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Murdered Jamaican trans teenager Dwayne Jones suffered bullying from father and at school

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Reader comments

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    1. stop posting trolling this message in the forum -this is nothing to do with Dwayne’s murder


  2. Nice to see so much compassion for Dwyane

  3. Common sense 12 Aug 2013, 10:48pm

    In all the hue and cry about the terrible things going on in Russia, it is easy to forget that some countries are far far worse. Jamaica has been called the most homophobic nation on earth. And when you read of tragedies like this one it’s not hard to see why.

    1. Actually Russia and Jamaica are as bad as each other.

    2. It just goes to show black lgbt death are not as important as white. Everyone castigating Russia while ignoring this. just goes to show how many gay people don’t care.

      1. But what people are objecting to in Russia is mainly the introduction of new anti-gay legislation, not one murder (however sickening).

  4. See, this is where people fall flat with the “it’s a choice” argument because everyone knows LGBT are bullied at school and likely to be shunned by friends and family and at risk to death, who would choose that?

    RIP Dwayne. Once the “masculine” men get over their insecurities we will all be much better off, in Jamaica and beyond.

  5. johnny33308 13 Aug 2013, 12:56am

    “No one has been charged with this crime” and guess what, no one ever will be either, just like it used to be here in the US when whites lynched innocent black people (in the South of the country) even into the 1970s….and many innocent LGBT people are murdered every day all over the world. You think you hear about even a small fraction of them? Hardly! DO NOT GO TO HOMOPHOBIC COUNTRIES!

    1. Absolutely right, I somehow can’t see any arrests being made despite the large numbers of witnesses. Hostility towards minorities will never be eradicated altogether, but places like Jamaica will only move forward even a little way when people can’t murder like this with impunity.

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