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Australia: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pledges to introduce equal marriage if reelected

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Reader comments

  1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 11 Aug 2013, 5:18pm

    And ? Its the very same policy what was adopted by Labor in December 2011 under Gillard. And the idea of a referendum is welcomed only by opponents of marriage equality, not supporters: political games of Mr Rudd ? Not “conscience vote”, but an obligatorian vote in the Labor party is only realistic way towards same-sex marriage in Australia. The Liberals still are very conservative on this issue, I doubt if many of them will vote in favor of gay marriage, even if they can.

    1. As an Englishman I’m not familiar with Australian politics, but it seems good news to me because it’s a move in the right direction.

      ‘Equal Rights by Referendum’ may be a problem, but only if it fails. If it passes then it will really shut up the religiots and their endless bleating that there’s no support for it.

      I don’t know what Rudd’s chances are and whether the referendum would be won. However, its chances of success must surely be much higher now than back in 2011. New Zealand, England & Wales, France and several US states have said ‘Yes’, DoMA has gone, so it’ll be seen as just a catching-up exercise rather than a radical step out into the unknown.

      1. DOMA has not gone yet. Section 2 is still in force that allows certain US states that actually ban SSMs from being recognised from other states!!!!!

        Also Section 3 of DOMA is still in the US Code – which needs to be repealed and the only proposed legislation to do that is the “Respect for Marriage Act” (but the RFMA does not have the votes in both houses – because the Republicans control the House of Reps and you needs at least 60 votes for anythng to pass in the Senate as well – so we might just have to wait until at least 2016)

    2. I agree with you. A conscience vote will mean that it probably won’t pass in Australia. Unlike the UK, Australian MPs don’t overwhelmingly support gay marriage.

      Julia Gillard allowed a conscience vote on SSM back in 2011 and it was rejected. The ONLY difference is that Kevin Rudd personally supports it now, while Gillard didn’t.

      Oh well. It’s certainly better than the opposition. Tony Abbott is a religious nutjob.

  2. Thank God Julia Gillard was dropped and Australia now has a PM that is actively supporting marriage equality. It’s a huge boost. Lets hope he remains PM after the election.

    If he does, then my guess is that Abott will get the boot and a more “liberal” liberal leader will be chosen by the opposition , someone like Malcolm Turnbill, who is hugely popular and very pro gay. He would definitely allow the oppostion a conscience vote and Australia would defintely have equal marriage in the next yr or so. Abbot has to be defeated, he’s a mad Catholic. Horrible, horrible, what a terrifying thought of him becoming Australia’s PM.

    Fingers crossed that Rudd is returned as PM and Abbot is booted out as opposition leader!

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Aug 2013, 8:37pm

    Odd how in Australia ‘liberal’ means conservative. Abbott is anything but liberal in the truest sense of the word. Let’s hope Rudd has enough popularity to get elected as the next PM.

    1. The Australian ‘liberal’ meaning could refer to the old liberal economic philosophy of the Whig and Gladstone period, which Clegg and co. revived via the ‘Orange Book’ for the 21st century as ‘neo-liberalism’ (I think that’s how it’s described) in the Lib. Dems to oppose the party’s previously-held social democratic economic policy of Charles Kennedy. Even though Clegg is also a social liberal, economic liberalism can be held as a belief independently from social liberalism. Those in the Lib. Dems. who have liberal economic beliefs, yet are more socially conservative (perhaps Sarah Teather now and previously there was David Alton – both Christians), would probably be in the Australian liberal party if they lived there.

  4. It’s good to see Australia finally catching up with New Zealand over the issue. Fully enabled marriage equality is now only a week away over here and formally starts on Aug 19! I only hope the Australian public come to their senses and realise what a religious extremist Abbott is in time.

  5. At least now LGBT Australians have a chance for progress, now that Juliarrrrr Gillard has been given the boot.

  6. Vote 1 Greens Please!!!!!!!

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