the terminally ill who’s only hope of life is a suitable donor. I doubt the recipient would discriminate either the sex or sexuality of the donor if they have the gift of continued life.

    This mans thoughts and pontifications are both heartless and inflammatory, If anyone’s heart should be burned it is his… it is lacking compassion and full of bigoted hate. This man should be studied for human science, because how he got this far in life being so heartless is a unfortunate miracle.

  18. might want to ask the potential heart recipients what they think

  19. These are words of genocide.

  20. British Sea Power are already looking into this festival and fans are waiting for a statement to confirm if they are still going to play. Judging by how they correctly identify the man as a hateful bigot, it seems unlikely they’ll be attending.

    I suppose several of the others will now be looking into this too, and reassessing their presence there.

    This is what we need to be doing, finding more instances like this and exposing artists, businesses, individuals and politicians to the hard questions about their dealings.

    All artists need to be asked about their plans when touring, if it includes Russia, they should be pressured into making a statement.

    We’ve been too relaxed about all of this before, supporting acts like No Doubt who REPEATEDLY worked with extremely homophobic “artists” from Jamaica. Some of the BS they did was unforgivable, but Gwen is a talented two-faced artist who somehow managed to keep it out of the mainstream and distract attention with pro-gay public relations.

  21. Scott John Harrison 12 Aug 2013, 9:56pm

    It could of been worse – He could of “encouraged” gay people to be “forced” to donate their organs and you would have them gangs going around with a cooler full of ice recreating a scene from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life.

  22. “They are aggressively imposing their minority values on the majority. So sure, society will oppose it. Naturally, right? In various, including brutal forms.”
    That is what he said about murders of gays in Russia.

  23. An absolutely disgraceful statement, the like of which are going to increase with Putin’s dictates.
    The anti gay tide of hate must be stopped and this can only be done by those who started the whole thing off in St Petersburg and that is Putin and his crazed government who follow his every crazed word.
    The civilised world must prove its disgust, and this is not by tut tutting!

  24. Anyone who is too bigoted to accept organs from someone who might be gay frankly doesn’t understand the value of organ donation, and doesn’t deserve ANYONE’S organs.

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