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Peter Tatchell: ‘I want to know what David Cameron is going to do to challenge homophobia in Russia’

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Reader comments

  1. thelostdot 12 Aug 2013, 6:10pm

    We are clearly STILL second class citizens, unlike other minority groups. It isn’t acceptable, and it NEVER will be. If they hold the Olympics there they have betrayed us, no matter what politicians rubbish they try to spout to justify themselves.

    1. Really? what about “minorities” who are LGBT or don’t they count?

      1. What on earth are you talking about James? I’m obviously talking about LGBT people. If your comprehension is that bad probably best to keep your mouth shut!

  2. Absolutely nothing. next question?

    He’ll go to the Olympics. If we’re lucky he’ll make another pretty, but meaningless speech where he basically says “I love gay people – but not going to do anything about Russian persecution I’ll de-facto support. You guys still voting for me?”

  3. Watching the news as I read this, and Cameron is waffling on about the wonders of cycling! I think the issue in Russia must be very low on his list of priorities right now, sadly…

  4. What is tatchell going to do about the ban on cons=ensual adult in=ce=st?
    Should consenting adults be jailed for having sex? Well yes. Just because there is adult consent does not make an act moral or natural.
    Sc=@t is filthy and perverted yet this is also practiced by consenting adults.
    Billions feel homosexuality is perverted also.
    Unlike Britain (where you would be jailed and beaten), Russia allows homosexuality, bestia=lity, cons=ensaul adult inc=est and de-=fa=cto polyg=amy.
    Tatchell is clearly barking up the wrong tree by ignoring his own country’s criminalization of consensual adult acts that are legal in Russia

    1. Its Keith !!!

  5. GulliverUK 12 Aug 2013, 6:26pm

    I agree with Peter that he hasn’t said what he can / would do, I expect it’ll be behind the scenes diplomacy.

    But it is worth mentioning that when HE spoke, some people who were horizontal on this sat up and it was suddenly mentioned on ITV, Sky and the BBC, I even heard it on Smooth radio (I only listen to it in the bath, honest!). He did have to be prompted in to responding by the St. Fry, but it worked.

    We should not wait for heads of government to do things, we should press ahead on our own, that way we can control the destination, and move at the speed we want.

    I’d like to see all London boroughs, and the Mayor, cut their twin city arrangements with Russia. We can do that via petitions, or mass emailings.

    Let’s marginalise and demonize and persecute Russia, like it is persecuting people who happen to be gay, .. so they’ll know what it feels like.

    1. Derek Williams 12 Aug 2013, 6:40pm

      I fully agree. The IOC has said it has “received assurances at the highest level from the Russian government”, so it’s case closed unless there is a ramping up of activism.

  6. Do we see Russians demonstrating about British laws which criminalize c`o`n`s`e`ns`ual a`d`ult acts that are legal in Russia such as d`e-fa`c`to p`o`ly-=g`a`my and a`du`lt i`n`c`e-s`=t? Hypocrite!

  7. Derek Williams 12 Aug 2013, 6:37pm

    This time Mr Tatchell has my full support.

  8. Tatchell's minion 12 Aug 2013, 6:45pm

    Thanks Degsy. I will just need a few hundred thousand more for the invasion. We cannot have these sovereign nations making their own laws to protect minors from sexual propaganda. All non traditional sexual propaganda should be available to minors should it not?

    1. What are they doing to protect minors from heterosexual propaganda as well as homosexual propaganda? Heterosexual propaganda disturbed me greatly as a child. Good lord, the things I’ve seen… why lord? WHY ! It was so gross, but I could never escape it, it was shoved down my throat everywhere I went. Taught to me at school, splattered on my tv screen like an ugly stain, in every magazine, every movie, every newspaper, it was draped on the lamposts and pavements in the streets, they even promoted it in resteraunts! Where I eat! Yuck.

      Unfortunatley, it didn’t work because I like boys, and always have done, and was always meant to. The heterosexual propaganda must be stopped, to protect the children !!!

      1. Every scientific and psychological institution on the planet agrees that the problem is not mine, but it is in fact people like you who has a screw loose somehwere, it is you who is deserved of pity for the ball and chain you have to lug around every day. I am happy and you are not, that is the only “problem” here. If you have a problem with that the problem is yours, the law should not accomodate your perversions, religious or otherwise.

  9. Craig Smith 12 Aug 2013, 8:27pm

    WWII started because of Hitlers vision of white German supremacy. At the time coloured people hadn’t won their right for equality and were already considered 2nd class people. He took a dislike to the Jews and that is what lead to the Hollocaust.

