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Russia: Ex-deputy PM questioned over lawmaker’s ‘gay and oral phobias’

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Reader comments

  1. Can we infer that Ms Mizulina isn’t a big fan of free speech then?

    Russia didn’t take long to revert to the country Orwell alluded to in “1984”.
    Fines for criticising state officials, banning the right to protest, imprisonment.
    Gays are currently being employed in the ‘Goldstein’ role for the 3 minute hate.

    But hey, at least the Olympic committee get some cash out of it.

  2. Well, whaddya know, political opinion is now punishable in Russia too!

    Who would have seen that coming?

    Oh yes, anyone who has any interest in European history would have seen that coming. Just like we saw the creation of concentration camps coming (now confirmed by the Russian government with a bill expected to pass creating more of them – for who, exactly?)

    Russia is becoming the next fascist state.

    1. David Waite 10 Aug 2013, 11:39pm

      Becoming? Russia went full fascist when Putin teamed up with corporatists, mobsters and the revived state religion.

  3. Further proof, as if it were needed, that Putin and his dictatorship are using the gay issue as a distraction. Are there not more pressing issues in the world than what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes? Oral-sex phobias? Police asking questions and main stream politicians getting hot under the collar about it!? Oh PLEASE!!!

    1. Its doing OK for UKIP in the UK though-isn’t it?

      They play the homophobic card all the time.

  4. Yelena Mizulima. Vladimir Putin. Josef Stalin. Adolph Hitler. Her place in history is now secured and permanent.

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