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US: NBC reassures gay and lesbian employees of safety during Winter Olympics

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  1. The spirit of the Olympic games is to play their games and screw everyone else, always has been and it clearly continues to be. the IOC doesn’t give a damn about bigotry or people dying and certainly not GBLT people. Let’s stop pretending the Russian law goes against their principles – it does not; they are merrily complicity

  2. The NBC vice-president said that “the Russian law violates the International Olympic Committee’s charter”.

    According the Pink News article “LGBT sports groups urge IOC to make sure Winter Olympics are safe for gay athletes”, several LGBT sport and human rights organisations want the IOC to update “the Olympic Charter so it is formally opposed to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity”.

    The NBC vice-president is obviously unaware that the Olympic Charter astonishingly does NOT provide protection to either athletes or his employees.

    1. Discrimination is discrimination, and the IOC charter covers it all by its lose definition. If it started to list individual aspects then there is a risk that something might be left out.
      Its fine as it is, because it makes clear that there should be no discrimination at all, regardless of the nature of that discrimination.
      The IOC is breaching its own charter by holding the Olympics in Sochi.

  3. If I was an NBC employee you would not get me to set my feet on Russian soil. This bigoted nation is not safe for LGBT people. LGBT people need to keep away so do our allies. Boycott Sochi. Change the venue.

  4. sure, just don’t camp it up or show affection in public

  5. How exactly are NBC going to protect their staff against the countries poloce and army???

    Someone will get arrested, they will be desperate to flex their muscles to the world.

    1. Police**

  6. Godric Godricson 10 Aug 2013, 1:31pm

    Why on Earth would LGBT people go to Russia? Why would we trust the assurances of an employer when the law of Russia is so clear? Why would we trust the Police to protect visitors? Why would we believe that the para-military thugs would respect our employers assurances? How does it feel to know you are in a country ‘on sufferance’. I can only suggest that being LGBT at Sochi may feel like being a a mouse in a world of cats.

    The truth is that LGBT people are not equal, not protected and are not safe in Russia and neither are visitors.

  7. In a perfect world, all of those LGBT employees contacted would respond in letter, confirming that they will not be willing to travel to Russia for fear of their own safety.

    If I worked for NBC, I would be making it clear that I am willing to travel to a country where my freedoms, rights and personal safety are not guaranteed.

    Hell, even their colleagues should be making that same stand, they are in the target here too – supporters of their colleagues and friends and therefore “complicit” in Russian eyes.

    Are the broadcasters another potential target for boycott too? That would be interesting.

    Companies all over the net “went dark” in protest at new laws potentially leading to censorship in the west in recent times, why can’t the broadcasters do the same in regard to the Olympics?

    1. Correction second para – NOT willing to travel lol

  8. If I were an athlete I would NEVER go to a country that not only condemns someone’s sexual orientation, but is also a country that makes sure anything remotely ‘gay’ is punishable by imprisonment. I don’t know about others, but I value my safety.

  9. Any country in which the respect for individuality or character should be avoided at all costs. A husband and wife got attacked just for “looking gay” – says all you need to know about how they value individuality. It pretty much says people there are sheep, and the nail that sticks out gets hammered.

    Sounds like a lovely, welcoming, diverse utopia for the people of the world doesn’t it? NAAAAT

  10. He can’t make that claim. They only way he could ensure their protection is to not send any of them to Russia. And what does that do? – unfairly penalize them for being gay. If NBC wants to take a stand, then don’t do any stories during the Olympics on Russia or Russian athletes. Don’t promote a country with these types of draconian laws. Make Russia’s $50 billion investment a bust, while not penalizing other athletes or NBC employees.

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