    A Vodka boycott would be ineffective as it represents only 0.002% of russias revenue as it is produced with russian based ingredients in neighbouring countries. Boycotting this vodka hurts neighbouring countries economies.

    I don’t think the games could be moved to another city, its too short notice and no city out there has the structure in place to run the winter olympics. However I think that the olympics should be moved to multiple countries. Britain hosts tennis, France hosts cycling, America hosts basketball, Germany hosts Athletics etc. It may not have the whole opening or closing ceremony glamour but at least the games happen and Russia lose face!

    I wonder if we would be tolerating this if russia put a ban on black people…..

    1. Craig, I agree with the concept of multiple venues for a relocated Winter Olympics. Athletes have worked hard and trained for their dream to compete, some only ever have one chance and a total boycott will rob them of this opportunity.

      Relocation would hurt Putin and his government. but a backlash for LGBT might become a harsh reality.

      Games in multiple venues is alternately a possible solution! As an example Canada has multiple venues… Calgary and Vancouver! but as you have stated structure is not available. For example some facilities were converted after the original games, athletes villages sold or rented. With multiple venues option, a choice of available facilities could more realistically host a reasonable number of athletes/visitors find accommodation if the IOC follow through on this demand. Though I expect they would balk at this as a logistical nightmare.

      1. Continued:

        I don’t doubt that athletes will want to support LGBT Russians. Many of the athletes or their homelands will back and support what ever protest they make or hold. How many will or should we expect to sacrifice their dreams? If they don’t not only will they not be at the games or win medals, they won’t be able to show solidarity or support for LGBT Russians. Visible presence, support might actually prove how best to protest this inhuman injustice.

  10. Mr. Tatchell made a crucial point by saying that coalition between gay and straight people should be created in this matter. He is absolutely right that all of this is not just about gay rights but it’s much broader problem. It’s time for civilised world to wake up ! Too many people don’t care as far their own rights are intact. But they should be aware more than ever, that striking down the rights of certain group in the society, may very soon lead to abolishing of their own !

  11. Repost:
    Human Rights Watch
    “The International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee, the so-called top corporate sponsors — Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble — these companies all, as [HRW] did, tracked the progress of this law.”

    “And because it is so clearly in complete violation of the Olympic Charter,” she continued, “it’s also clear to us at Human Rights Watch that if any of the major Olympic stakeholders, the sponsors who are literally paying for the Games, or the International Olympic Committee, the U.S. Olympic Committee or the other Olympic committees, if they weighed in on this, I don’t think this law would have been signed by Putin or passed by the Duma. If they had leaned on [Russia] before the law was signed, it would not have been signed.

  12. The IOC will do nothing to upset their lucrative gravy train. This Club makes a great deal of money for its members in kickbacks bribes and gifts. Not quite as bad as FIFA but not by much.

    I think Cameron’s options are limited. However one thing he could and should do is put pressure on Putin through the Council of Europe. I do not understand why they are still members with their human rights record. Time to remove them!

    I urge you all to email the Council and demand Russia’s removal.

    Here is the Address.

    If you wish to contact the Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers, send an email to

  13. Well what a wanker you are!. You are WRONG WRONG WRONG!
    This new law is in clear violation of their treaty commitments. And of the Convention of which Russia is a signatory! (They have to be to be a member of the Council of Europe)

    So, as the saying goes. Engage brain (if you have one) before mouth (Okay it is typed!)

    Moral authority also extends to standing up and letting other country’s know that what they are doing is wrong in the eyes of many other countries (and in this case probably unlawful)

    ‘Evil prospers when good men do nothing’ (Att Edmund Burke)

    1. However as an addendum I do agree about Cameron dismantling the welfare state and destroying the NHS!

  14. Yes Tatchell. I see the stop murder music campaign worked in Jamaica too. Well done

  15. Matthew Nolan 13 Aug 2013, 11:11am

    Our LGBT organisation has noticed along with you all that there is no real meaningful response to the anti LGBT laws in Russia from our government representatives. We feel impotent and powerless to make a difference because of this. We have asked McDonalds to respond and they have done so on their facebook page. However the response is as meaningful as we had come to suspect. They claim to be in line with all policies regarding discrimination and yet fall to the default press release from the IOC. McDonalds will not be taking an independent stand on this issue, it would seem.

  16. The same Tatchell who happily marches with hardline Communist @UAF that’s partly run by and filled with Islamic zealots and bigots who make Putin’s stance on Homosexuality look like a Gay Pride rally.

  17. The same Tatchell who happily marches with hardline Communist @UAF that’s partly run by and filled with Islamic zealots and bigots….who make Putin’s stance on Homosexuality look like a Gay Pride rally.

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