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Stephen Fry tells PinkNews: ‘The way to stop a tyrant like Putin is to inconvenience him’

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  1. Best to hold out for a full boycott imo

    1. Move the games to Vancouver, the infrastructure is already in place there.

    2. Human Rights Watch
      “The International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee, the so-called top corporate sponsors — Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble — these companies all, as [HRW] did, tracked the progress of this law.”

      “And because it is so clearly in complete violation of the Olympic Charter,” she continued, “it’s also clear to us at Human Rights Watch that if any of the major Olympic stakeholders, the sponsors who are literally paying for the Games, or the International Olympic Committee, the U.S. Olympic Committee or the other Olympic committees, if they weighed in on this, I don’t think this law would have been signed by Putin or passed by the Duma. If they had leaned on [Russia] before the law was signed, it would not have been signed.

  2. Godric Godricson 10 Aug 2013, 10:36pm

    Stephen’s being pragmatic I suspect

  3. Yes,Russian attitudes are appalling towards the lgbt community,but we must also not forget the suffering of those in places like Iran.Iran was seen to hang two gay teenagers ,not so long ago!!

    1. LGBT Iranians/Saudis/Africans sadly are treated as the poor relations of the international LGBT community. Focus has been given to LGBT Russians probably because of the Sochi Winter Olympics and they deserve our support. It’s disappointing however, that celebrities haven’t also taken up the cause of abuses in countries like Uganda and particularly Iran, with the same enthusiasm as they have done with Russia.

      1. As LGBT communities in ‘civilised’ nations continue to increasingly achieve equality, hopefully our focus will increasingly turn to the plight of LGBT people in Iran and many other countries.

        1. The British Left has a very poor record when it comes to challenging injustice by any non-white governments – they adore a cause when their anger is directed at fellow whites (e.g. South Africa in the 60s-80s, or Israel 80s to date) but they stay silent and look the other way when it comes to the horrors perpetrated by Mugabwe or brutal repression in Uganda, Jamaica, Iran or Arabia.

          1. Why do I get the feeling that there is thinly veiled racism in your post? If you look a bit harder you’ll find that some left wing activities have criticised the homophobia in Islamic countries and Africa. And how is Israel a white country? Half the country is made up of Mizrahi Jews from North Africa and Arabic countries.

            Mind you I shouldn’t be surprised, there are a few racists on this site, they think that because they’re against homophobia it makes it acceptable to be racist.

          2. Chris, why do I get the feeling that there is thinly veiled ant semitism in your comment. Why focus on Israel? The majority of South Africans are not white either.

            Mind you I shouldn’t be surprised, there are a lot of anti semites on this site, they think because they’re against homophobia it makes it acceptable to be anti semitic.

            As for the left colluding with Islam. You should go to the next anti Israeli demonstration, you’ll find it’s left wing liberals standing side by side in solidarity with fundamentalist muslims. How ironic.

            And yes, you do detect a heavily unveiled anti islamic opinion in my post. I can’t stand that vile religion and what it does to the countries and its citizens where it has any power. And the left wing activists say nothing about it. Unfortunately it’s only the right wing that seem concerned about islam.

          3. Aren’t Iranians “Aryans” though, indeed the name “Iran” comes from Proto-Iranian and means “Land of the Aryans”. Many Iranians are as light-skinned as Greeks are. And Askenazi Jews can trace most of their origins to the Middle East ultimately and are closely related to Lebanese and Palestinian people, indeed I’ve met very pale-skinned Lebanese people who would be considered “white” if people didn’t know their nationality. It seems to me that the idea of what we consider “white” is vague and ill-definded mind you racial classification is clumsy, lazy and has no taxonomic value at all.

          4. Mark, what the fùck are you talking about? How on earth did you make out that I was being Anti-Semitic? The fact that I mentioned that half of Israel’s population is Mizrahi Jewish (a fact check Wikipedia) does not make me Anti-Semitic, care to explain why it does? Of course I know that the majority of South Africa is black, but the Apartheid government was made up of the country’s white minority.

