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Apple iTunes store warns developers not to use word ‘bisexual’ in app descriptions

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Reader comments

  1. Has she or the Pink Paper contacted Apple or is this a publicity stunt?

  2. There aren’t any apps at all with “sexual” in the name, bi or otherwise.

    1. Read the full article. It’s called Quist
      The first paragraph alone says “when changing the description of an educational LGBT app” so i have to question if you read ANY of the article rather than assuming what it was about…

      1. Fine, find another app with “sexual” in the description either. I actually took the time to look, did you?

        1. I took the time to go to Greggs today, did you?
          No, oh wait, that has nothing to do with this article either

  3. Rusty Moris 13 Aug 2013, 5:28am

    I. a Gay man, Agree with descision, political correctness can be carried to far. I am not a “glbtqrhws” person, I’m a gay person.

    1. You seem to be an intellectually and emotionally castrated.

      1. Does your stupid personal attack bring anything to your life, or validate your difference of opinion? From here, it’s pathetic.

    2. PantoHorse 13 Aug 2013, 1:29pm

      And an incredibly selfish one too.

    3. That There Other David 13 Aug 2013, 1:37pm

      Are you actually suggesting that the Apple App Store only cater to you, and you alone? Or is it that you believe bisexuals don’t exist?

      Either proposition makes you look a bit ignorant of the wider world. It’s not about you, understand?

      1. It seems like you want Apple to cater to YOU instead of being completely neutral and appropriate for everyone else. Sometimes people like you who attack others this way make me ashamed of the whole LGBT community. Some of you sound like howling cats and have no sense of others, and that’s why it takes others like myself apologizing for you to move progress forward.

        1. That There Other David 15 Aug 2013, 1:47pm

          Did you bother reading the post I responded to before mine, or are you just so full of anger you chose to lash out in ignorance anyway?

  4. Barry William Teske 13 Aug 2013, 9:59am

    So I searched for Quist in the app store.
    Self explanatory search term. I really couldn’t fathom what returns I would get.
    Low and behold Quist was the first menu choice, and how weird is it that then the page filled itself with youth orientated apps? None of which I scrutinized as to having any even slight similarity in appearance by letter or shape or colouring.
    Is it the search algorithm? Is it gay gremlins? Or is it yet another hard volley in the direction of GLBTQ peoples?
    I will copy and paste my findings immediately to Apple.

  5. What a non story.

    Apple has a good record of LGBT treatment. The app rating system has a lot to deal with and I’m sure this if true is just a bug in the system not seeing the word as Bisexual and recognising it as what it means but is registering something else.

    It says it all that instead of quietly contacting Apple who reply very fast for a company of their size, she instead immediatly creates a pettition and contacts the press to make waves and get free publicity for the app.

    Its blatant and pathetic. If you have a problem contact the company and explain the issue.

  6. Barry William Teske 13 Aug 2013, 2:20pm

    So further research. There are in deed many apps with the words gay, lesbian, two dads, GLBTQ, and even the usual lifestyle apps that compete for the bar business, but no app with bisexual specifically in its front door name.
    Nothing offensive to see, but I am sure some prudes still get on Apples nerves with forward moving spittle as to how disgusting such things are. Funny now that I have checked, not too many apps geared towards hetero family units of two, just those that aim strategy at moms coping with the kids on her own.
    Who would have guessed?

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