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French Sports Minister expresses ‘worry’ over Russian anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. .....Paddyswurds 13 Aug 2013, 9:16am

    Western athletes who support the Russian anti gay pogroms by attending the Winter Olympics in Sochi should be ostracised and vilified at every opportunity and they should have fair warning of this before they go.
    We have little time left in which to bring as much pressure as possible on western Olympic committees to boycott the Russian games and we must step up our game.
    Athletes who go there will be hoping to gain medals with which they will then approach commercial concerns in order to make as much money as possible from such wins.
    The gay community is an important economic block when these companies are marketing athletes, as we have the disposable income to indulge these people. If we make it clear that participants in these games will be shunned then I am betting things will change in our favour and more importantly in the disgraceful and inhuman anti gay laws in Russia.
    Buyer and supporter of these laws beware; supporting and taking part in these games is giving tacit ….

    1. .....Paddyswurds 13 Aug 2013, 9:17am

      …..tacit support to these dreadful laws, which are akin to Hitlers pogroms against the Jews,


      1. We don’t even need to compare it with Hitler’s pogrom against the Jews, Hitler already set the template for these very laws…

        “Upon the rise of Adolf Hitler, gay men and, to a lesser extent, lesbians, were two of the numerous groups targeted by the Nazi Party and were ultimately among Holocaust victims. Beginning in 1933, gay organizations were banned, scholarly books about homosexuality, and sexuality in general, were burned, and homosexuals within the Nazi Party itself were murdered. The Gestapo compiled lists of homosexuals, who were compelled to sexually conform to the “German norm.”

        Between 1933 and 1945, an estimated 100,000 men were arrested as homosexuals, of whom some 50,000 were officially sentenced.[1] Most of these men served time in regular prisons, and an estimated 5,000 to 15,000 of those sentenced were incarcerated in Nazi concentration camps”

        All that’s required is a despot and a convenient scapegoat.

  2. The French are absolutely right to be worried. ANY government-introduced restriction to ‘Freedom of Expression’ is a sign that the regime which introduces it is in turmoil. The leaders of an emasculated and impotent former Empire (like Russia) will be desperate for scapegoats to distract from their inadequacies and failings. Has the world learned NOTHING from history? A ‘scapegoat’ is exactly what Hitler made the Jews pre-WW2…. and the world stood back and watched. Why does anyone imagine history does not repeat? Decisive action MUST be taken immediately to show Russia we are not afraid to stand up to them. They must be ostracised – along with any other nation which seeks to demonise and isolate any citizen on the grounds of their race or sexuality.

  3. This pretty much the same as holding an Olympic games in aparteid South Africa. Why do our leaders think that it’s OK?

    1. Because gay people are hated by numerous groups in society. We’re attacked by the religious, the homophobia of African nations, by fascists, by politicians, by simple-minded conservative types… by so many.
      There are few vote-winning opportunities here for a politician to take a stand for LGBT equality, we’re an easy target to be dismissed or attacked. Backing LGBT issues only gains them the support of LGBT people and their reasonable friends, and potentially loses them the support of all those various groups of crazy despots.

  4. There is not much left to do. A boycott or move of the games has been dismissed, the law will not be changed, the IOC has agreed to follow the homophobic laws and has now openly stated that any protest or political message by athletes will be punished.

    Stephen Fry’s suggestion of a symbol for the participants and spectators to use has been attacked by the IOC who have stated that their Charter and its cherry-picked ideals will be used to silence participants and threaten them into submission.

    It seems to me that the only thing left to do is begin a boycott of Coca-Cola and McDonalds, their largest sponsors. This is what I have been suggesting from the start, perhaps assuming that we would end up with all other options destroyed.

    The only way to hit the IOC (and therefore Russia) is to attack the money making machine. We need to start calling for a global boycott of the two major companies backing this bigoted organization and its bigoted games.

  5. Derek Williams 25 Aug 2013, 2:23pm

    If you are openly gay and you win a medal, and a child sees that a homosexual could be capable of winning a medal, then you can be arrested on the charge of “homosexual propaganda to minors”, imprisoned for up to 15 days, charged, fined, and then deported in disgrace.

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