            As for saying that left wingers are involed some sort of conspiracy with fundamentalist Islam, I suggest you stop talking out of your arsehole. Yes the (far) right wing are concerned about Islam, mostly because they don’t like brown people speaking in foreign languages and wearing “funny” clothes.

            Why should I bother with somebody like you? As the saying goes, you can’t reason somebody out of a view that they didn’t reason themselves into.

      2. My feelings of despair for my LGBT brothers and sisters around the world have extended to Africa and Asia before, during, and after Russia. My thoughts never leave them. However, these countries are pretty much beyond foreign influence, they are locked in a climate of extreme ignorance, and lack of education, lack of understanding.

        The seeds for equality have been planted in these countries, but it takes a long time for them to grow to the point they can be nourished by external influences that don’t overload them and cause it to withdraw into itself in desperate fear to the peril of all.

        Russia is different because the seeds have been allowed to grow, the tree of equality is maturing, but suddenly they are cutting off it’s branches one by one. They’re poisioning it, withering it, destroying it. No more progress, back to the bronze ages.

        This cannot be allowed to happen, and the Olympics is a huge symbol around the world. A chance for change.

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 11 Aug 2013, 8:27am

      THANK YOU SO VERY; VERY MUCH, clive ! My best friends are gay and transgender persons from Iran. I can remember that a wave of executions of gays and lesbians took place in the immediate years after 1979 ! ( BBC information ! ) Activists say that until now between 6000 and 9000 LGBTQ persons have been hanged or shot dead in Iran since The Revolution. It is almost impossible to conceive.

      Thanks for mentioning Iran ! Gave me tears in my eyes. A warm hug to YOU !

    3. So true. If anything, the treatment of LGBT people in the middle east is ten times worse than what is happening in russia.

  4. Wasn’t the Black Panthers salute in Mexico City, not Munich as quoted in the article?

  5. Rainbow flags under the National Flag on uniforms would be simple and dramatic.

    1. Rainbow armbands for all athletes would be easy to achieve.

  6. The international LGBT community does need to agree a common method or gesture of protest. Though, our main concern should be the welfare of LGBT Russians. Athletes making a symbolic gesture in Sochi to embarrass Putin similar to the Black Panther salute of a previous Olympic Games, is noticeable and memorable. Yet, when the athletes return to their home nations, LGBT Russians may be left to face the backlash of furious citizens and authorities. What then?

    As world leaders have made it clear that they intend to be impotent, it is up to LGBT Russians to further organise an effective opposition movement in Russia with support and assistance from the international LGBT community. Whatever form opposition takes, it must be very carefully thought through and not just something that will ease the consciences and fury of international LGBT communities and athletes that have the luxury of leaving or avoiding Russia.

    1. I thought our global gesture of protest was kiss-ins? how better to upset to have all the athletes kiss each other

    2. I believe creative activism is in order, and they must learn the use of propaganda and psychology. They must use leaflets, posters, stickers, protests, marches, public performance, flash mobs, installation art, graffiti, anything to educate the people, promote understanding and empathy, and to dazzle them with brilliance.

      The activists of Russia during and after the games must remain dignified and respectable at all times, including no violence except on a strictly self-defence basis. If you are attacked, defend yourself with all your might. Respect is gained though courage

      They must take care to promote their cause without rattling the cage too much, without sparking knee-jerk reactions. The people must gradually be brought to enlightement through vigilence, respectability, facts, logic, reason, wit, and humour.

      At all times they must remain dignified. They will attempt to de-humanize you at any cost, do not allow it. Do not allow them to take your pride under any circumstances.

  7. Criminal Code: Sexual relations and other action of a sexual nature with a person UNDER the age of sixteen (16), Chapter 18, Article 134
    Sexual intercourse, buggery [‘muzhelozhstvo’] or lesbianism, committed by a person over 18 on a person admittedly UNDER 14 is punishable by limitation of freedom up to three years or deprivation of freedom up to four years [R1.2].

    This is an ‘LGBT’ right and the law is ‘homophobic’ !? I’m behind the Russians on this one .

    1. you don’t get out much, do you.

  8. Keith in SALFORD 11 Aug 2013, 3:03am

    And don’t forget the Orthodox church; Putin is not operating alone.
    One other point,; does it not strike you that the man is over macho with his foolish juvenile posturings?
    It does me.
    What’s he trying to prove?
    Yet another self-loathing closet case; another Keith O’ Brian; another Joe Ratzinger?

