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Italy: 14-year-old commits suicide because of anti-gay bullying

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Reader comments

  1. So desperately sad. Italy’s laws are less than progressive, largely because of the influence of the Catholic Church, I suspect.

  2. Isn’t it clear by now? Where religion holds dominance, there is incredible suffering for millions of citizens.

    1. Not all religions are the same. European religions were pretty fine with same-sex love before Christianity rolled around.

      1. Exactly. The birth of Christianity was basically the day zero of the invention of ideological homophobia as we know it today. The entire Christian symbolism, naked Jesus on the cross being pierced by Longinus, homoerotic imagery which is supposed to be denied, the entire ideology of looking at something but being blind to it. Christianity is like an extreme sport which looks danger in the eye and gets thrills from it. Only in its case, the “danger” is homosexuality itself, symbolised in its most iconic moment, of Christ’s S&M suffering. Basically, Christianity = homophobia.

  3. ” Friends of the deceased said they had not realised there was anything wrong leading up to the incident on Friday.”

    Yes, these worthless retards never do understand until it is too late. Too bad it’s always the innocent who pay the price, not the bullies.

  4. Poor boy. I hope his homophobic family are tormented by feelings of guilt in the years to come. They deserve to suffer.

    RIP piccolo.

  5. Just tweeted it to the pope. He made the kill. Hope he feels it….

  6. They try desperatley to silence us, to keep us behind closed doors, to censor us from view, cleanse us from all existance. They concieve monsterous programmes in cruel and vain attempts to “fix” us, all to protect the young. What does this harvest reap? Dead children.

    By providing a hostile enviroment where LGBT people are constantly told they are not welcome, not wanted, and would not be missed; you are carrying out a silent genocide. You let the people of the state kill the undesirables so the blood is on their hands, and encourage them to kill themselves. Nobody takes responsibility; the state, the schools, the media, the parents; nobody.

    Until you start teaching your children why there is nothing wrong with LGBT people, stop making them feel dirty and ashamed, and protect children from abuse, you will be a perpetuator of a silent, constant genocide that is mainly targeted at children.

    RIP my friend, and stay strong.

    Love Conquers Hate
    Always has, always will
    Mr. Pink

    1. Actually it’s “MONSTROUS”, not monsterous.
      But I absolutely agree with the rest.

      1. Nobody likes a grammar Nazi david, especially on a post regarding suicide. There are more important things…

        1. de Villiers 12 Aug 2013, 12:32am

          No-one likes a person who throws around the term ‘Nazi’ as if were unimportant.

          1. I do. :)

    2. You couldnot have said it any better. I never read it anywhere better. This is also the main reason why the Russian anti propaganda law is a nightmare. This text should go around the world.

  7. This is so sad. Have lived through homophobia so know what he must have gone through.

  8. rest in piece little brother

  9. Helge Vladimir Tiller 11 Aug 2013, 7:28pm

    How long will it take until THE main reason and source of homophobia through History :RELIGION-RELIGION-RELIGION, is being called by its right name; SUPPRESSOR of human nature. Seven persons I knew during my youth committed suicide -mainly due to theological nonsense! ( Norway in the 1960-ies )

  10. I’m so mad!!! I live in Italy and only LGBT-related news reported it… No mainstream tv channel. Even when we’re holding pride events all over the country… Zero coverage. ALWAYS afraid of saiyng “gay”. Sometimes it really feels like Russia here. I blame Francis and his crew.

    1. If it were a straight child, it would be on the news. Let him be gay and all bets are off.

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 11 Aug 2013, 8:45pm

      Like Your comment, Elena ! With people like you life will be better for LGBTQ persons in Italy,too. This beautiful country with so much wonderful culture deserves open, friendly, gay people–without fear – feeling strong and important in every day life ! Work for it ! Go for it !
      Warm Greetings from Norway !

      1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words… I hope one day I’ll get a chance to travel to Norway and be able to see how real civilization looks like.

  11. Chance for the ever so human, loving, man of the people, concerned about the poor wonderful new Pope to say something. Don’t hold your breath.

  12. ”I am a homosexual, no one understands my drama and I do not know how to make it acceptable to my family.”

    bigots and homophobes will interpret this message as homosexuality is bad for you rather then homophobia ruins the lives

    1. They always try to twist the oppression and cruelty to pin it on gay people, once again making it THEIR fault and not socieites fault. They say things like “Parents don’t want their kids to be gay just because they will live a hard life” or “Homosexuals are desperatley unhappy, therefore it is a bad thing” or “People will always hate gay people so they should get used to it”

      Like “It gets better” basically says homophobic bullying is a given, but it’s ok because /most/ people “grow out” of their lack of education and ignorance.

      It’s sick and twisted, the things these people do.

  13. This is so very saddening. How lonely and desperate he must have felt. There will be gay people here in the UK who are feeling exactly the same right now as this Italian boy did.

    Laws can become more progressive for LGBT people, but bigotry is still rife. For young people especially, they can still feel completely isolated and have nobody, that they are aware of, to share their feelings with.

