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German Foreign Minister: Treatment of gay people in Russia unacceptable

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Reader comments

  1. Putin “has reiterated that Russia is not a homophobic country”?

    The man suffers from grave double-think.

    He needs psychiatric attention quick.

  2. GulliverUK 12 Aug 2013, 5:24pm

    Very good to see Germany weighing in on this. They are at the heart of the Europe and it’s important to see them condemning this in such definitive language.

    1. Michael Nektarios Inkpin-Leissner 15 Aug 2013, 5:35pm

      It was only a statement of the Minister. Frau Merkel keeps quiet.

  3. Scott Rose 12 Aug 2013, 5:31pm

    Putin and his government are demonizing the gay minority by alleging that all members of it are a threat to children. They also have demonized gay people by calling them a threat to the continuation of the Russian nation (because they tend to have fewer children?) That double-barreled gay-bashing hate speech — based on known falsehoods and absurdities — is calculated to focus anger and hatred on innocent gay people. Moreover, because the law eliminates freedom of speech in talking about homosexual orientation in public (one can condemn it, but not present the scientific consensus on it) an attorney representing a gay defendant can not even make public statements in line with the scientific consensus on homosexuality. Somebody should hurl a pie in Putin’s face.

    1. a “FRUIT” pie!

  4. So, the law is unacceptable, as is Russia’s treatment of gay people, but we shouldn’t boycott the Russian Olympics? SO, what exactly should we do about this “unacceptable” situation? Nothing? It sounds like it.
    THAT is unacceptable!

  5. “Mr Westerwelle went on to say that calls for a boycott of the Winter Olympics were “misguided” and had the potential to do more harm than good for gay people living in Russia.”

    No, calls for boycott are the only option viable because they are the only language that Russia will understand. No one will learn anything and nothing will change without real boycotts to Russia. But of course he said that, he is a politician, and politicians are hypocrites and sellouts by definition.

    1. Common sense 12 Aug 2013, 10:39pm

      You have to remember that Germany is totally dependent on a gas supply from Russia, which ussia has on occasion turned off when displeased. Westerwelle is a gay man and a liberal. he understands the issues and like many of us, he has come to the conclusion that boycotts are probably less effective than public protests at keeping the media attention on this important issue.

  6. Mark VanZanten 12 Aug 2013, 10:12pm

    I will be boycotting the Olympics as well as it’s sponsors – on the night of the opening ceremonies I will be holding an open protest against Russia and the leadership of the world for their dismaying treatment of the LGBTI community.

  7. I agree that we should boycott Russian products.
    It took a lot of years for South Africa to change but Mssrs Mandela and Tutu confirmed that they were convinced it had a significant effect. We should also boycott sponsors of the games.

  8. Michael Nektarios Inkpin-Leissner 15 Aug 2013, 5:33pm

    Respect for Minister Westerwelle to mention it. Angela Merkel is a coward, she refuses to acknowledge the development of hatecrimes, as in her heart she is homophobic herself. See how she tries to stop equality in Germany. The constitutional court of Germany had to force her moving on a couple of times.

  9. Dear Mr Westerwelle,
    notorious neo-nazi Greek MP Panagiotaros called you “lady” one day before Mr. Schauble visited Greece (17-18/7/13). Yesterday 16/8/13, he appealed for homosexuality to be criminalized again in Greece. Is there anything to be said, apart from Russia, to an EU member, Greece?

  10. Michael-Nektarios, if you live in Germany and your origin is Greek and if you read what I wrote, please spread it to gay people in Germany. I don;t speak German. And every other who cares. Greek right wing is not like Merkel whatsoever. Numerous right wing MPs of New Democracy, the main party in Government, appeal openly for co-operation with Golden Dawn, the purest Nazi party in Europe. All their history and acts, all their culture is full of cult to German Nazism. They never hide their will to exterminate gay people. Why Germany speaks for Russia and not Panagiotaros, who moked their minister of Foreign Affairs, after all? Because they have consented to a likely co-operation between ND and GD. And because they don’t give a damn for gay people in general, to no mention Greek gays. Is anybody here?

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