    1. Don’t say every homophobe is a closet-case. It portrayes LGBTS in a v negative light.
      Maybe this one’s just an ignorant asshole, for one?

  9. Props to Stephen for taking such a brave stand but I worry for him being the focus of negative attention from the anti-gay opposition, I hope he can stay focussed on the love and appreciation we feel for him and his efforts and that he doesn’t let the negative forces out there get him down.

  10. Scott Lively, an American conservative activist largely credited for inspiring legislation in Uganda that would impose the death penalty on homosexuals, praised the Russian legislation on his website, writing,

    “I can’t point to any country of the world today that is a model for the rest of the world, except perhaps for Russia, which has just taken the very important and frankly necessary step of criminalizing homosexual propaganda to protect the society from being ‘homosexualzed [sic].’”

    In 2007, Lively traveled across Russia on a 50-city tour, during which he recommended the very measures included in the Russian bill. Lively is the author of a book entitled “The Pink Swastika,” which argues that German Nazism was a gay conspiracy.

  11. During the lead up to the passing of the Same Sex Couples bill we were all aghast, for over a year, with all the horrendous homophobia that was expressed here in the UK, and at every level, even in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

    That same vicious homophobia is now telling us to shut up, that sport is somehow sacred and separate from all other elements of life, and that the Winter Olympics in Putin’s vile and homophobic Russia must proceed as normal.

    We need to shout and kick louder now than we did throughout the whole Same Sex Couples debate, or Putin and his henchmen will get away with their horrendous persecution of LGBTs in Russia.

  12. It’s easy for Fry to pontificate about what gay athletes should do: is he one of them?

    I wouldn’t dream of telling any gay athlete to wear this that or the other-is it Fry standing on that podium risking abuse or worse?

    Shut up now, Fry, and stop being an armchair warrior.

    Do a Tatchell and get out there yourself.

    1. Stephen IS out there. I can’t think of a single public event where he hasn’t rallied the troops, or given some of the strongest reasons and support for others to come out, out of the closets and onto the streets, in every national and international medium he’s graced. He’s not telling anyone what to do, simply that actions need to be effective, not political rhetoric. Each person needs to utilize their personal strengths.

      Stephen’s intellect and spirit, his contagious enthusiasm in front of the world, are far more damaging to Putin than waving a flag on Moscow square.

      “Shut up, Fry”? Serious?! You sound like Putin. Now, who’s telling who what to do? I wish there were a million Frys out there.

      So, “Sam” are you ready to join thousands of other Gays flooding Moscow during the Olympics, ready to be a Голубой Ангел (Goluboy Angel – rather than pink) as highly visible Gay security in other parts of the city?

      I’d take 1 Stephen Fry over a million internet “Sam”s any day.

      1. You really think Putin knows who Fry is? Course he doesn’t. I suggest you look at a map of Russia and compare it to the UK. Maybe then you’ll see why Putin probably doesn’t have a clue who Fry is. It’s very simple, really, it’s not for anybody else to tell anybody in a potentially dangerous situation what to do. Not mine, not yours, not Fry’s, let the gay athletes do what THEY think is best. Why on earth this very reasonable comment has attracted negative mark down here is beyond my comprehension.

        Team GB should be doing this, doing that, it’s such dross, LET the athletes do what they think is best.

  13. The athletics World Championships are currently in full swing in Moscow – Mo Farah won a Gold medal yesterday. Team GB could be showing support right now. Why wait til the Winter Olympics ??

  14. No, Stephen, the best way to get him is to get the videos of him having sex with young men.

    1. I agree, ‘outing’ someone like Putin would bring his entire regime crashing to the floor, he would be ruined. I believe he displays sure signs of hidden homosexuality, and if someone is in Russia could get evidence of this, it would be the best thing ever. It would literally be the best. thing. ever.

    2. Even a fake video with a really good lookalike would put a dent his ego, there are some really good Putin lookalikes out there I’m sure.

