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Analysis: Why life is getting harder for LGBT Russians

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Reader comments

  1. “She says any display of LGBT solidarity would be “brilliant” to see – and despite Russia’s huge legal step backward, Anna remains optimistic of an eventual brighter future for her country’s LGBT population”

    I think it would be great idea if activists, athletes, and support groups or allies dressed en-masse in those hilariously ironic blue & white sailor uniforms that gang of thugs wore. It would show solidarity and it would be a big slap in the face to all the so called “men” who are blind to their hypocracy and ignorance.

    Plus, it would be impossible to say it was promoting “homosexual propaganda” because they are not in any way associated with homosexuals in an ‘official’ sense, but if a homosexual wore it, the message is clear, and they could camp it up all they like and not be slapped with a charge for promoting “propaganda”.

  2. So who amongst all the athletes attending this event is organizing for some sort of frequent protest on the medals podium, if not elsewhere?

    Who’s doing the organizing?

    Who’s going to decide on the one uniform symbol of protest and communicate that to all supportive athletes?


    Who’s taking responsibility to do this?

    No one? Then most probably no protests will happen. Unless someone starts organizing things NOW.

    1. “So who amongst all the athletes attending this event is organizing for some sort of frequent protest on the medals podium, if not elsewhere?”

      Eddy, Perhaps we will never know! perhaps we don’t even need to know at this point! “But” that does not mean it should not happen, or even won’t happen.

      I genuinely hope like most people this is happening and already in momentum around the world and that organizers are holding the cards close to their chest… because if Russian authorities have wind or even a hint of it happening you can be sure they would try to makes sure they can control and prevent it.

      So yes! it must happen… I am banking on it happening. We can all talk and protest outside the country, but if participants in the games are going to protest in any way they have to get in to the country without warning or suspicion of what is to come, or you can guarantee it will be countered.

  3. I admire Anna’s optimism for the future of LGBT rights in Russia in the long term – but I’m not sure HOW things will improve.

    Looking back at changing social attitudes in the West much of it can be attributed to the range of sympathetic portrayals in film and television (the ‘Will and Grace Effect’). However if such portrayals are banned under this propaganda law then how can this happen?

  4. slightlyamused 12 Aug 2013, 10:35pm

    What we have here is a good old fashion Witch Hunt. There is so much that is currently wrong with Russia. Putin is distracting the masses. A hundred years ago, all the legislation could have easily been aimed at the Russian Jews. Not so easy today. So, if not the Jews, who can they push the mantle of the Witch on? They had to find a section of the population who find it harder to defend itself. Putin chose the vulneralble Homosexual/ transgendered/etc populaiton. He is saying, among many things, “Don’t look at the economy! Look at the Witch!”.

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 13 Aug 2013, 2:37pm

    Anna Grigoryeva–all I can say now is : LOVE to YOU and LGBTQ persons in Russia. Never stop fighting. Never !

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