    Children spend most of their lives in schools. Education doesn’t yet provide classes specific to live skills, well-being, physical and mental health issues, and sexuality (as opposed to the ‘technical’ aspects of procreation). A young person may go on to qualifying as a brain surgeon but still be terribly sad with unresolved internal issues relating to sexuality. Depression can poison a person’s life. Surely in 2013 education should also nurture a person’s emotional strength as well as their academic and employment potential. As it is, society is failing its children.

    1. Third para. – ‘live skills’ should of course be ‘life skills’

    2. Agree 100%, in addition to Religious bigotry I believe the problem also stems from kids being taught over and over again that the ONLY purpose of life is to reproduce and if you cannot reproduce you are essentially disposable and obselete. Combine these 2 influences with a generally hostile and excluditory social enviroment where it’s ok to be “gay”, as long as you’re not “too gay” or “flaunt it in public” because of aggresive sexism and heterosexism and you have a situation where 10% of the population feel totally unwanted, and totally isolated.

      They are made to feel weird, against nature, or disgusting and shameful. They are ruthlessly laughed at, de-humanized or ignored completley in all sectors of society wether it’s their schools, their television, their friends, their family, their newspapers, their sports club, their music concert, the church or the street. They live in constant fear, or constant shame. There is no feeling of safety, no respect, no approval, no acceptance.

      1. So true, Mr Pink

    3. I wasn’t very good at expressing myself in my first message! I mentioned that sexuality should be discussed in school classes as part of a subject relating to life skills, wellbeing, etc. and said that sexuality should be discussed “as opposed” to the ‘technical’ aspects of procreation. I should have said “in addition to”. Sex education should be all-encompassing to include sexuality and sexual health that is relevant to both gay and straight young people.

      I also mentioned that a young person may become very well qualified yet still be depressed as an adult “with unresolved internal issues relating to sexuality”. Internal issues in trying to accept their sexuality can be a major problem for some people, but a bigger problem for most young gay people is probably trying to deal with the internal issues of others, i.e. homophobia. Government, religion, education and parenting (practically all of society) all play a role in being the cause, but also the key in removing homophobia.

      1. That’s the point. Homosexuality is rarely discussed at school. In fact as Italian students we rarely have any time to debate about current issues. I only had this chance when we had our catholic religion class (yes, in a public school) and as you can imagine the teacher wasn’t pleased to bring up these issues… Particularly where I live many teachers are part of this catholic lobby called CL (communion and “liberation”) so when a school principal is part of this lobby he’s very likely to hire only other people like him. Church is our real mafia .

        1. You’re right about churches. Religionists have so much control over education and therefore children’s lives in general. Religions should be separated from the state and have no participation in politics as a ‘bloc’, either separately or within political parties. They most definitely shouldn’t have involvement with the education of children because of their religious bias. Faith schools shouldn’t exist! As society is presently, religion holds a firm grip on society, corruptly using it for its own purposes; influencing governments; and brainwashing and abusing children. It has done so since its creation but in the 21st century it’s frustrating that it still has so much power. When young people end their own lives, religion has had at least some role in that.

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Aug 2013, 8:03am

    In Norway there are six ( or seven ? ) openly gay representatives in The Parliament. 3 of these represent the conservative right, called HØYRE.( –which in Norway means right ) Even the far right ( FrP has openly gay representatives in their youth organization) THIS is fully accepted by the other young members and their leaders in the main org. It simply is no big deal. Homosexuality is openly debated in our political “Life”-even in The Christian Party. No shame connected to such debates- even there. They are against same sex marriage–in this Christian party, but not all of them ! Many, many priests in The Church are in favour of this same sex marriage- that we have- and wish the ceremonies could take place in churches . Most priests, probably the majority., are gay friendly Even most of the bishops too. Only the blessing ceremony can be done in a Church..Same sex marriage can be performed in The City Hall or elsewhwre. ( In Sweden gays and lesbians can marry in churches.

    1. over the past 10 years we’ve had openly gay, lesbian, bisexual and even transgender people in the Italian parliament. Guess how this helped? the thing is we never take classes in which we’re explicitly told about lgbt rights and discimination… de facto nothing compulsory to learn about the constitution. some teachers may decide to address this topic but most of them consider this to be too controversial.

  15. This represents a great shame for the Italian people. Beyond all the things we love about Italy exists a brutal, nasty, majority in the population. The hatred is such that many would applaud the young man taking his life.

    While the lack of human rights progress reflects badly on Italian culture it is also a great shame on all EU states. Italy is a founding member of the EU. It signs up for all the treaties, directives and yet enforces none. Why do other member states just turn a blind eye ?

    1. This is because EU is far from serious about human rights, which are more or less just retorical embelishment of EU policy. And furthermore, EU as a whole is more and more infested with eastern backwardness due to the inclusion of such countries.

  16. Laws will never protect anyone from hatred because laws are morals imposed externally. The anonymity of texting and bulletin boards means that bullying will continue in spite of the law.

    We have to do more than push laws. We have to win hearts and minds as well.

  17. This is just plain sad. What if da Viinci or Michaelangelo had ended their lives at 14? Who knows what this kid or countless others like him might have become? Just plain fricking sad. A waste and a tragedy.

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