      1. But he only has one ball.

        1. Keith in SALFORD 12 Aug 2013, 3:26am

          So had Hitler…..

    3. This is the best we have so far…:

  15. Bill Cameron 11 Aug 2013, 11:26am

    As there is an athletics competition going on in Moscow right now I think similar symbolic displays of disgust and disapproval should be happening right now too. I’m amazed no one is shouting out about this.

  16. George Broadhead 11 Aug 2013, 11:57am

    “not to recognise him as the legitimate voice of Russia because I don’t think he is.”

    Unfortunately I think this is doubtful.

    Putin is expressing the views of the Russian Orthodox Church and its numerous followers.

    1. Putin is more popular in Russia than most of his his western rivals are in their own countries, his approval ratings are high.

      1. Commander Thor 12 Aug 2013, 9:46am

        Well if you threaten anybody that complains, and even make any views you don’t want to hear a criminal offense…you are bound to be very popular!

  17. .....Paddyswurds 11 Aug 2013, 1:04pm

    Western athletes who support the Russian anti gay pogroms by attending the Winter Olympics in Sochi should be ostracised and vilified at every opportunity and they should have fair warning of this before they go. We have little time left in which to bring as much pressure as possible on western Olympic committees to boycott the Russian games and we must step up our game. Athletes who go there will be hoping to gain medals with which they will then approach commercial concerns in order to make as much money as possible from such wins. The gay community is an important economic block when these companies are marketing as we have the disposable income. If we make it clear that participants in these games will be shunned then I am betting things will change in our favour and more importantly in the disgraceful and inhuman anti gay laws in Russia. Buyer and supporter of these laws beware; supporting and taking part in these games is giving tacit support to these dreadful, WE ARE WATCHING!

    1. .....Paddyswurds 11 Aug 2013, 1:19pm

      … these dreadful laws**

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Aug 2013, 2:26pm

    The state of Russian tv promoting homophobia!

  19. We should ban propaganda of Russia. It is harmful to children, they might turn into ruskies when they grow up! So, I suggest we close down Russia Today (RT) TV channel, nationalize all russian owned media, banks and energy companies in the west, show the door to Russian Ballet groups, boycott their movies,
    and Arrest anyone who goes in defence of Russia or ever says a good word about that country. All for the good of our children!

  20. GulliverUK 11 Aug 2013, 5:32pm

    Would like to see Parliament vote on condemning this homophobia, that would be a powerful message.

    Also Ed Miliband and CofE need to condemn this.

    1. Where has the Leader of the Opposition been? He’s very quiet. It would have been appreciated had he been more vocal. Has he actually said anything about Russia? Has the shadow Foreign Secretary said anything? There is too much malaise in the British establishment regarding the savage treatment of gay Russians and LGBT persecution in any other nation. It’s ‘business as usual’ for the establishment.

      Had a law been passed in Russia banning ‘propaganda’ of Jewish religion, a law that practically banned Jews, resulting in state-sponsored brutality and murder of protestors – or of anyone who was deemed to ‘look like a Jew’ – there would be widespread international condemnation with threats from Obama and here in the UK, Parliament would be recalled from its summer recess to debate a motion of condemnation. All political parties in Parliament would be screaming condemnation in unison and Cameron would declare that the UK will support the US in any action taken against Russia.

  21. Would this be the same Russia where homosexuality is legal and the age of consent is 16?

  22. President Vladimir Putin signed the law in June banning the promotion of “non-traditional relationships” toward minors.
    Why Stephen Frey’s not like the fact that children will be guarded by the law? Don’t make eternal victims out of gays. I am a mother, and I’m interested in the safety of my child and I want to protect my child against the corrupting influence of sexual minorities.

    1. Kate from Russia 12 Aug 2013, 8:09pm

      Thanks God, normal people still lives in our country!

      1. Violating the human rights of gay children is not a way to protect any children. Harming gay children, the way Russian officials are, makes you an unfit adult.

  23. If the Russians want to run a homophobic Olympics let them pay for it themselves. It’s time the pressure was put on the sponsors such as VW – check out the list:

  24. Dean Brean 13 Aug 2013, 4:04pm

    Stephen Fry should get some psychological help – keep taking the tablets Fry –

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