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US: ‘Ex-gay’ gospel singer to perform at Martin Luther King memorial

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Reader comments

  1. “In an interview with the Associated Press he said: “I don’t believe that it is the intention of God. Sexuality, everything is a matter of choice.”
    What – like cancer? Your god does indeed work in mysterious ways …..

  2. As a supporter of gay rights, I would advise gay activists to leave this one alone.

    Pick your battles wisely. Whatever this man’s beliefs are,and no matter that he is a political activist at home and abroad against gay human rights, he does have a right to define himself.

    So any call to dis-invite him will be page one headline in the fundamentalist wingnut press.

    1. Mmmm, I’m not so sure. I find it very hard to respect anybody who refers to themselves as “ex-gay” because it not only acts as a badge for them as an individual to say “I hate myself and have something to be ashamed of”, it’s also a big slap in the face for those of us who have a back-bone and are trying to promote understanding, freedom, peace and equality.

      The whole “ex-gay” paradigm causes a lot of damage. In the same sense I deplore all religion such as Islam and Xianity even if an individual might not adhere to their damaging practices, they still perpetuate them. The damage is still undeniable.

      I have a “love the sinner, hate the sin” approach. “Ex-gay” and all religion being the sins, of course.

      Mr. Pink

  3. Wise gay advocates will ignore this man’s crusade at home and abroad against gay human rights.

    Any attempt to disinvite him will backfire with headlines in wingnut blogs and press.

    MLK was about being able to sit together with everyone, even the bigots and racists.

    1. Yes his personal experience should be respected i am sure he had years of personal struggle about his orientation and yes he has the right to define himself and choose the life that he feels is best for him. However he should also respect others similar struggles and experiences, decisions and choices and not define them. Saying with certainty that Homosexuality is a choice is ingenuous and insensitive to the life experiences of others. Yes any behavior can be altered by choice however the innate being of a person remains.

      1. “quelled his lust for men” So he’s still “troubled” by thoughts of same sex attraction then.
        Why don’t these people just admit they are a little somewhat bi-sexual, I’m sure we’d respect them more for their honesty.
        Instead we get this mind numbing delusional nonsense.

        His interesting choice of words: quelled – To put down forcibly; suppress. Mmmm!

  4. The End of Islam 9 Aug 2013, 7:16pm

    It’s fine for this guy to discover that he is attracted to women, after all.

    We see a great many men who have long considered themselves heterosexual ‘switch sides’ and realise that they never again will need the sexual company of a woman.

    What makes Donnie McClurkin so repugnant is his desire to speak for others using his own experience as his ‘evidence’, plus his willingness to utilise his God in order to declare his fellow men – formerly his fellow homosexual men – morally corrupt.

    So I don’t see why his warped perspective should be endorsed by a singing gig.

    However, there is some evidence to suggest that MLK was a bigot anyway, so maybe it is fitting that McClurkin does a little turn at the memorial.

  5. Some one’s taken a trip back to Narnia….

  6. The guy is likely to be bisexual and just hasn’t realised it yet. Religion has caused him problems with this sexuality, rather than vice-versa. His sexuality is innate, he chose to be religious. Having a conservative religious conviction is something he adopted as his interpretation of the bible. His adopted traditionalist interpretation is in conflict with his natural self. Effectively, he has been brainwashed and in denial – something he should be pitied for.

  7. “He said he was “transformed by the blood of Jesus’ and was ready for a wife.”

    Poor woman. Will she know she is part of an experimental cure? Has she got FDA approval?

    Is it right she should be tested on a live patient?

    What sort of advance blind trials have they done on her?

    What about unpredicted side effects?

    1. That’s another valid point – what self respecting woman in their right mind would go anywhere NEAR a potential spouse who identifies as “ex-gay” ???

      Any woman with a brain will know this situation will lead to nothing but devistation and disaster for both of their sexual and mental wellbeing.

  8. Within and inside black communities all across the USA, there are rather few “gays”. I say rather few “gays” for a very important reason. Within the hyper masculine “culture” of being visibly strong and black, being known as gay is in a direct conflict with this. How this is dealt with is that men of color that have sex with other men say that they are “on the down low”. In this they are able to avoid defiling their “culture” and therefore make the claim of not gay. With this artificially created mask, a small form of acceptability is gained. It is very similar to a gay person who lives in an all fundamentalist “Christian” based town. And in this town he has to put on a mask of denial in order to be accepted. In retrospect, this is what I believe to be happening here with this young man. If anyone wants to see a documented movie on the subject of “on the down low”, just enter into the YouTube search box “on the down low”. It is a seven part movie with real people and real stories.

    1. I believe it is also down to people of colour also being oppressed.

      Technically speaking, on the social heirarchy, LGBT are right at the bottom.

      I believe other minorities use us as a way to fit in with the “cool crowd”, to gain acceptance, to be rid of oppression themselves by directing the oppression onto others. It’s a very child-like playground mentality.

      The man with the pink-triangle being beaten black and blue by guards and prisoners alike at Nazi Camps is the perfect metaphor. It’s just desperate people desperatley pandering for acceptance. The bullied child desperatley trying to gain approval from his bullies by joining them and becoming bullies themselves.

      Fear reigns,
      Love Conquers Hate

      1. Pretty much you have summed it up well. Cause and effect is the main key player here. Right now fundamentalism in the US is not strong as it used to be. At the same time, it does not diminish the fact that where it is still strong there is still great oppression. I believe that as long as the economy of the US and the rest of the world remains stable, and thus general contentment that comes along with this stability, these present times will continue to yield progress in gay equality. On the other hand, after World War I Germany was left in economic ruins. And in this ruin, opportunity was created. Opportunity for the dictator Adolf Hitler to rise to power. So, if the economy were to collapse, fundamentalists likewise would seize upon the opportunity and blame us for this calamity. This without any regard to the greed that created this situation in the first place. For when a people are desperate and at an extreme low point, that desperate people will accept anything thrown at them.

  9. UPDATE*******

    he has been yanked from the show.

  10. Nobody seems to have spotted one of the great ironies here – this fundamentalist will be doing homage to Martin Luther King, a preacher whose own theology was much more subtle and eclectic. He even appealed to Thomas Aquinas in the Letter from Birmingham Jail – a medieval arquitect of Roman Catholicism and hardly a pin-up for Protestant Bible-bashers! MLK’s widow has also spoken up for gay rights.

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