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Exclusive: Brian Paddick: ‘Putin can ignore us unless we do things that hurt the Russian economy’

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Reader comments

  1. Boycott Vodka. Boycott Sochi. Boycott Russia full stop. This is the very least we should do. We also need to show full solidarity with Russian lgbts in order to make a difference. Likewise, it is important not to forget all those African and Middle Eastern countries which do exactly the same to their lgbt citizens also. The focus is on Russia at the moment but we need to have the entire world in mind. We can make a difference.

  2. Mumbo Jumbo 12 Aug 2013, 1:39pm

    The one real danger to the Russian economy is the discovery of shale gas in western Europe. Get fracking.

  3. GulliverUK 12 Aug 2013, 1:48pm

    It’s not just boycotts of Russian physical goods, but also getting others to boycott going there. Like;

    The American Kennel Club has sent a letter to Rafael de Santiago, the president of the FCI, urging him to move the 2016 World Dog Show from Russia to another country because of Russia’s recent laws regarding gays and lesbians.

    The more groups move away from having any interaction with Russia the better. When nobody wants to be their friend any more, they will have to sit down and think about their behavior and how they need to change. You can keep your Russian identity and culture, but Human Rights are universal, and must be universally respected by every country, especially someone like Russia, which was supposed to have been a leader on the world stage.

  4. How about people there talking to the church leaders there and getting them to understand that people are gay, it can’t be “promoted”, and that they have been misled by the anti-gay lobby in the US and the Vatican (I seem to remember Benedict had some meetings with the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, when he was telling anyone who would listen that acceptance of gays was the end of the World).

    As an aside, have you noticed how fascist regimes often work hand in glove with the Church: Franco in Spain (very much so), Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany, I don’t know about Latin America; can Mr. Putin and the Orthodox church be seen in this light too?

    1. Yes, lets try to reason with a religious cult that has consistently attacked others at every opportunity for two thousand years and hope that this time reason will prevail! lol

      I don’t mean to offend, but you are very naive. Religions have no interest in compromise and have no reasonable faction to sympathize.

      The Russian Orthodox Church is more extreme than many realize too, this is not people debating about these issues over cups of tea like here in the UK, these radicals will punch and kick and claw your eyes out for daring to question their authority.

      The church in Russia is no more reasonable a religious group than the Taliban. It is a violent and sick organization of extremists inflicting their bigotry on millions of people, and many of those people are willing to take it too.

  5. This does need to be across the board. Seek out artists planning to tour there and tell them what you think, contact organizations with links to Russia and expose them to the threat of boycott, avoid all Russian products and businesses.

    But it needs to go further than this too.

    Coca-Cola, Visa, McDonalds and other sponsors have conveniently managed to avoid publicity and made no real statements about their backing of the games. It’s time the boycott extended to them too.

    They are pumping money into this, they are the sponsors involved in supporting the IOC which has itself breached its own statements of inclusive sport.

    It’s time to get the message across to those corporations.

    I know not many here would be eating McDonalds, and boycotting Visa is almost impossible for the consumer, but we can boycott Coca-Cola, which happens to be the oldest sponsor of the Olympics too. They were also involved in the Olympics of 1936.

    Boycott Coca-Cola and force them to take a stand.

    1. GulliverUK 12 Aug 2013, 3:16pm

      Someone should talk to Coca-Cola first, they may be able to help.

      See this;

      A boycott of Coca-cola would have to involve multiple individual brands, i.e. no point not buying Coca-Cola if you buy Sprite or Fanta instead !

      It’s a good idea, but as an American company it would be targeting a non-Russian company, so important for such a move to be very well-thought through.

  6. Janet Lameck 12 Aug 2013, 3:34pm

    Boycott ALL Russian goods, deny tourists from, and tourism to Russia.

  7. Sounds like a good idea on paper, but as we know with things like sanctions, it’s the poorest and most vulnerable who end up suffering. Those who make the laws will still be living in luxury.

    I’m more for the non-confrontational approach. I want to see lots of rainbow flags, drag kings and queens, sparkle and glitter from a high foreign LGBT presence at the Winter Olympics. Make the games so camp, but in a peaceful way, that Russia won’t know which direction to point their TV cameras.

  8. …..there’s nothing more horrendous than knowing that a country like Russia is so stupidly rotten due to bigotry and can’t face the fact that people ARE perfectly decent regardless of their sexuality.

  9. Do to Russian shipping what Spain threatened Gibraltar with. Pointless security checks.
    Give every Russian ship a full and thorough search for any type of contraband material, not just when it comes into a country, but as it goes out also. Oh, and don’t forget to keep the ship in port until the Russians cough up the cash to pay for the search.

  10. Why is this relevant and topical item already relegated to the ‘also ran’ section, yet the 1001th ‘US Radio Host’… boring non-story still gets prime billing?

  11. Brian Paddick raises a good point and it is something that we all can do.
    WE need to think about boycotting sposnors of these events. If Visa are one of the sponsors – I am sure most of us have visa cards – Hand back your visa card and say why. Use a different card – there are others out there. Or ask your local gay bar to boycott Coca-cola. And to tell their supplier why. And so on. You get the picture.

  12. Stephen Frost 15 Aug 2013, 11:13am

    What IS it with these idiots? The Russians have promised to jail anyone who makes such a display or gesture and the IOC have promised to disqualify anyone who does, so it’s not going to work. And eve if they do make a gesture, why on Earth would Putin care? Jeez! This isn’t rocket science!

  13. So what exactly will Putin do, when thousands of LGBT Olympian’s decide to breach this lame law? Shut down the games? Arrest every single LGBT Olympian and all their supporters? I don’t think so, he’d have a mass riot on his hands! The world as we know it has started to take notice. I’m sure Vodka sales out of Russia has taken a major hit. Someone suggested why stop there, for there’s more being exported out of Russia. Stop everything. Money speaks volumes and when the exporting business to other countries from Russia comes to a stand still, Russian’s can point the finger at Putin and state “Это ты во всем виноват!” Translation is:” This is all your fault!”

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